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CARNELIAN keychain elephant

CARNELIAN keychain elephant
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CARNELIAN is a crystal of activity, vitality and energy. Carnelian is an orange-reddish crystal that could have a transparent reddish colour to bright orange colour. Carnelian is one of the best crystals used for healing the Aura as it has the ability to give the necessary energy that helps to get rid of different problems. Carnelian is mainly found from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru and Uruguay. The first reason for why Carnelian was started to be worn was that Carnelian helped to go into the next lives without any bigger Karma depths - and Carnelian has this ability to this day as it has the ability to solve Karma in this life, and to understand why this or that thing is sent into our life.

When keychains are made from crystals and added to different keys, they begin to give energy to this item / home, which key it is that this beautiful crystal protects. So the same crystal works in different ways when it is attached to different keys.

ELEPHANT symbolizes good luck, fortune and wealth, which means that this symbol will bring the abundant qualities out of the Rock Crystal. Carnelian is one of the prosperity crystals used for attracting and amplifying prosperity energy.

The keychains made of crystals are fragile, so they must be carefully treated so that they would not break. Since these are natural crystals, their texture is relatively fragile.


- The most effective is to use Carnelian keychain with house keys. This is because it helps to bring prosperity, richness, wealth and good luck into the house.

- Besides the prosperous energy Carnelian keychain helps to bring vitality, positivity and joy into the house. Therefore it’s a very useful element to be kept near house keys.


- With car keys Carnelian elephant will help to bring the car good luck. Helps to keep away from traffic problems and at the same time is useful for people who want to sell their car. Carnelian elephant gives good luck for making transactions.


- Keychains are not necessarily always kept with car or house keys. You can also hang it to a bag. Carnelian elephant brings positivity, prosperity and everything mentioned above.


Carnelian is a luck crystal for a VIRGO ♍ that helps him to reach his goals and is really helpful for work-related dreams coming true. It's his strongest health crystal, helping to get rid of stress and avoid it. In addition, Carnelian is a crystal to lif the mood, enhance ambition and to feel better.  It’s very useful for a Virgo to keep Carnelian in his birth crystal set.

In addition to Virgo Carnelian is also very useful for ARIES ♈. Carnelian is the perfect work success crystal for Aries that will motivate him, bring success and helps to seek out a suitable profession. Carnelian helps Aries in situations where he has to worry about money or his well-being because he has a deep-rooted wish to financially secure. In addition, Carnelian brings about all his positive character traits. It’s useful to keep Carnelian in his birth crystal set, as it helps to keep his motivation high for most of his life and, in general, to bring constant luck into his life.


Carnelian brings good luck to everyone born on the 30th. The purpose of those being born on this date is to create the ultimate balance between the earthly and the spiritual. Carnelian helps to do this by increasing good luck at work, energy of wealth and a positive attitude towards life. It is a crystal of luck that helps to create and enjoy luxury so that spiritual growth also exists at the same time. Carnelian protects against financial and prosperous misfortune by helping to ensure good earthly luck for those born on the 30th. Keep Carnelian close to you, carry it with you, keep it in the birth crystal box or in your own home. I also recommend gifting this crystal to those born on the 30th! 

According to numerology, Carnelian brings a lot of good luck, and especially material luck to people born under the life path number 5.

Keychain should be cleaned once a month with Sage smoke and not with an incense, but with a ritual plant to clean all the energy that has accumulated in the keychain. You can find the Sage ritual plant from HERE.

If you have a place in your home, where you keep your keys, then there could also be a 
Citrine geode. This is to keep the keychain on it when the keychain is made from Carnelian. Citrine helps to accelerate and revitalize the energy of Green Aventurine.   It would be good to clean it at least once a month with Palo Santo tree smoke. When you don’t have a Citrine geode then Aragonite geode would also be good. You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Elephant size is ca 4*3*1 cm
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