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La Tene ring "RHYOLITE" (silver 925)

La Tene ring "RHYOLITE" (silver 925) LA TENE SIGNATURE BRAND
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La Tene ring "RHYOLITE" (silver 925)
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RHYOLITE is mostly multicolored crystal that has dots and various patterns that run through this crystal. The main tint of the Rhyolite is different shades of green, brown and in some cases there is an orange shade in it. Rhyolite also has another name, which is Australian Jasper or Rainforest Jasper. The name comes from the peculiar appearance of this crystal, and also from the fact that it is mainly mined in Australia. Besides Australia, Rhyolite can reach us from Mexico. Rhyolite crystal has a predominantly energy-stabilizing effect, and one of my undisputed favorite features of this crystal is that it can solve karma. This is also the reason why I recommend wearing Rhyolite for many people if there is a misfortune in a particular matter and it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

Rhyolite has karmic skills and there is a power inside it that can crush the karmic punishment blocks in the human Aura. For example, some people have bad luck in love, all the time there are same issues in love relationships and the end does not seem to come of it. In this case, Rhyolite is almost the only crystal that can really help to solve this problem most effectively by only wearing it.

"The ultimate skill of Rhyolite is to help you understand your own path, past lives and the purpose of this life!"

All the crystals have their own character and skills, but if they are used, worn, arranged or combined differently, then they will in turn give us or the environment even more interesting power, influence and mysterious energy.


If the Rhyolite is worn as a ring, it will have a special effect on each of the different fingers. If you wear Rhyolite, its general qualities will come to your Aura, but according to the finger, a certain particular power of Rhyolite is more powerful. Since my passion is palmistry, I'll explain a little bit about how Rhyolite helps you:

In addition to the particular attribute that Rhyolite brings to you in a particular finger, it further delivers the other properties of this crystal. Just one of the crystal's powers is more powerful than the other crystal's energy thanks to the power of a particular finger.


Left - In the left thumb, wear Rhyolite crystal in order to open up the ability to understand the power of plants and its healing properties. Rhyolite brings visions to help you learn to become an alternative healer. It is very useful for the forest witch to wear a Rhyolite.

Right -  wear Rhyolite on the right thumb, if you want to use alternative medicine to heal other people, if you want to apply your talents so that someone else can benefit and heal from it. This ring helps you to better understand what kind of plant you need to heal your patient.


Left - on the left of Jupiter's finger wear a ring of Rhyolite to help open the world of your dreams. It supports the intense vision of dreams and opens up dreams at a level where you can understand their meanings. In addition, I would advise you to place different dream-inducing crystals, such as Larimar, Labradorte, Rhyolite jand many other crystals, besides the bed. This is to make your dreams to gradually become more powerful.

Right - Wear Rhyolite on the right side of Jupiter's finger to help heal your physical body. Rhyolite heals the liver, helps remove poisons from the body and is useful in lowering the weight. In addition to the rejuvenating properties of the Rhyolite, it helps to open the healing of Heart Chakra.


Left - Rhyolite opens its energy channels in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem if it is worn on the left of Saturn's finger. Rhyolite helps you to understand how important it is to take care of yourself, making you stronger, more resilient, blocking harmful effects and helping you to be more confident.

Right - wear the Rhyolite ring on the right of Saturn finger, if you want to find out who you've been in your previous life, and what kind of trials, lessons, good experiences, and moments you've experienced. Rhyolite opens up your ability to see visions when you wear it on that particular finger.


Left - At the left of Apollo's finger, wear a Rhyolite so you can better understand your path and the meaning of life. Rhyolite brings visions, "just knowing," and signs of your life today, helping you understand and complete your mission. Rhyolite helps you understand what you have not learned yet and why certain things have happened in your life.

Right - wear Rhyolite on this finger to give you a good luck in your life path. Rhyolite releases the energy of good happiness inside when you wear it on that finger, helping you reach your life precisely where you need to reach and protect you from a journey full of failures. In addition, it helps you understand what you need to do today to be successful.


Left / Right - wear Rhyolite on a small finger if you want to achieve success in business and work. Suitable for you if your business or work is related to natural herbs, plants, healing, massage or different types of therapies.

Start to wear the ring on a finger that you feel suits you the most. Only after that read what this crystal gives you on this finger. Then you can understand why you had want to put it on this particular finger!

Clean Rhyolite ring with Palo Santo or Sandalwood smoke and load it every night on a piece of Labradorite or on the Desert Rose geode.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Pearl ca 3 mm
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