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CEDARWOOD smudge stick

CEDARWOOD smudge stick
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Cedarwood smudge stick is an excellent cleanser of home energy and the Aura Field for those who want to get rid of heavy, cursed, chiding, demonic and damaging energies. If you feel cursed, there is a magnet for misfortune above you, and you just have constant accidents, then cleanse your Aura Field with this smudge stick. Do this for at least seven consecutive days or once a month for energy prophylaxis.

With this smudge stick, it is useful to clean homes where there are constant accidents, deaths or illnesses. It helps to remove existing bad luck and restore positive energies.

If you suspect that you have been chided or cursed, you should definitely do Aura cleansing with this smudge stick, at least until you feel free of bad energy. When you feel that luck, love and positivity have returned to your life, you can stop using the smudge stick.

Cedarwood helps to remove negative thought patterns and helps against addictions and sadness. Burn this smudge stick at the home of the addict to block him from becoming addicted. Burn it when you feel sad or depressed, it is a very useful antidepressant.


- Cedarwood smoke has a harmonizing effect, helping to organize unbalanced energy in yourself, at home or in crystals. Cedarwood relieves the stress that has accumulated in you or them for some reason.

- Cedarwood smoke opens the mind and makes the soul more tolerant, friendly and kind, it is very beneficial for mental health and well-being.

- Cedarwood smoke helps you feel good and relaxed and improves concentration.

- Helps release negative energy caused by sadness, worries, hopelessness and fears. If you have recently been hit by such emotions, use it to heal your Aura. However, if there has been a period in your home where someone or the whole family has been caught up in such worries, it is helpful to heal the energy of the entire home. Otherwise, the same emotions cause exactly the same problems on an even deeper level.


Sacral Chakra is your second chakra, located just below the navel. This Chakra plays an important role in the health of your reproductive organs. In addition, the Sacral Chakra is what determines how motivated you are in your endeavours, what your physical strength and ability are. A person with a healthy Sacral Chakra acts and is not pressured by fatigue. Cedarwood is very useful and necessary for the Sacral Chakra. You can also use Cedarwood essential oil to heal Sacral Chakra. Mix it with a carrier oil and apply it to your Sacral Chakra area, massage it into the skin or use it in massage therapy. Another option is to burn cedarwood essential oil inside the oil lamp and inhale the resulting steam. Either way, the spiritual healing properties of Cedarwood can reach you and heal you. If you want to do Chakra healing for yourself, you can use essential oils in addition to crystals. On a spiritual level, Red Aventurine gives you an equivalent result.


If you want to set the smudge stick on fire, hold it at a 45-degree angle and give it a flame from a candle or matches. It is definitely more convenient to do it with a candle, and so you can light it over and over again once the smoke has subsided. Let the flame stand for at least 10 seconds or more, then shake the flame to extinguish and use its smoke. To burn the ritual plant, you can use a special ritual plant bowl or incense holder to collect the ash.

In addition to a Cedarwood smudge stick, you can also use Cedarwood incense or Cedarwood essential oil, which give a similar result in a spiritual sense. Cedarwood essential oil has exactly the same effect as smudge stick or incense. Use essential oils if you are sensitive to smoke, as they do not emit smoke.

You can read more about Cedarwood HERE.

Size Smudge stick length ca 10 cm.
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