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SANDALWOOD ritual & magic candle

SANDALWOOD ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
SANDALWOOD ritual & magic candle
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SANDALWOOD CANDLE is for you to perform various magical rituals where you need a candle made with sandalwood essence. Sandalwood essences are used to perform various rituals because of their very strong concentration-promoting properties. Sandalwood helps you focus on the goal you have set for yourself. For example, if you want to do love rituals, it will help send your thoughts to the right place. In addition, Sandalwood plays a big role in love magic. A candle made of sandalwood will help bring it all to you.

Sandalwood ritual and magic candles can be used in many different ways to protect yourself, your family and your home:

- Sandalwood has a very calming effect, the candle made from it is used to relieve anxiety. If you feel that you have become very nervous and have a feeling of restlessness, then be sure to find time to burn the Sandalwood candle. In addition, Sandalwood candle is also used in rituals and magics that protect or remove bad energy.

- Burn a sandalwood candle in the middle of your love crystals to activate them for work and also to clean them. It would be especially good to do this when the Moon Phase or the cosmic power of the week is related to love.

- Burn it in any room where you want to create a loving atmosphere near you. Sandalwood enhances romance and helps open your Heart Chakra for healing. Burn it when you want to be free of some emotional burden and strengthen your Aura. Sandalwood has a relatively multifunctional effect.

- Sandalwood has a calming power, and if you burn it near you, after a while you may feel how relaxed you are and the stress inside you has quietly found a way to disappear from you. At the same time, it would be very useful to burn sandalwood incense if you want even more powerful results.

- Sandalwood candles can be used for wishes as desired, as can all candles. Read about the full-length article on candles about candle magic and find it HERE. A message related to love, protection or peace is generally read on a sandalwood candle.

- Hold sandalwood candle in the middle or next to protective crystals to make them more powerful. Sandalwood has the ability to activate crystals associated with protective energy. From time to time, it is very useful to keep crystal leaves next to this candle flame so that this jewellery will work more actively.

- Sandalwood candles are burned if you want to clean the Aura of your home or the Aura of crystals and magical items. Burn a sandalwood candle even if you have a home visitor who has brought bad news or brought a fight into the house. Sandalwood helps to scare away bad luck at home and helps the guest to take it with them.

- Sandalwood is very universal, as is sage, and so it is possible to clean any crystals with this aroma. In particular, I recommend cleaning crystals with the aroma of sandalwood candle, the purpose of which is to protect against negative energy, prevent something bad and make people or the environment stronger. Thus, burning a sandalwood candle next to the protective crystals is very useful. Burn this next to your jewellery as well as with protective crystals created at home.

- Sandalwood candle helps to scare away curses, chiding and cleanse the home of bad Karma.

Candles are one of the oldest magical items used in rituals and magic. The flame of the candle will help send your thoughts and wishes!

You can read the full article about candles HERE.


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Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candle ca 60h
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