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GARNET tumbled

GARNET tumbled
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GARNET is a blackish-red crystal that helps creativity to fly and love to come to life. Garnet is thought to be one of the most sensual, romantic, passionate and lovable crystal that’s used for improving relationships and bringing good relations to life.

Garnet by its energies is an intense crystal, very luxurious and beautiful by its looks. Its power works very fast and its energy should not be underestimated. Garnet is a very strong crystal, both in the physical and spiritual sense, by having a strong structure and energy qualities. The formation of the Garnet in Earth already shows which crystal we’re dealing with. In an environment where Garnet in Earth is formed, it has to endure very high temperatures and structural changes. This already shows that Garnet is very durable and provides this also to the person – helps to be durable.

Garnet is characteristically dark red and blackish-red. Garnet without high-level processing is very cracked which does not mean that the crystal is broken. The less tumbled and polished the Garnet crystal is the more cracked and duller it looks.

Garnet is found from all over the world, but the main source is the Czech Republic and Slovakia which is former Czechoslovakia.  I have been to the Czech Republic to get to know Garnet myself, familiarised myself with the mining and producing and, in addition to this, drawn the energies of Garnets there, taken inspiration and interpreted the spiritual side of this crystal through all of that. Jewellery made of this was used and worn in the Czech Republic already in the Bronze Age. In the Czech Republic, I saw a Garnet crown and power objects and jewellery belonging to the royal family. Once, the Garnet jewellery was made by hand, just the way it’s done today. Crystal jewellery is not only valuable for the value of the crystal but for the handicraft of people. The Czech Republic today is considered the kingdom of Garnet.

Garnet was not only used in the Czech Republic but it was also in an honourable place among the Mayans and Aztecs. To the knowledge, they used Garnet for opening creative talents and vitality. Garnet was used in different rituals and magic that helps to move the useful energies in the human soul.

Garnet divides into many different types, but the most well known dark red/blackish-red Garnet is the one we call “Garnet”. For example, other Garnet gemstones are Grossular, which is light green and yellowish, Uvarovite is a bright green garnet, Almandine Garnet is a dark red type of garnet, there are also Andradite and other even rarer forms. 

Garnet energies are very valuable, they help the person to achieve a lot and that’s why the crystal is used for making a lot of different jewellery or power objects. Garnet is polished, tumbled and produced so that it would have a look that’s respective to its energetic qualities.

Garnet is hidden in the South area of the home to raise the energy, vitality, independence, self-sufficiency, success, love and caring for each other in the whole family.

Garnet is a crystal that helps to lead away all the dark clouds in peoples minds that prevent them to live happily. When you feel like you constantly have negative thoughts in your head, you can’t see the positive and good things in life, then Garnet is the right crystal to help you. Garnet brings everything good about in you, helps you to notice and appreciate it. Garnet makes you into a more positive person. 

Garnet is a romance crystal that can make the person be more romantic and passionate. The energy you’re made of, is what you attract. It’s related to the Karma Law of Attraction. By wearing or carrying Garnet as jewellery you attract happiness in love into your life. When you miss love, then let Garnet be in your life.

Garnet is a crystal that gives the person so much energy that it makes him physically move. Garnet is a very good self-motivation crystal that gives strength to achieve what’s in your thoughts. Garnet helps to carry out ideas and give them a physical shape. 

Good luck

Besides its love qualities, Garnet is considered to be the good luck talisman. It’s sufficient to hold a piece of Garnet in your hand when you think about your wishes and, from that, to go into more detail. The more detailed your dreams are, the bigger energy you send out from your Aura to fulfil them and dreams are fulfilled by giving them a chance. Garnet is used for fulfilling dreams related to love and relationships, like creating a family, having a child, a new home for the family, finding a life partner, etc.

Marriage or getting married 

Besides Emerald and Blue Topaz Garnet is one of the marriage crystals given to newly-weds or used as a marriage luck talisman. For that I recommend Garnet as a wedding gift and when you give it, be sure to add a small suggestion to it. It’s the following:

- Garnet is placed among wedding clothes, pictures or wedding things. I recommend all married people to create their own little memory box where Garnet should also be added. For that, I recommend keeping two similar Garnets between wedding things, as two crystals work as a strengthening union for a relationship and marriage. One crystal brings material success for the couple!

- Ideally, two Garnets are given together with two Emerald and Blue Topaz crystals, as the combination of these crystals creates an unbreakable connection and a long-lasting happy marriage.

From the beginning of times, Garnet has been considered as the crystal of affection, passion and feelings. Men gave Garnet jewellery to the woman they loved or Garnet crystal when they wished to show how much she means to them, that their heart is hers and they wish to marry her and have a family. I also recommend giving Garnet as an engagement ring or in some other form to show your strong feelings for the woman.


Garnet is combined with Emerald and kept beside the picture of your partner to increase the possibility of marriage. This kind of crystal magic helps both to figure out their real feelings and when they’re sincere and real then these crystals will help you two to become closer.


Garnet increases the passion between life partners. I strongly advise them to keep this crystal in their lives.

Business success

Garnet brings business-related success when it’s placed in the right place. Garnet is placed besides business paperwork, on the desk, besides the money in the safe, and with projects, the crystal is kept besides that, etc. One of the possibilities is to combine Garnet with Mariam Jasper for the same purpose to increase business-related success even more. This crystal magic helps with the already existing business, not with the one being established.

Anger towards a specific person and getting rid of it

Garnet is combined with Apache Tear and the crystals are hidden in black cloth with freshly-picked juniper berries. When these crystals and berries are put together, you should, at the same time, think about the person, about the anger, think why it exists and, at the same, tell yourself that you wish to get rid of it all. Then, the crystals and berries are combined and kept above the front door from one Full Moon to another. After the second Full Moon comes, the set is taken down, crystals and berries are released to the sea when you have let go of that feeling. You can keep using the black bag, but before, you need to cleanse it with Sage smoke.


For healing you could use Garnet jewellery, to carry it with you or to meditate with it.

- Garnet is worn when toxins are wanted to remove from the body. Suits very well with people who have problems with blood vessels, artery calcifications, ill movement of blood and low haemoglobin levels. Garnet helps to encourage blood flow and helps to send energy to the Aura that opens the body to clean itself.

- It’s one of the crystals that can send messages to the Aether body for it to absorb vitamins from the food you consume. It helps to improve the intake of vitamins and minerals. Suitable for people who are constantly tired and can’t restore their energy with anything. 

- Heals sexual life by helping to increase libido and the wish to increase sexual contact. Garnet heals both the men and women conditions and impotence in men. Garnet heals the Root Chakra which is directly linked to these health problems. 

- Garnet helps to heal the feeling of disappointment emotionally or the sexual complexes and blockages caused by sexual harassment.

- Using Garnet in one way or another helps to increase healthy sexual interest. Garnet makes the person more sexual, opens a very healthy interest for that and helps to release the blockages in the Aura body that prevents it. 

- Garnet helps to get rid of hyperactivity and is especially useful for children who have too much energy that has made them nervous. One very big reason for hyperactivity is using smart devices. In addition to using Garnet, you should definitely limit the use of any kind of smart devices.

- In case of lack of vitality, it’s very important to start wearing or using Garnet for healing. Garnet is one of the crystals that can restore vitality. Also, Red Jasper, Carnelian and Orange Calcite can also do this, in addition to Garnet.

Garnet contains a small amount of Aluminium which means that you can use Garnet for making water-elixirs. Crystals with metallic compounds can’t be used for making crystal water. It’s useful to wear Garnet as jewellery, to meditate with it, etc. 


Garnet has an effect on three different Chakras, mostly to the Root Chakra, then to other Chakras, when the energy of the first has been restored by the crystal.

Through the Root Chakra Garnet helps to heal very serious problems linked to the lack of vitality and sexual problems. Garnet helps to increase libido and heal health problems related to infertility through the Root Chakra. When Garnet has managed to make all the energies move in the right direction, then it starts to work for healing the other two Chakras.

Through the Sacral Chakra Garnet directs motivation and inspiration to the person soul related to business and professional fulfilment. Garnet brings luck in business, success and wealth through the efforts the person made.

Through the Heart Chakra Garnet helps to attract a soulmate, increase love, create passion and to grow it. Garnet is strongly related to love and it helps to make the soul passionate. Garnet helps to improve the already existing relationship and is, at the same time, the perfect crystal for making new relationships. 


Garnet works most intensely with three zodiac signs. This does not mean that other zodiac signs can’t get power from it. Crystals with certain zodiacs simply give out more specific energies and do so more intensely.

Garnet is a crystal for love happiness for AQUARIUS and CAPRICORN. With these two zodiacs, Garnet opens all its energies related to love very intensively. Garnet helps to bring romance, passion, sexuality, the right partner and relationship happiness to their lives. Garnet is one of the strongest crystals an Aquarius or Capricorn could have in their life. Garnet should definitely be added to their birth crystal chest. Garnet works especially well for men born under these zodiac signs. You can read more from HERE.

There is also a third zodiac to which Garnet gives its energies very strongly. Garnet is a very strong crystal for business-related luck, work success and wealth for an LEO. Garnet launches a healthy material way of thinking in Leo, which helps him to set his life in order in the sense of money, bringing ideas about how to earn money and makes work more likeable. Leo should definitely have Garnet in the prosperity crystal set in their home.

Charge on geodes only crystals that come in direct contact with your skin.

It's best to charge Garnet on an Apophyllite geode or Zeolite and it would be good to cleanse it with Sage ritual plant at least once a month. 

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals HERE.

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