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AGATE flatstone

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AGATE flatstone
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AGATE by its mineral properties is cryptocrystalline Quartz and in turn also silica. There are hundreds of types of Agate, each with a different colour and with different properties. This Agate here is the mother of all Agates, that is the main Agate. Getting to know Agate is big science and if there is no knowledge about its components, then often Agates and Jaspers are mistaken by eyes, as there are also many types of Jaspers. It is actually very simple to differ between two mineral groups – Agate has a transparent structure, Jasper has not. 

Agate is a crystal that has the ability to protect from all bad. Agate crystal is a very widespread crystal in the world, which has many different types with each of them having specific protective properties. Regular Agate, for example, protects from physical accidents, violence and misfortune. Agate crystal is one of the oldest crystals, imprinted into the history of humanity by its usage. Agate has a very profound history, as it has been also used all over the world as a protective talisman against evil and against the effect of the invisible eye. Agate was used to making military plates, which were fastened on uniforms to bring luck in war. Besides that, Agate was carried when travelling from one area to another, to survive in poor weather conditions. Agate mainly comes from UruguayBrazil and Germany

It is a crystal that protects against conflicts that do not have a good outcome or give you the opportunity to turn conflicts to your advantage. 

You can read more about Agate from HERE.


Flatstone crystal can be used for massage by anybody. Massage can even be done for yourself.

- Agate is a universal healing crystal, helping any kind of illness to leave your Aura body quickly. When Agate massage therapy is done regularly, then it helps the outbreaks to get free from you and heal the Aura system.

- Agate massage is useful, it has the ability to balance the male and female energy in a person´s Aura and to keep it that way.

- This crystal is constantly used for massage to ensure the vitality of your spiritual and physical body. Agate has been the carrier of the symbol of eternal life from a past very far away. It is believed that the power in this crystal helps to prolong your life and gives you the possibilities to fulfil your tasks, giving you energy and durability.

- Agate is used for healing the Solar Plexus Chakra, massage is done to the middle part of the back or stomach for it to have an effect on the Solar Plexus Chakra.


Usually in meditation, two flatstone crystals are used together, they are held in both hands during the crystal mediation. Meditation takes place in a cross-legged position, laying down, or in a way, you simply want to. During meditation a comfortable position is always found, crystal held in hands and the soul is left to rest with the crystals.

- Meditation with Agate helps to increase your personal strength and power. Agate helps to create a protective shield around you, and meditating with it helps you to make your own Aura stronger.

- It is useful to mediate when you wish to get energy quickly. Agate is a crystal for self-motivation, keep it in your hand when you wish to have a quick charge of motivation.

"Stronger and cleaner Aura with Agate"

Meditation with two crystals, during which you release the negative energy, power related to misfortune, stress and the power that won´t let you be balanced in your Aura. Meditation that primarily cleans the aura and creates a strong protective shield around you.

Why you should do that? To create a protective shield around you for threats from the outside, misfortunes, stress and bad experiences without lessons.

How to meditate? For Agate meditation find yourself a comfortable position and keep one Agate meditation crystals in each hand. I want you can burn a Cannabis incense at the same time, that helps the Aura to get stronger and that is helpful for successful meditation.

When you have found a comfortable position, Agates are in the palms of your hands, close your eyes, relax and rest. For the first ten minutes be simply in your own element, let exactly the thoughts that want to come to you to come, let them be part of the meditation or not. Agate meditation helps to release disturbing energies and confusing knowledge, thoughts and emotion may come to you, and through that Agates will cleanse you. If you feel like you have rested enough and let your thoughts to go on their way then, for the conclusion, start to imagine that you are strong, the Aura shield around you is strong, you are protected and held. Think about your strength for as long as your mood turns more positive and you will start to feel good, then simply open your eyes and the meditation is done. 

It is very easy to meditate with crystals as they do most of the work. You simply have to be in contact with them and let them work with you.

Meditate when you feel like needing to clean your Aura and to make yourself stronger. This meditation is very useful during the waning Moon or during the last quarter of the Moon. This because during the phases of the Moon the bad energy from the Aura clears quite quickly. 

Flatstone healing crystals are always held in a bag/box meant for healing crystals. If you do not have a thing like this, then I recommend creating it, so that crystals would maintain their power for as long as possible.

Always after the therapy clean crystal with a ritual plant, incense or magical candle. Suitable are
Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, Lemon Grass, Musk and Coriander.
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