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AMETHYST keychain

AMETHYST keychain
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AMETHYST is one of the most popular crystals in the world, used and also worn as jewellery and used in Feng Shui therapies. Amethyst is found in many parts of the world and is available in large amounts. Amethyst is mainly found in BrazilIndiaMexicoBolivia and the USA and in many other areas. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz, with mainly lavender purple and deep purple shade. Amethyst may have white or transparent spots, which are part of a Rock Crystal. Amethyst is named after a Greek word ametusthoswhich means “not harmful” or “toxin-free”. This is due to Amethyst freeing anger and bitterness from the soul and opening the spirit for healing.

Amethyst is a crystal that brings spiritual energy into the Aura of its wearer and into the environment where it exists simply as a crystal. Amethyst helps the soul to grow, develop, learn and to move on. Earth Goddess Gaia has given a lot of Amethyst to Earth and this so that people wouldn´t forget the value of a soul, this is also one of the most fundamental qualities of Amethyst.

If you are new to the world of crystals, then Amethyst is one of the crystals to start wearing with you first or using for healing the Aura of your home. Amethyst helps, like Rock Crystal does, to remove certain energies from the Aura, that prevent other crystals to work properly. Amethyst releases excessive materialism and opens the soul for everything it has to offer.

Keep Amethyst in a kid´s room, to give the child peace and to balance his hasty nature. Amethyst helps to release negative energies and stops thinking about negative things.

Amethyst is one of the most important healing crystals, that people interested in crystals should own. Amethyst has a very versatile power and it is a crystal that opens in itself exactly the power you today need the most. Amethyst opens healing and helping properties in itself according to what causes trouble, to heal it, or what interests you and gives it good luck. You may have your own wish, that you give to Amethyst in your thoughts, for it to come true, Amethyst fulfils it and in addition, supports you exactly with what you need to support the most.

Amethyst is the anti-alcohol crystal, that, when you wear it, use it or keep it in your home, helps to lead you away from alcohol. Amethyst fights with alcohol, when you drink it, it leaves you feeling really bad, creating discomfort, which in turn causes you to feel even disgust. Wear Amethyst if you wish to wean from alcohol, keep it in your home if you wish to alienate your family member from alcohol. 

Amethyst heals the soul so that something beautiful and valuable could reach your soul. Amethyst does the groundwork for everything positive you wish to have in your life. It is always useful to wear and use Amethyst so that your own Aura would be ready to accept happiness.

Amethyst has the ability to make people more intuitive, which means that it directs people to search for answers about different things, helping to understand what´s right, what´s wrong, helping to eliminate wrong gut instincts, that could very easily appear, giving the direction on how to trust yourself and the decisions you make. Amethyst opens the mind, directing the eyes and thought to things that today need your attention the most. 

Amethyst opens creative talents and advances, in general, the development of a creative mind. Is useful to wear Amethyst with you or keep it in the environment, for it to release the creative thinking in you. Amethyst helps to bring out the creative potential in you, helping to make your vision physical, to write them down or create something existing in your mind. By keeping Amethyst in your life, you may, after a while, feel, that you have become more creative. For opening the creative mind, in addition to Amethyst, also Picasso Jasper, and also Picture Jasper.

Amethysts and Mango Calcites joint power helps you to get along with people born under the Aries sign. If you wish to get along with Aries, then you can gift him with an Amethyst and Mango Calcite, set in the same bag. The combination of these two crystals helps to understand Aries better and helps to improve your relationship with him. When you’re living with one, then it would be good to keep these two crystals in your home. When your child is Aries then keep these two crystals in his bedroom. When Aries is your partner, then keep these two crystals in your bedroom. In that case, these two crystals could also be kept among other crystals for love and mending a relationship.

Keeping Amethyst close by for the whole life, helps you to learn from the lessons in your life, to use them for further development and to move on in life through lessons. Amethyst takes the human soul into movement, won´t let life stay still or end up in a vicious cycle. Amethyst helps to see obstacles and hardships as and also lessons- Seeing them like this, you learn from them quickly and free them from your path of life. Amethyst is a very useful self-development crystal. Amethyst should definitely have a place in yours.

This keychain has both, regular Amethyst and Chevron Amethyst

CHEVRON AMETHYST is one type of Amethyst, which actually is made of three different parts and because of that has a very interesting striped appearance. The darkest part is part of deep Amethyst, the lightest part is Lavender Amethyst and white is part of Rock Crystal. So, this crystal has strength from all of these three crystals, besides the regular power from Amethyst.

Chevron Amethyst is the ultimate peace bearer, stress smoother and tension reliever. This is a crystal made of three powerful crystal, all these works together towards the calming of the Aura. After some time of wearing Chevron Amethyst, you may feel yourself calmer and.  


- Amethyst brings good luck into the home when you use it as a keychain. Amethyst directs all its positive energies it keeps in it, into your home

- When you keep Amethyst with your work keys or use it for another door, then it will help to direct luck energy also there. 

- This keychain has all Amethyst energies, therefore it’s more than good for your home.

The keychains made of crystals are fragile, so they must be carefully treated so that they would not break. As they are natural crystals, they have a fragile texture.

Keychains should be cleansed once a month with Sage smoke not with incense but with the ritual plant so that it could clean all the energy gathered in the keychain. You can find Sage ritual plant from HERE.

If you have a place in your home, where you keep your keys, then there could also be an Amethyst geode. This for placing the key with Amethyst keychain on it. Amethyst geode helps to accelerate and revitalize the energy of Amethyst.
Size Crystal size is ca 2*1,5*1,5 cm
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