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PINK GERANIUM incense cones (15 sticks)

PINK GERANIUM incense cones (15 sticks) MAGICAL TOOLS
PINK GERANIUM incense cones (15 sticks)
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PINK GERANIUM is a plant known to have been used for over 10,000 years. Pink Geranium incense is definitely one of the best creators of a romantic mood. Burn this incense if you want to awaken love, heal your Heart Chakra or make love crystals active.

It is a very beautiful plant with beautiful and fragrant flowers. The pink geranium plant comes from South Africa, Madagascar, Egypt and Morocco. It was not until the 17th century that this beautiful plant arrived in Europe. Pink Geranium belongs to the Geranium family, which has more than 700 different species.

INCENSES are made of ritual plants and their essences. Incenses are made to bring certain energies forward through the plant essences that can be used for doing magic and rituals. The smoke has always been a magical medium for cleaning or guiding energies to work. Every incense has different effects, depending on which plant essence it is made of. The main goal of incenses is to clean the environment and human Aura from certain energies.

Different incense has their own unique effect, depending on what kind of plant essence it consists of, but they all work towards a common goal, which is to heal the human aura and the environment. Regular use of incense will help keep your senses, home energy and crystals positively active.


- It is an incense related to amplifying the energy of love, increasing romance, restoring and creating passion. Pink Geranium has an equal opponent, Ylang Ylang, and the two are great for use together. Burning Pink Geranium at home will help bring love to your life, improve relationships and make the whole home atmosphere more lovable. If you lack a pleasant being and a good relationship, the Pink Geranium will help bring it into your life with its magic.

- Burn it even if you want to get along better with your children or give them good energy so that they can get along with each other or with you. It is the best incense for relationship therapy. Burn it when you feel you need more love for your relationship or family.

- Pink Geranium incense can be burned for other purposes in addition to making love energy grow. For example, this incense is useful for protecting the home. Pink Geranium has been used for thousands of years to protect personal space from evil souls who bring misfortune into relationships and family.

- Burn this incense to improve your overall good fortune in a relationship. It brings good luck to the family, ie between family members. It increases the good energy between the two lovers and brings happiness of love to the single.

- Burn Pink Geranium incense in the middle or near the love crystals to make them active. Or burn it in the South, Southwest and West. These three quarters are related to love. The South symbolizes passion and sexuality, the Southwest symbolizes family relationships, and the West symbolizes child luck. They are all about relationships and love. In these areas, it is useful to keep love crystals and burn Pink Geranium. Pink Geranium helps to work faster and more efficiently with the power of crystals.

- You can find this incense in love magic as it effectively activates magical sentences and attaches them to objects. Especially when it is necessary to use crystals in magic.

- If you are afraid that someone has come between you and your loved one who wants to break up, it is useful to burn this incense for several days in a row. It would be great if you keep the Red Tiger Eye near the incense, which is a crystal against relay breakers.


The Thymus Chakra is located above the Heart Chakra and only opens when a strong healing energy charge has entered the Heart Chakra and the Heart Chakra has been intensively healed. But you have the opportunity to stimulate the work of the Heart Chakra with the Pink Geranium incense and open the Thymus Chakra through it. Why open the Thymus Chakra? When it is open, you have the opportunity to meet your soulmate, feel deep love and develop emotionally fast. This is a very useful Chakra that, when working, opens many doors and opportunities for love in your life. In order for Pink Geranium to help open your Thymus Chakra, be inside this fragrance when you burn the Pink Geranium incense.

The full selection of incense that La Tene has to offer is HERE. Each incense has its own power, read about their spiritual properties.


Incense is burned which means you need a  specific incense holder. Most incense holders are made of wood, metal or ceramics. Definitely use a special holder for burning incense. To burn incense as safely as possible.

For activating incense, light the end of the incense stick from a match. Let incense to burn and then shake out the flame. Then incense starts to smoke and to do its work. Set incense to smoke on a holder exactly in the place or in the room, you wish to hold it.

Certainly, small children should not have access to burning incense. The smoking part of the incense could be hot and may burn the child by accident.

If the incense is smoking, plants in this incense will give its power to you and the environment where the incense is currently. During that, essential oils from the incense will be freed, that heal you mentally as well as physically.

Different incenses are made of different plants and they all have their own special power.

Incense the main principle of using is that they help you to meditate, ease your and environments stress, open more certain energies, clean the environment and help to carry out rituals/magic. They are very useful magical tools for a spiritual soul, that help you to walk on your spiritual path.

Set a goal for the incense and code it

Incense can be used for specific purposes, and coding it will help you achieve the desired result. Every plant has its own power, many incense plants have many properties, and with that in mind, you can put incense to work for a specific purpose. If you smoke incense, ask it to help you achieve exactly what you want. For example, if you want it to clean up your home of misfortune, wish for that. If you want to increase the happiness of love or make prosperous energies grow, focus on it. Here you have to consider the properties of the plant.

Set incense besides your crystals if you wish to clean them. Incense helps to release negative energy gathered in there. If you have crystals in your household, then they process your home or also your energy waves, removing negativity and replacing it with positivity. Negative energy will get stuck in crystals (when they are not geodes, druzy and pyramids). For that, you need to clean the energies of these crystals with incense or ritual smoke. Of course, a ritual plant is most effective for this, but incenses can be used more often, and by that helping to avoid that crystals drain from energy. So, I recommend cleaning your home and crystals weekly if not daily. I recommend using a ritual plant during the Full Moon.

I recommend keeping the window open when cleaning with incense so that negative energy can leave the house. I also recommend burning different candles at the same time. according to a specific candle, to amplify cleaning ritual.
Size Incense length is ca 3 cm. Round incense holder included.
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