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CHIASTOLITE with a hole (A)

CHIASTOLITE with a hole (A)
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CHIASTOLITE is a wonderful protective crystal that helps you in a number of areas. Chiastolite has a particular dark brown colour and at the centre of which is a cross or cross-like symbol. Chiastolite is also known as the Andalusite. Andalusite is the second name for the crystal because it was first discovered in Spain Andalusia community and that’s where the name for this beautiful crystal came from. In addition to Spain Chiastolite is also mined in Australia, USA, Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka and also, for example, in Chile. For example, the majority of La Tene Chiastolite comes from Russia.

Chiastolite is a wonderful protective crystal that can firstly defend you from the unseen and unexplainable negative energy from which you may even not have the ability to protect yourself from. This same quality is the reason why it’s really important to keep Chiastolite in your life so that it could protect you from someone or something, which your own intuition can’ point out where the danger for you is, for example from chiding and also from vile souls. Chiastolite is one of the most needed protection crystals for people who feel like something is holding onto their life and they don’t have the luck that a person could have in his life.  

Chiastolite is both a mystical and magical crystal. It has the ability to open your upper minds up for at all being able to experience anything mystical. When you wish to see the unseen, feel the unknown, comprehend the incomprehensible and to evolve spiritually in this life, then Chiastolite will help you to achieve it, by opening the mystical and magical world for you and opening your eyes to all of it. 

Keep Chiastolite crystal with you, it is a crossstone that protects its wearer from negativity, stress, malice, humiliation, repression, degradation and repulsion. It is a crystal that helps you gain power over yourself and your feelings. Chiastolite teaches you to value and establish yourself when you need to do so. Chiastolite is a crystal with a completely spiritual inclination, which helps you learn even in the most difficult situations. Helps you to see the sun in darkness to move on.

Wearing CHIASTOLITE on Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- Chiastolite is a strong protective crystal. It's a very useful and good crystal when you wish to become more resilient. By introducing this crystal into your life you can
respond better in situations where someone wants to harm you physically or spiritually. Chiastolite creates a proper protection shield which is difficult to get through. When someone wishes to attack you somehow, then Chiastolite stirs such anxious emotions in him that could make him give up on his intentions. But this does not mean that Chiastolite can lose evil completely. This helps you to stay away from very big problems and gives you the luck to handle that bad person by yourself. 

- Chiastolite protects you from people who act behing your back by helping to protect you from their harmful plans and chiding. It is one of the strongest self-defense crystals against an invisible force or people who consciously want to weaken you. Chiastolite helps protect your soul from being manipulated and influenced.

Chiastolite protects from “the Evil Eye”, that brings misfortune, takes the human soul to be the victim of demons and adds a lot of bad qualities, like alcohol, tobacco, good, computer and drug addiction. The same way, the Evil Eye transmit robust behaviour.

- Chiastolite protects people who at night see nightmares. When you see a nightmare then it’s a sign that your Aura in that period is really weak, and when Aura is weak, then it’s possible to abduct your soul by evil. Abducting energy demons or vile soul who are around or vile souls who are sent to you through cursing.

- You can hang this wonderful talisman on a dream catcher above the bed to keep nightmares away.

- Wear Chiastolite when you feel like you constantly need to argue with someone or to establish yourself over someone. Suitable for people who in their work need to argue, explain a lot, like judges or lawyers.

- Chiastolite helps to release the fear of misfortune, helps to remove the subconscious fear of accidents. Suitable for people who are constantly afraid of something. The fear a person inserts in himself could then come to life as it’s read in the Aura as a wish. Therefore Chiastolite helps to keep accidents people call upon themselves by themselves away.

- It’s good to wear Chiastolite as a talisman to release misfortune, cursing and chiding from the Aura, someone has set upon you with his evil words. When you know exactly who you’re dealing with, then every time you place this Chiastolite around your neck, then think about the person and say in your mind: "Let the words be freed that were read upon me with evil in mind and which I didn’t deserve". We can only take down a curse when we haven’t earned it karmically, that is when it has been a wrongful evil.

- Chiastolite helps to be calm in anxious situations and creates a so-called “common sense” even in the most dangerous situations.

- Chiastolite is a work success and luck crystal for people who work in the timber industry, stone cutting or, for example, metalworking. Chiastolite brings luck to those who create something from the three elements Earth Goddess Gaia has given to us. Chiastolite helps to bring people in these businesses luck in business and good ideas for thinking of new things. Chiastolite is especially useful for people who are carpenters as Chiastolite carries the tree element in itself.

- Chiastolite helps you in hard times when it’s difficult to make decisions and evaluate the situation properly. Chiastolite also helps to notice even in the most negative situations why it has been sent to your path, what you can learn from it, how to solve it and what would be the best thing you should do.

- A crystal like Chiastolite helps to release misfortune from the Aura field. It is a protective crystal that, by wearing or keeping it in your life, you're giving yourself the opportunity to be free from the invisible, the inexplicable, the incomprehensible and the vague bad energy. It is a crystal that helps you fight bad energy that you cannot find a solution to heal. For example, if you are struggling with emotions, feelings, or a topic that you cannot solve, give this task to the Chiastolite crystal. Keep it in your life so you can break something that seems impossible.

- It is a crystal that helps prevent misfortune, stressful situations, anger and rage. Chiastolite is one of the strongest crystals of self-defense, which has the ability to prevent misfortune that you yourself cannot sense or foresee. This will help you avoid bad luck from channels you wouldn't think of.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Chiastolite helps to restore the physical energy supply of the body by making the body strong, helping you to be active and full of power. Especially useful is Chiastolite for people who wish to train to become stronger or whose job requires a lot of physical strength. Chiastolite helps to be strong, let go of weakness and makes the person resilient in general.

- Crystals that suits very well for healing mental health problems: coming out from depression, keeping constant sad and sorrowful thoughts away and relieving the general stress.

- Chiastolite helps to stop seeing hallucinations and wrong visions and helps to become mentally healthier. In addition to this, Chiastolite is a perfect nightmare blocker by stopping seeing dreadful and dire things in dreams.

- Chiastolite releases illnesses on the mental and physical level from the Aura field, that have appeared from putting on curses, chiding or misfortune in the family. When there is a doubt that something like this could exist, then carry Chiastolite for a longer period so that it could release a serious problem like this from the Aura field.

- The most important healing quality of Chiastolite is still grounding energies. Chiastolite can very well ground tensions and release sets of stress from the body that cause problems like Chakras getting stuck.

- Chiastolite helps to heal the spiritual and physical side in a person and to balance them out. Chiastolite helps to heal spiritual problems that affect the body physically. For example, Chiastolite helps the tension existing in the subconsciousness to not reach the body as pain and helping to get rid of very many health problems with that. 


Chiastolite is quite a rare and unique crystal when we look at its energies. What makes Chiastolite even more unique is that it affects two different levelled Chakras. The Root Chakra is the first Chakra on the main Chakra system and Crown Chakra is the last one and there are not that many crystals that can heal, balance and amplify Chakras that are so different. 

Chiastolite helps the Root Chakra to work properly. For example, it helps to keep aggression, nervousness, physical tension and impotence. Chiastolite helps to heal the Root Chakra on a very physical level.

Chiastolite is very good for the Crown Chakra, helping to get rid of nightmares and false visions, which are great problems for people who wish to spiritually evolve. In addition, Chiastolite helps to get through astral projections safely. In addition to all of this, Chiastolite helps to keep depression and hallucinations away, something that can occur during spiritual development when you go down the wrong path.


Chiastolite is a crystal that works the best for the well being of a Libra ♎. Chiastolite is a crystal for a Libra for fulfilling his life purpose and, in addition, the perfect crystal for protection. In addition, Chiastolite makes Libra think in the right direction. Necessary crystal for everyone born under the Libra astrological sign.

Chiastolite works also very effectively with VIRGOS ♍. For a Virgo, Chiastolite is the perfect crystal for strengthening intuition. Chiastolite helps Virgo to understand their gut feeling and make a difference between right and wrong. Chiastolite is very necessary for a Virgo for his spiritual development. It protects Virgo from stress and helps to keep him away from misfortune. As a protection crystal, it strengthens his Aura protection shield and also protects him from bad people and problems.

In addition, Chiastolite helps Libra to understand what they have to do and do so in any situation.  Chiastolite is a very spiritual crystal that helps to see the background for current problems, to find solutions for them and it’s a crystal that helps Libra to see the world a lot clearer. Chiastolite helps Libra to fulfil his purpose in life the zodiac sign has given to him. Chiastolite helps to solve even the most difficult tasks and to reach happiness through ordeals life has sent him. 

Read more about the life purpose of a Libra from my article that can be found HERE.

We recommend charging and clean talismans and crystal jewellery from time to time to increase their energy levels. Chiastolite can be charged the best on a Pyrite geode it would be good to clean it at least once a month with Palo Santo tree smoke. You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
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