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BLACK ritual and magic candle is a candle you can use in different rituals and magic. Use this candle when you wish to create protection, remove bad luck and get rid of something. Black candles are used to clean something away from life that does bad and brings obstacles.

I recommend using a black candle in those rituals and magics where its presence is necessary. No necessary component should be left out of any ritual because the energies of all objects create the result desired by such spiritual processes.

Home protection candles

Burn it among the crystal set for protecting the home created to be beside the front door. Black candle activates the crystals with protective energy to work and removes misfortune from your life. You could burn this candle among these crystals at least once a month to activate these protective crystals.

If you don’t have one yet then you can create it for yourself on your own. By gradually adding these crystals with protection energy and placing them on a base or in a box. Home protection crystals are kept hidden from visitors and for cleaning/activating they are taken down from where they are. You can add exactly the crystals you want into the set, according to the energy you wish to bring to the home.

Home protection during the Full Moon 

Burn black candle during the day of the Full Moon when you wish to remove misfortune from your home. For that place the black candle on the table and a burning smudge stick, and also a Sage incense. Let incense to burn until the end, also the small Sage branch and burn the candle from the Full Moon until the New Moon. It’s a simple home cleaning ritual that helps to clean your home from bad energy.

Protective talismans and crystal jewellery

When you have recently bought yourself new crystal jewellery that you have added into your life for protection then activate it with the candle magic. For that take the jewellery, place it into a black cloth/bag with coffee beans.

Place the cloth with the jewellery and coffee beans in front of the black candle. Now take a knife you’re not using for eating and when you have done rituals before then take your ritual knife. Draw a THURISAZ Rune that you can find from HERE on the candle.

Then set the candle alight from a match and let the jewellery to sit in front of the candle for at least three days straight. Burn the candle every day for as long as possible.

After three days take the jewellery out from the cloth, throw the coffee away and start wearing the jewellery. Finish burning the candle and when it’s done, it won’t be relevant anymore. The Thurisaz Rune has to burn away from the candle.

It’s a simple Rune candle magic that activates your protective jewellery to work for you. Helping to quickly give its own power to your Aura and making the connection between you and the jewellery very strong and intense.

The Last Quarter of the Moon "A ritual for letting go"

This is a ritual through what you can let go of something in your life you no longer wish to see there. When something bothers you, disturbs you or something in your life hurts you, then this is the ritual that could save you from all of this.

For this ritual, you'll need two Shungite meditation crystals, matches, one black candle, dried cloves and Sage smudge stick (not incense or Sage leaves). In addition, you need to be dressed in black and drink a cup of black tea without anything on the day you perform the ritual. Black clothes and black tea will help to prepare your Aura before the ritual.

For the ritual, find yourself a suitable place in your home, terrace, somewhere outside or a place where you can do it completely privately. Place the black candle on a heat-resisting base, sit in front of it and find a comfortable position for the ritual. Light the candle, set the Sage smudge stick to smoke and clean your Aura with it. Do circles around you with the smoking smudge stick and light it again when the smoke goes off. When you've cleansed yourself enough with the smudge stick, take a handful of cloves and set them around the black candle. When it's done, then start with the process.

Take a Shungite meditation crystal to each hand, close your eyes and start to wish and pray for something to leave. Make a wish for that "something" you wish to let go of to find a way to leave you. Pray and wish for as long as you feel like your wish has been launched. When the feeling hits you, then take the smudge stick, light it again and circle with it and light it again. When you've finished, the message has been sent and you can set up the ritual.

Pick the cloves, place them in a bag to take it to the woods on that night. Don't forget to do it! Shungite meditation crystals set together and, later, clean them and then you can use them again in the next ritual or meditations. You can burn the candle and use

it again for other things, the same goes for the smudge stick.

After the ritual, you can feel liberated, you can begin to feel good and relaxed. When it happens, the ritual was done right and the process of letting go has started. You can do this ritual during every Last Quarter of the Moon and always for the thing you want to let go of.

Exorcising bad spirits

When you feel like there is someone in your home who won’t allow you to feel good in your own home and makes you feel uncomfortable, when you feel like there is misfortune in your home and you sense that someone is always close to you and you’re afraid of it, then you can do the candle ritual for that. To release the stuck vile spirits from your own home.

Take a black ritual and magic candle Sage smudge stick and Hypersthene crystal.

Place a black candle on a suitable place, Hypersthene crystal in front of it and light the candle. When the candle is light, take Sage smudge stick. Light the Sage smudge stick from the flame of the black candle. Let the stick burn a little and shake the flame off. When it starts to smoke, then walk through every room one by one with that smudge stick.

When the stick goes out then light it again from the candle and let it start working again. Clean your whole house with Sage, every corner of the house and keep the smoking stick in front of the candle particularly long. Mirrors are portals for spirits through what they come or leave home.

When you have done the Sage cleaning then go to the black candle and light it again and leave it by the candle until it burns out.

On that day let the candle to burn for as long as possible. When you put the candle out, say the words "Let the spirits that are stuck be freed". Leave the Hypersthene crystal in front of the biggest mirror in your home for the whole night. In the morning take it and take it to the river water or to the woods. At night, Hypersthene captures the soul who has become stuck in your home and who is not doing anything good to you.

Burn the black candle exactly when you have time for it.

The black candle is used for executing regular rituals and magic. This is the reason I have brought out a few possibilities on how to use it. You could need the candle quite a lot when you wish to do protection rituals and it would be useful to always have a spare black candle. 

Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candle ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOUR OF THE CANDLE CAN DIFFER FROM THE PICTURE!
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