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ANGELITE flatstone

ANGELITE flatstone
ANGELITE flatstone
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ANGELITE flatstone
ANGELITE flatstone
ANGELITE flatstone
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Different semi-precious stones are used to make flatstone crystals so that they can be used as massage objects, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flattened shape provides a good and convenient way to use the crystal in therapies. These crystals can be used exactly the same way as round crystals are used. If you like this shape more, be sure to use flatstone crystals. In this crystal, all the essential characteristics of this crystal are present. This shape simply transforms this crystal into a better meditation and healing crystal.

ANGELITE is an Angel crystal, like its name says, which is the English word "Angel". Angelite is related to the world of Angels so much so that it is one of the strongest crystals used to speak to Angels. Every living soul has a companion who does not have a physical body, and Angelite is a terrestrial contact between you and him. By wearing an Angelite crystal, you are helping to create a portal for your own personal Angel, through which it will be easy for your Angel to reach and speak to you. It's enough if Angelite crystals surround you so that the Angels can more easily get in touch with you. Angels are the ones who bring us messages, signs and teachings. If you have the ability to listen to them, the mysteries of your life will resolve more quickly and you will understand exactly why something happens to you.

Angelite originates and is mined mainly in Germany, Poland, Libya, Mexico and Egypt.


Flatstone crystals can be used for any massage, without having to have a specialty. Massage can be done for yourself, your companion, etc.

- Angelite is used in a massage if you want to relieve hate, grieve, sadness, love-related problems, frustration, and the desire to open closed upper chakras.

- Massage at the nape with Angelite to unlock the Throat Chakra, so that Angelite could release a block of energy that does not allow to read the signs sent by the Angels.


Usually in the meditation, two flatstone crystals are used together, they are held in both hands during the crystal meditation. Sit with your legs crossed, lying down or just the way you wish. Always find a comfortable position for meditating, holding the crystals and letting your breath rest together with the crystals.

- Meditate with Angelite if you want to contact Angels, with a specific dead soul, contact your guide or guardian Angel. Hold two Angelite crystals while meditating and send a message to someone from whom you want to receive the message. During the meditation, you can see and hear that answer, or the answer can reach you by some other channel. Anyway, Angelite is a crystal that is used for this sort of meditation.

- Place several Angelite meditation crystals around your head when you lie down. Make sure to put one above your head and the others on the side of the head. By doing that you form a meditation circle of Angelite crystals that will help you to meditate and heal your astral journey channels. In the healing of the channels of astral journey, you will be exposed to more sensitive energies that can receive messages from the souls and help you to understand your journey even better. It would be good to drink water elixir made from Rhyolite before doing this sort of meditation.

- With Angelite crystal it is possible to carry out transcendental journeys so that you do not lose the sight of reality. This is what usually happens during such sessions.

- I suggest meditating with Angelite when you have survived collapsing, have gone through heart operation, or those who have through a miracle come through some accident or serious illness. Angelite protects them by preventing this situation from happening again and giving its bearer a sense of "why it happened, what was the reason, what you were meant to understand through it, etc."

I advise you to keep Angelite crystal above the heart while meditating, and then to send out good messages through the meditation for your health problem to start healing.

"Development of telepathic skills"

Angelite increases telepathic sensation and skills. First, it will teach you to listen to the emotions of your loved ones, and then you will begin to perceive his feelings, desires, and many other mysteries. Telepathy can exist between beloved people.

Angelite is used for meditation, Angelite is held in your hands or placed directly on the Third Eye Chakra. All this is done during the meditation and in order to enable Angelite to strengthen the telepathic energy channel. It is useful to do this in order to develop our own abilities.

To activate the Third Eye and to enhance the telepathic contact, you can also hold the Angelite meditation crystal under the pillow. This is to make it possible to heal your Aura through sleep and give power to the Third Eye.

"Saying a prayer to your guardian Angel using Angelite"

Angelite meditation crystal lets you convey messages to your guardian Angel. To do this, keep one of the Angelite crystals in the set of Angel crystals in your bedroom. It is there for a special task that you do not use for meditation.

If you have a wish or a request that you want to convey to your guardian Angel, then take the crystal in your palm, close your eyes and tell your story to the guardian Angel. Make a prayer crystal with this meditation crystal. If you have repeatedly sent out prayers with this crystal, then its power will eventually become very strong and the messages will reach the guardian Angel very quickly. Practice making prayers frequently. This practice will create a channel between you and your guardian Angel. The more you do this, the greater the probability that the guardian Angel will begin to hear you.

Flatstone healing crystals are always kept inside a bag / box designed for healing crystals. If you do not have this, then I recommend that you create it so that the crystals retain their strength for as long as possible.

After the therapy always clean the crystal with a ritual plant, an incense or a magic candle. Suitable are Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, Lemongrass and 
Size Crystal size ca 4*3*1 cm
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