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BRONZITE with a hole

BRONZITE with a hole
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Bronzite is a crystal with a dark brown hue, its brownish or darker part symbolises grounding energies, protection and relief from stress. The part that’s golden or has a golden glow symbolises wealth and prosperity. Bronzite is mainly mined from Austria.

Bronzite is a crystal with grounding abilities used for balancing energies. Let these energies be Chakra channels or Feng Shui energy at home. Bronzite helps to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, overreacting, helps to get rid of mood swings and personality disorders.

Bronzite is a crystal that helps to get on with life. Bring Bronzite into your life when you wish to get rid of misfortune, emotional pain, inconveniences in your life when you suffer from health problems and you have been long tied with big problems. Bronzite helps to get along during a life period like this, find solutions to problems and give you enough strength so you could create joy and happiness into your life.

Wearing Bronzite on a Heart Chakra and Throat chakra helps to bring the following:

- Bronzite is a crystal that both women and men could wear, but this crystal suits best for men. The reason is that Bronzite carries male energy, something men need to feel healthy and good. Bronzite has one very good and unique quality it can only pass down to men. This is - protection from curses. Bronzite protects men from traps and bad intentions women have created.

- Very efficient crystal to protect from curses and chiding. When you wear Bronzite crystal then it will push away malevolence, people who don’t wish you well and misfortune sent to you by other people. Protects from direct bullying and cursing. Sending curses or bad thoughts back to the Aura of the person who sent them to you, helping to change the life of the person who wished you ill difficult.

- It would be even more powerful to banish and release curses when you would wear Bronzite together with Black Tourmaline. I recommend placing them around your neck, so the crystals could be very close to each other.

- Bronzite helps to let go of bad habits that harm you. Let it be constant sitting around and laziness. Let it be eating too many fatty foods or even drinking too much beer. Bronzite helps to release harmful habits by helping you to one day simply let go of them.

- Perfect crystal for people who can’t stay still or rest. Bronzite will turn you off exactly when it’s time for a rest, helping, for example, workaholics and overly active people to find time for themselves. This crystal does not make you into a lazy person but teaches you to use your time in a healthy manner.

- Work crystal for administrators and travel assistants. Bronzite is particularly useful for people working in these two positions who need to work with people more than average, always be friendly and who need to manage other people’s wishes. Bronzite brings luck at work and protects from exhaustion by giving strength to work.

- Professionally Bronzite is for people who work with people, a crystal for administrators. It’s also useful for secretaries who manage clients in the office. This is a crystal for you when you work at the reception desk and need to answer a lot of different question and direct people to different places by firstly helping to save and protect your energy. All of this for strangers to not exhaust you and also for you to do your work with pleasure. 

-  Bronzite helps you to find your purpose, move towards it and not to alter from your path. Bronzite helps to set your goals and focus on a specific thing for long as they are done. Bronzite is useful for people who are their own bosses and wish to get good and long-lasting results. Bronzite is a work success crystal. 

- A crystal that helps you to set your life in place. When you feel like everything is confusing, incomprehensible and very nervous then Bronzite is for you. It’s useful to wear Bronzite so you could finish with everything old, do clear breaks and move on with your life happily. When you wish for a clean break and to move on, then it would be good to wear Bronzite with Mookaite. Mookaite brings new and exciting adventures into your life. 

- When you feel like you’re not having enough strength and you can’t do something at the moment, to focus on something and deal with problems then Bronzite helps you. Bronzite helps to gather strength and personal energy you could use to set everything right in your life.

- Helps to release judging from the soul and, at the same time you’re wearing this crystal, it also helps to protect you from being judged. 

- Wearing Bronzite helps to keep calm in any kind of situations and to keep a cool head in difficult situations, also the ability to analyse to solve problems. In that, Bronzite is suitable to be a supportive partner for everyone, and particularly for those who have big responsibilities and a lot of communication with different;

- This is a crystal that helps you to get on the right path of fate without making conscious choices for it. This means that Bronzite has the ability to subconsciously direct you in the right direction. Always when decision making is necessary for your path of life, then carrying Bronzite will help you make decisions through gut feeling and without noticing it yourself. Bronzite works for you, helping to detect the best road fate gives you. Sometimes you can’t make the best of choices, in that case, Bronzite will make the best decision for you even in the worst cases.

-Bronzite and Tiger’s Eye are the two crystals that will help us to face the ego in us. These two crystal help our soul to come forward and ego to subside. Wear and use these two crystals together, when you wish to decrease the size of your ego and let the soul in your body open up. Tiger’s Eye and Bronzite help to release you from wrong behaviour, helping also to get rid of illusions ego has created. You can find this article HERE.

- Bronzite is a crystal that helps you grow emotionally resilient. It helps you to have two feet on the ground when there is a storm in your life and a confusing situation that wants to tear you off the ground. Bronzite helps maintain common sense and guide you to be productive instead of fearful and panic. It helps maintain peace, balance and increase patience. I recommend Bronzite if you are learning to be emotionally resilient along the way or if you have difficulty maintaining peace when a problem arises. Read more about emotional resilience from HERE.


For healing with Bronzite, you could make a water elixir or wear jewellery made from this crystal.

- The main healing quality of Bronzite is regulating gastric acid, healing gastric problems, improving the digestive system and metabolism. Bronzite is for people who have stomach aches, who are sensitive to different foods and who suffer from heartburn.

- Bronzite helps to get rid of long term stress. Is especially useful for men whose stress is related to material worries. Bronzite helps to get rid of chronic fatigue and constant exhaustion. Helps those who constantly work on improving their health, but results are not easy to come.

- Helps with iron intake and keeping haemoglobin in balance. Heals the Solar Plexus Chakra.

- Bronzite helps to reduce reactions that could come up with different food allergies. But, it will not take away all the allergy symptoms so the person could see and sense himself for what he is allergic to. It’s useful to knowingly avoid foods that harm the body. Bronzite simply reduces reactions, so they wouldn’t cause much discomfort. 


When crystals usually have an effect on one or two Chakras, then Bronzite has an effect on three Chakras. Bronzite will firstly help to boost the Root Chakra, that is to make you physically move. By healing the Sacral Chakra this crystal helps your blood to be healthy and keep you motivated. Bronzite also heals the Solar Plexus Chakra by helping to regulate gastric acid and also to move forward with life.


Among zodiac signs Bronzite has the strongest effect on LEOS ♌, helping also to increase personal strength besides its healing qualities. Bronzite brings prosperous energy to Leo’s that will help them to achieve everything they have ever wished for business and work-wise. Bronzite will fulfil Leo’s material dreams. In addition, Bronzite is also a crystal with a lowering effect on Leos, which makes it strong.

I recommend charging Bronzite jewellery on an Aragonite geode and clean it with ritual plant smoke.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 3*2*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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