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BLUE QUARTZ is one type of Quartz with the characteristic light blue tone with darker blue stripes or patterns. Blue Quartz is mainly found from Brazil and it’s believed that Blue Quartz is created when Rock Crystal gets together with TourmalineZoisite and Rutiles. The keywords of Blue Quartz are “peace and stability”.

Blue Quartz is a very calming, balancing and harmonizing crystal that helps everyone as every person has something that needs exactly these three very valuable energies. Blue Quartz suits for the period full of anxiety, nervousness, tension, confusion, sadness or stress. Blue Quartz helps to heal from emotionally tough periods and experiences. It also helps in times when a soul simply wants to find a little more rest and peace. Blue Quartz is a truly calming partner to anyone.

Blue Quartz has a truly calming effect in the energetical sense, it relieves stress and does so in every sense. Blue Quartz is beneficial to everyone who feels like they simply can’t handle everything. This is for those who have everything going on in their life at once. Blue Quartz teaches to slow down and notice yourself in that fast tempo and not to forget oneself.

Blue Quartz helps to get rid of fears and it can be used to relieve most of the fears, especially to remove loneliness and the fear of darkness.

This crystal has the ability to strengthen focusing, which, in turn, can be useful for everyone in the midst of studies, both children and grown-ups.

Blue Quartz is a very good meditation crystal. It has the ability to take you to the meditative state fairly quickly.

Blue Quartz is a crystal that teaches how important it is to ask for forgiveness for your own bad, ill-considered, harmful or offensive actions. Blue Quartz helps you to feel that you need to make peace with people you have accidentally or knowingly hurt. Blue Quartz is also a crystal that helps to forgive and make peace with yourself with situations like this. 


I have written the article "Creating a protection grid for your home", which can be found from HERE. Blue Quartz can also be used like this, but it has its own unique power it gives to your home. When Selenite is a crystal that’s usually used for creating Angel's grid for your home, then Blue Quartz can also be used that way. Blue Quartz helps to create favourable energy for Angels so they could move through your home, come to you during the Full Moon, Samhain or Beltane. Blue Quartz helps to keep stress away from your home and prevent it from getting stuck. Instructions on how to do this grid can be found from the article.

Besides that, it’s also very good to make this grid to understand yourself better. In long term, Blue Quartz helps you to find yourself, understand why you’re here and what’s the bigger purpose that has been given to your life.


Blue Quartz is part of the harmony and good sleep crystals and it can be put together with other crystals for good sleep. Blue Quartz has the ability to calm you during the day, helps to calm anxious emotions that won’t let you sleep at night. Blue Quartz also helps intuition in you to have a voice, that, in turn, already creates a calmer emotion that favours sleep in your Aether body.


Blue Quartz carries a water-element in itself that, in turn, suits perfectly for healing the energy at the north area of your home. Blue Quartz firstly relieves stress, although this area is also linked to career, Blue Quartz has the ability to relieve emotions that harm families ability to get along and respect each other. When Blue Quartz is in the North corner of the home, it creates good energy for the home atmosphere which helps people to rest at home. Of course, this crystal is best for people who are constantly at home or work at home. That way more stress is left behind at home, something Blue Quartz helps to get rid of. You can keep the crystal in that area, keep it on a plant or create a special crystal set to the North corner of the home when you can add other North crystals.

Development of intuition and the Northeastern Quarter

In the northeast, there is a channel of self-development, knowledge and wisdom. This is a very important quarter of the home, where it is very useful to find a place for crystals to help you grow. The Northeast quarter is good for creating a separate crystal altar or collection that will open an intuitive mind. They help everyone who lives there. It is useful to keep IoliteKyaniteBlue QuartzAqua AuraCobalt AuraAngel AuraSodaliteAmethystAmetrineMoonstone and other crystals that will help you to strengthen your spiritual skills.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a tumbled crystal water elixir or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Blue Quartz is especially useful for people whose upper airways are weak or have an illness related to it. Blue Quartz helps people with asthma, helping their health problems to heal spiritually and quicken the healing process. In addition, it’s useful to wear Blue Quartz when you suffer from a throat infection.

- Blue Quartz quickens the absorption of all B-group vitamins. Wear it or make Blue Quartz water-elixir when you want to increase your vitamin levels.

- A crystal that helps to prevent uncomfortableness that appears after a panic attack or a bout of stress in the throat. For example, when you can’t breathe or it’s uncomfortable to breathe.

- Blue Quartz is the perfect stress crystal that helps people suffering from very big stress or tension. When you feel like you can’t cope with stress anymore then allow Blue Quartz to heal you.

- This crystal is perfect for people who suffer from depression or some other mental disease based on stress and overload. Blue Quartz helps to balance the soul and bring peace to life. Blue Quartz also helps to slow down.


Blue Quartz is a very important crystal for healing the Throat Chakra as it helps to remove stress and the negative energy from it, helping to release blockages existing in that Chakra. When the Throat Chakra is not working properly then it will affect the whole Chakra system. Throat Chakra is the release channel of the body and soul when this is not healthy, then the negative energy existing in other Chakras can’t get out from the Aura field.


In addition to the Throat Chakra, Blue Quartz helps also to remove stress and negative energy from the Third Eye that prevents this Chakra to fully work. Blue Quartz helps to restore trust in people, both in close people and strangers.


Among zodiac signs, Blue Quartz helps to remove the most stress from GEMINI. Perfect for a period with great tensions. In addition, this crystal helps Gemini to successfully develop their intuition, make it stronger, more clear and trustworthy. Blue Quartz helps Gemini to understand what he feels, why he feels that way and can he trust his gut feeling or not.

Blue Quartz is one of the main crystals that raise the intuitive energy of Gemini, helping it to develop spiritually. Blue Quartz helps him reach the right answers and reduce the confusion within him. Blue Quartz sharpens the intuition of each Gemini and could certainly always be represented in his life - it leads him on the right path and to the activities that benefit him.

For SAGITTARIUS, born between October 28 – 30, Blue Quarts relieves sleep disorders.


Blue Quartz is a luck crystal for the Year of the Earth Pig. Blue Quartz brings peace, balance, harmony, rest and good luck for that year. Blue Quartz helps you to make the most of that astrological year the Earth Pig has come to give you. Blue Quartz improves intuition that year and helps you to move forward with that right and success bringing flow. It’s especially useful to keep Blue Quartz in your life during the Year of the Earth Pig. Wear it as jewellery or keep this crystal in your home in a visible place. Blue Quartz you have brought to your home during the Year of the Earth Pig, needs to be taken out from your home with gratitude on the last day of the year and left it there. 

Blue Quartz will be the luck crystal for everyone born in the year of the Earth Pig for their whole life. Blue Quartz should definitely be represented in their birth crystal set.

Charge on geodes only crystals that are in direct contact with the skin.

I recommend charging Blue Quartz on a Celectite geode and cleanse it with Lavender incense/oil.

Read more about cleansing and charging crystals HERE.

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