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DUMORTIERITE is a crystal with a colour that varies from dark blue to blue and that is mainly found in  Madagascar. It can also be found in other places, for example in Sri Lanka and Namibia. Madagascar crystals are many times more valuable than crystals found in other parts of the world as energy there is simply much more powerful. You can easily think of a power a lot stronger with crystals coming from there simply by their origin.

Dumortierite is a crystal that gives clarity to your thoughts. It removes fears and helps to strengthen your analytical skills. Besides that, Dumortierite is also related to spirits and Angels. It has the ability to protect from souls that are not coming to us with the best of intentions.

Dumortierite has one really good quality that is the main reason for wearing it. Dumortierite helps to be patient in life, helping to wait for things and moments without wishing to have them all at that very moment right away. Sometimes life needs time to bring beautiful things to you and sometimes other things need to be finished before. Dumortierite teaches to have patience.

Wear this crystal as a talisman when you wish to get rid of hurtful feelings. Dumortierite has the ability to release the emotional tension from your soul to a specific direction. In the sense that when you start wearing Dumortierite crystal then you could give it a mental value. By taking the talisman or another piece of jewellery into your hands and wishing it to release that specific emotion from you. Focus on that emotion and start wearing it. Dumortierite starts to release that emotion from you and lead it out from the Aura.

One interesting thing you should know about this crystal is that this crystal will gather adventurous and peace looking souls into itself. Dumortierite will help stuck souls to move forward to the right dimensions. Every Dumortierite has the ability to release only one soul into the right world. How to know whether you Dumortierite has done it? A face will appear on it, in the real sense of the word. I have witnessed many crystals with a face on them. Therefore, when you add this crystal to a crystal set, then when you clean it, you should look out for the face. When there is one, then you should take it back to nature because it doesn’t have any strength left for your wishes. Place Dumortierite to the river water, or, when you have your own yard, under a plant.

Dumortierite is a crystal that helps to bring big changes in your life. When you feel like completely changing your life, to change your attitude towards something and take yourself towards a better person, then Dumortierite will help you do that. It’s a crystal of changes that helps you to become a better person. 

Dumortierite is a crystal of telepathy with the ability to open your telepathic minds. Dumortierite helps to advance telepathy with the souls we have a very deep connection within this life. You can generally advance telepathy between soulmates and family members. 

The joint power of Dumortierite and Blue Goldstone helps the kid to get over his fear of darkness.

Dumortierite works very well with Blue Goldstone crystal. Both crystals have a beautiful dark blue shade and have the same ability - releasing the fear of darkness.

Children very often face the fear of darkness that in turn causes problems with falling asleep and sleeping alone in their own room. If a child is fearful of darkness, then he or she may have a heightened spiritual perception in this life period. This means he perceives, sees and hears the spiritual world. It may create a sense of confusion in his subconsciousness and it gives rise to the fear of darkness. It’s easier to see spirits in darkness and that’s where the fear comes from.

Blue Goldstone with Dumortierite will start to create an energy field that will relieve the fear of darkness. Separately, the effect of these crystals would not be the same. That´s why I recommend using these crystals together. 

The power of these Crystals will gradually help to release the fear from the child. These crystals should be next to or under the child´s bed. If the child already has personal dream crystals, then these two crystals should be together with others. Those crystals are kept at home as long as the problem has completely disappeared. 

Understanding spiritual experiences and reading signs

Dumortierite helps to understand different spiritual experiences to which you are being subjected and to understand the meaning of signs sent to your path by someone. It helps to analyse their meaning, necessity and message. Dumortierite will help to understand even the most complicated signs.

Keep Dumortierite crystal in your home where you keep different crystals that help to strengthen your intuition and advance you spiritually. It adds extra value to other crystals and makes them work more effectively.

Work success crystal for healers

Dumortierite helps medical workers and healers despite the kind of healing methods they practice, let it be traditional medicine or alternative medicine. Dumortierite helps the doctor or healer to give the right diagnosis to his patient or therapy client. Dumortierite helps to sense the problem in the body, whether it’s physical or mental, is it in one or another organ or, rather, in a Chakra. It’s useful to carry Dumortierite crystal to work or in your work environment.


Dumortierite has the ability to strengthen and develop a memory that makes it into a very useful study crystal. Dumortierite is one of the main crystals that should be near you when you need emotional support for studying. Dumortierite has the ability to increase endurance, helping you to constantly focus and memorize things. Wear it with you when you study or create yourself a crystal set for your computer/study desk. People of any age can use Dumortierite for studying, but I have written an article "Crystals for kids for school", that you can find from HERE. Although crystals for kids are set out in the article, the same crystals that help to strengthen memory and to focus a grown-up can use for himself.

Dumortierite helps to focus on that one thing exactly for as long as you have the need to focus on it. This crystal helps to analyse and examine this too, for example, execute something related to this. Dumortierite is very useful both for working and studying, helping to finish what you, for example, have started.


When you work on a computer all day long and your work is also very puzzling that exhausts you, then it would be good to use crystals on the desk. Dumortierite goes very well also with Shungite pyramid to prevent work stress. When you wish to add more crystals for the same purpose then add also Sodalite and Smoky Quartz.


Dumortierite is one of the crystal you can use for yourself when you wish to learn how to predict for yourself or wish to advance spiritually.

Dumortierite helps to focus on things like predicting with pendulums, laying out Angels cards, predicting with a crystal set or even on predicting with Runes.

To get the supportive energy from Dumortierite, keep it near the pendulum or in the set of your pendulum crystals. Dumortierite won’t let the pendulum to run out of energy and is particularly useful for pendulums you rarely use. The second possibility is to keep it in the Angel card box together with the cards. The same way it helps to keep the energetic value of the cards. When you wish to predict with the crystal set or Runes, carry a piece of jewellery made of Dumortierite at the same time.

When you already have a crystal set for Angels, Astral or dreams, then Dumortierite is good to be added there. When you already have this crystal in there then you can use it for meditation before going to sleep. One possibility is to take Dumortierite from that set and to place it on your forehead, exactly above the Third Eye. When you have done that, then focus on the problem or thought you wish to find a solution for. Fall asleep with that focus on mind and Angels could give you the answer in your sleep. This works the best when you have a dream catcher and crystals that support visions on it. Put the crystal back in the morning and during the next New Moon or the Full Moon clean the crystal set.

Dumortierite is a crystal for finding solutions to problems and that’s why you can use it for asking visions in your dreams.

Dumortierite is a crystal that helps to open you up spiritually, strengthen intuition, learn to predict, strengthens the telepathic connection between you and your lover. When you two are soulmates then telepathy will go in hand with that. To increase telepathy, it would be good to have Dumortierite a lot in as many places as possible in your household.


Dumortierite is related to releasing old energy, which means that this crystal is the perfect healer to a home where someone else has lived before. Dumortierite also suits for a home that has been empty for a long time. 

Dumortierite has the ability to release standing and harmful energy, and for that, place Dumortierite besides the front door of your home. When you have created a crystal set for protection, then this crystal is also good for that. The other good place for it is the Northern room of the home.

Dumortierite is suitable to be also kept in every bedroom in the household. Dumortierite helps your Angels to be close to you and bring visions to you through sleep.

Keep Dumortierite besides your bed, beneath it or close to it for protection from nightmares. To keep nightmares away, to forward the energy better, use Dumortierite wheel of the sun on the dream catcher.

Keep Dumortierite among your love crystals to bring clarity into the relationship. Dumortierite and, especially, with Garnet and Rhodocrosite crystal opens the feelings, emotions and positive mind of the other side. This means that Dumortierite helps to be good in a relationship and understanding towards the other. When you feel like you alone work for the relationship, then Dumortierite will be a very good helping crystal for you. Love crystals are kept in the bedroom or in the most Southern room of the house.

Dumortierite suits for the Northern corner or room for another purpose. It has the ability to release energy blockages that won’t let other family members enjoy life or success at work to come. It’s a crystal that helps to come out of that vicious circle that brings personal misfortune at work. 

And, Dumortierite could be one of the first crystal in the North corner. Every crystal corresponds to one or many quarters and when you keep the crystal in the right quarter then it heals the energy channels in your home. Every quarter has one energy channel, work success channel is situated in the North. With Dumortierite Sodalite, Blue Quartz, Dravite and other North Quarter crystals will go very well.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Wear Dumortierite crystal or make water-elixir from it. You can read more about making water-elixir from HERE.

- Dumortierite helps to let go of inherited alcoholism or another addiction that has existed in the family already for generations. Dumortierite helps to let go of shackles that favour and create this problem. When there are problems with alcoholism, then you should definitely add Amethyst with Iolite. These crystals have the ability to cure alcoholism.

- Dumortierite helps to heal migraines and the unexplainable pains in the body. For example, when a joint is hurting without trauma or known reason, then wearing Dumortierite will help to heal that problem. Dumortierite heals the unexplainable pains in the body.

- One of the best healing crystals for respiratory diseases. Kids get coughs and colds frequently, often their weak spots are sinuses, adenoids and tonsils. Dumortierite helps to refrain from this problem and when they do appear, to get well sooner.

- Dumortierite, like most crystals, heals stress. But, like with other crystals, Dumortierite has its own way of removing stress. These crystal releases stress caused by obligations, like work stress or tension from school. When a grown-up finds it hard to cope with his workload, then Dumortierite will help. Also suitable for a child who can’t cope with the load from school.

- Dumortierite is perfect for keeping the body alkaline. When the body is alkaline then illnesses can’t find a way to grow and develop. Wearing Dumortierite and using it in crystal therapy helps to intuitively improve your menu, subconsciously to add alkaline foods and to decrease consuming acidic foods.


Its power is most effective to the fifth and sixth Chakra. The fifth one is the Throat Chakra right above the throat and related to self-expressing, accepting information and digestion. Dumortierite helps to understand things surrounding you and to analyse them – with that the crystal heals the Throat Chakra and teaches thinking to a person.

Dumortierite has a healing and opening effect to the sixth, that is, to the Third Eye Chakra. Third Eye is situated on the forehead and is related to intuition, sensing and understanding your own path. Dumortierite helps the Third Eye to activate and therefore to strengthen intuition, favour spiritual growth and interpret the signs sent to your path.


Dumortierite has the most active and intensive effect on two zodiac signs which are VIRGO ♍ and LEO 

Perfect for a Virgo in the development of their intuition. Dumortierite is one of the best crystals for making spiritual powers and intuition clearer to a Virgo. A crystal a Virgo should definitely have in his life. Dumortierite helps to develop their intuition and is helpful for their spiritual growth, helping to make the right decision within and for everything around him. This crystal opens up the best character traits, makes him even better at analysing things and helps to heal his weak spots - this is what spiritual growth is.

Dumortierite has a similar effect on Leo. It helps them to make decisions based on their heart, helping to block the excessive realness and relying on logic. Dumortierite makes Leo’s intuition very strong.


Everyone born on the 7th has their lucky crystal is Dumortierite. Dumortierite helps to relieve stress, ground tensions, stop overthinking and, at the same time, it’s a really good crystal for improving analysing and brain work, helping to block thoughts that are negative and related to fear, replacing them with very good ideas and discoveries. This is a crystal of well-being for everyone who is born on the 7th in any month. Dumortierite brings good luck and the ability to live your life well and successfully.

Dumortierite is a talisman of luck for everyone born on the year of the Dog  It helps to ground the nervousness of the dog and to sort yourself out. In addition to this, Dumortierite helps to bring good ideas and motivation for carrying them out. Strengthens the intuition in people born on the year of the Dog.

I recommend charging Dumortierite on a Celestite geode peal and cleaning it with Sage ritual plant

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals from HERE.

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