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ZEBRA JASPER is one type of Jasper, with a distinctive black and white multicoloured structure. Zebra Jasper resembles a zebra from its appearance and that is how it got it name originally. 

The main mining regions of Zebra Jasper are various regions of Africa, India and Brazil. This crystal is for all of those who are looking for a crystal that helps them to concentrate and concentrate their thoughts. Zebra Jasper is also called the White Tiger Crystal.

Zebra Jasper has several different types, their colours can be brownish-beige and with greenish stripes. These crystals have very small differences in terms of energy. In general, however, Zebra Jasper is black-and-white.

Zebra Jasper balances Yin and Yang energies, helps to tune in Chakras and is useful in starting up the energies existing in human Aura. It is a crystal that can switch different energy channels to work and is suitable for carrying at any time. Particularly suitable during a period in which you feel that you are not in your own element. In order to use this crystal to extract such energies, water elixir can be made from it. Another option is to meditate with Zebra Jasper crystals. Those who deal with massage and crystal therapies can use it during the healing process.

It is a crystal that helps you and allows you to dream. Many people have problems with dreaming, they just can not do it. Zebra Jasper opens up your minds for dreams and wishful thinking. Use this crystal for this purpose, or hold it inside your pillowcase. Within the pillowcase, it helps to open your Crown Chakra, and dreaming should return soon.

Zebra Jasper is a crystal that helps to protect you from people who are not happy with your religion or beliefs. There are some people who push their way of thinking on others and Zebra Jasper helps you make yourself invisible for such people.

Zebra Jasper is useful for those children who feel they are not loved or awaited in a family. For some reason, children will begin to feel it and they will start complaining about it to their parents. It is useful to gift Zebra Jasper to this child to alleviate his emotional problem. It would be good if a child would carry this crystal with him or play with it.

I recommend using Zebra Jasper for children, it helps to give energy to young children and youth. It's a crystal that helps with school tiredness and an overall feeling of exhaustion. Zebra Jasper is especially useful for children, as it helps the growing child to adapt to growth and life changes. The child can wear it as a jewellery or it can also be inserted into a child's pillowcase.

If you are engaged in meditation, healing, or you have set up your own spiritual room in your home, where you can be in your element, then use Zebra Jasper to decorate this room. Keeping the Zebra Jasper in the room can help you open your soul for deeper meditation and give you visions. It is a crystal that improves energy temples and healing rooms. It is useful to keep this crystal in such rooms, because it will help you to quickly channel and to come back from the state of trance.

"Zebra Jasper is given as a gift to a person to whom you want to give more joy!"

Crystals are given as a gift, so that they can convey the energy inside of them to a loved one. If you give Zebra Jasper crystal, then this crystal will give joy and happiness from you to another person.

"This crystal is often used in the magic of the fulfilment of dreams and desires, so you can often find this crystal in magic recipes."

With a Zebra Jasper crystal and a white candle, you can make a very simple wish magic. To do this, you only need these two items with a knife and matches. This magic of desires is related to a very small desire that you want to quickly be fulfilled. This magic will only be done on the right day of the full Moon, not a day before or later.

On the day of the full Moon, take a white candle and draw your first and last name with a knife on it. At the same time, when you are drawing the name on the candle, focus on the desire that you want to be fulfilled. When the name is written, you light the candle and put the Zebra Jasper in front of the candle. The candle is burned off as quickly as possible. Every time you burn that candle, think of your thoughts with the desire that you want to be fulfilled. If the candle is burned, then the Zebra Jasper is placed in a special wish box. For this, you need to find a box or container in which you want to hold wishing crystals. You can do this magic of desire on every full Moon with new Zebra Jasper crystals, and all the crystals will be kept. As time goes by, you might collect a lot of Zebra Jaspers and they are all kept, so that they would keep you happy on the same issues. In the Japanese culture and history making of wish boxes has been very popular, which accompanies them throughout their life, even when moving from one home to another.


Helps to identify people's true faces. Zebra Jasper is very useful to carry at work or while being in the people's company with who you have some doubts about trusting. Zebra Jasper helps you to know if a person is sincere with you or is wearing a mask that hides his real nature. When you wear this crystal, people themselves reveal their true faces, and those who are sincere, they will not become strange or suspicious in your company.

If you do not want to wear this crystal, it's good to keep it on your work desk or in a pocket, if you need to detect this problem on someone.


Zebra Jasper is a crystal that helps or even lets you be optimistic. This crystal helps to heal problems that will not let you be positive. Zebra Jasper is a useful resolver of problems, helping you to find simple solutions to different and complex situations and issues. If you wear Zebra Jasper, you should first of all feel this effect of this crystal.

If you want to receive positive features from Zebra Jasper, then use it in "Good mood" or "Positive" crystal sets you've created in the past, or create one of these set for your own home. You can read more about a good mood crystal set in the article of Yellow Calcite juurest HERE.

Another option is to keep this crystal constantly near you and with you. Zebra Jasper can also be used to build a home, and during this process you can create a crystal network for your home. During the construction, add Zebra Jasper to each outer corner of the house and let it stay inside the walls or under the floor of the house. Zebra Jasper helps to give the house positive energy and keep it from sadness.


For the purpose of healing, wear Zebra Jasper in a jewellery, make water elixir from it, or give yourself crystal therapy with this crystal.

- Tooth decay, cavities and various problems associated with teeth. In this case, it would be good if water elixir is made of this crystal.

- Kidney hypersensitivity, kidney diseases, kidney stones, kidney dysfunction. Zebra Jasper helps anyone to heal the kidney problems by helping to revive that organ. Zebra Jasper works best to heal the kidneys when preparing water elixir from this crystal.

Read about making of water elixirs and storage of these crystals from HERE.

I recommend to charge the Zebra Jasper crystal on a Rock Crystal geode and from time to time clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.

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