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NIAOULI essential oil

NIAOULI essential oil
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NIAOULI is a bush-like tree with beautiful white and light green blossoms. Niaouli comes from  North-Australia and New-Guinea, and this is also where La Tene essential oil comes from. Niaouli is an easily grown plant that tends to take over other plant’s habitat. This is why producing Niaouli essential oil is not that bad for the environment. The adequate use of this plant helps to save other plants. 

Niaouli essential oil is made from this plant’s leaves. It has a refreshing smell. Niaouli aroma reminds the sweet Eucalypt. Niaouli essential is a wonderful essential oil when you need its healing. Certain essential oils are too strong when you inhale them directly from the bottle, but in oil lamps and applying on the skin they will have a completely different aroma. Also WintergreenOreganoPink Geranium and Clary Sage, will have a similar effect, as actually they have a very good smell. Niaouli essential oil is liquid and comes easily out of the bottle. Niaouli is in the same family as Tea Tree and they have a somewhat similar aroma. Tea tree essential oil and Niaouli together will create a very pleasant aroma.

Niaouli plant is considered to have very strong protective abilities. Its leaves and blossoms are still used in certain traditions to make protective spells. This plant was brought home to ward off vile souls, treachery, ill-will, evil and poverty. Niaouli essential oil has the same spiritual abilities. Burn this essential oil in oil lamps or diffuser it helps to keep negative energies away.

Its leaves have been used to heal the wounds of farmers by placing the leaf on the wound, this way its essential oils will transmit to the skin and will heal the skin quickly

Its main components are 1,8-cineole, an-Pinene, limonene, an-Terpineol, B-Pinene and Viridiflorol

Essential oils are very good tools for physical healing and accelerating spiritual growth. No matter what type of essential oil you are using, it has magic. Likewise, Niaouli has the same magic.


Niaouli essential oils spiritual abilities are versatile and that’s why it’s a really good chance for Palo Santo and Sage  Niaouli helps to cleanse energies that prevent luck energies from growing. Sage has the same effect. Using Niaouli in an oil lamp or diffuser will help to release energies that prevent crystals from properly working, you to feel happiness in life and improve your life quality in your home. As a universal cleansing oil it works well with any kind of incensecandle or essential oil.

Niaouli revitalises the positive energy of an Aura field like Palo Santo does. Using these two together will, of course, have an even better outcome. Niaouli helps to strengthen the layers of Aura protection, increase it and the bigger the Aura field, the bigger your magnet of attracting luck can also be. Niaouli helps to create an Aura field that will attract your dreams and desires. Its energy is similar to Actinolite Quartz and Blue Goldstone. You should wear them for that result.

You can use Niaouli for cleansing home energy monthly, and especially useful will this essential oil be during the Full Moon or New Moon. You can find the Moon Phase calendar  HERE.

Niaouli essential oil helps to release bad karma, and this is what makes this essential oil differ from others. You can replace it with Karma incense in different rituals you wish to perform. And, of course, you can use them together to increase the chances of releasing Karma. Niaouli, in turn, will help you to understand what you’re doing wrong in your life so you could change the way you act, which, in turn, will improve your Karma. This essential oil will help to release you from misfortune, by helping to make the right steps which could grow your positive Karma.


Prevents scars

One of the best qualities Niaouli essential oil has is that it can prevent scarring. You can use it to heal wounds (only with a carrier oil) and to heal old and fresh scars. The older the scar, the longer you have to apply it to the scarred skin. For example, it works very good with acne scars or stretch marks (but don’t use it during pregnancy). Mix it together with a carrier oil and apply this mixture to your skin several times a week. Mix together 5 drops of essential oil with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, but remember, use more carrier oil and less essential oil when you apply it to your face. 

Niaouli reinvigorates skin cells, helping them to heal, heal themselves and restores the way skin normally looks like. Of course, a diet filled with antioxidants helps too. For that, I recommend eating a lot of berries and drinking green tea.

When you’re not highly sensitive to Niaouli, then you can put some oil on a cotton bud and put it directly to the acne-prone skin. 

For different viral, bacterial and fungal diseases

Niaouli is a natural antiseptic that can fight off many different diseases. Burn it in a diffuser or oil lamp, to cleanse pathogens in the air. Apply it with a carrier oil to your body to protect or heal yourself. Mix 5 drops of Niaouli essential oil with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. I recommend using Jojoba oil. Of course, you should take into consideration how sensitive you are to essential oils. Sensitive skins need more carrier oil and less sensitive less.

Improves blood circulation

Niaouli essential oil helps to improve blood circulation. Applying to your skin with a carrier oil helps the blood circulation in that area. Niaouli improves blood circulation thus helping toxins to leave the body, reducing inflammation and healing the overall blood circulatory system. Really useful for people with blood issues.

Lowers the fever

If there is an inflammation in your body and fever to top it up, then Niaouli essential oil is an alternative way to bring down the fever. Apply carrier oil mixed with essential oil to your skin or burn it in a diffuser/oil lamp. Niaouli helps to improve the body’s resilience, reduce inflammation and prevent viral diseases from growing in your body.

Respiratory healer

Respiratory diseases are quite a common problem. There are alternative ways of healing to get better sooner and one of those ways is using essential oils. Burn Niaouli essential oil in a diffuser or oil lamp every day until you're healthy again. 

Niaouli essential oil improves breathing is perfect for asthmatics and people who suffer allergies. For example, when you’re allergic to dust, pollen or cats, then using Niaouli regularly reduces the symptoms. You can also try mixing  Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil, these two are also oils I recommend with these symptoms. 

Strengthens the immune system

I recommend Niaouli essential oil to everyone for boosting and strengthening their immune system. Burning Niaouli at least a couple a times a week in an oil lamp or diffuser can improve your and your family member’s immune system. If you’re sick all the time or some of your family members have a sensitive immune system, then Niaouli is a very useful thing to be brought into your life. To boost your immune system you can also burn Niaouli essential oil mixed with Tea treeEucalyptusWintergreen or Oregano.

I mainly recommend Niaouli to people with different allergies. This boosts the immune system and helps to manage allergies better. 

Niaouli can be used to clean ceramic tiles. Mix water, vinegar, Lemon essential oil and Niaouli together. This mixture will clean all tiles and grout lines. You can read more about cleaning your home with essential oils  HERE.


Niaouli essential oil can be burned in an oil lamp. Instructions for using the lamp can be found on our website. All the oil lamps in our e-shop selection can be found HERE, which contain the information needed on how to use;

Another option is to apply the essential oil on your skin, but in this case, the essential oil must be mixed with another oil (not with essential oil but carrier oil) such as Sweet AlmondGrape Seed OilAvocado or Jojoba carrier oil. Essential oils can be scorching on the skin and therefore should be applied to the body with another oil. When mixing essential oils with other oils, use just a few drops in the other oil. Pour as much of water mixed with oil to the oil lamp as strong of aroma you want to feel in the room.

Make yourself a healing bath with Niaouli essential oil. If you have a bath at home, fill the bath full of water and drip ten drops of essential oil into the bath. Take a bath and enjoy the effect of Niaouli essential oil. Such a bath is useful both physically and spiritually. Take this healing bath for Niaouli healing effects to reach your body. 

Mix NIaouli essential oil with your favourite cream (that has carrier oil), to apply this to your skin when you wish to heal your whole body.

Essential oils can also be used in the sauna. By adding essential oils to the sauna in the sauna, you can make a more powerful variety of steam cleaning for yourself and aromatherapy at the same time. Have a try!


Niaouli stimulates, heals and activates the seventh Chakra, that is the Crown Chakra. This Chakra will be healed with Niaouli essential oil. By using it you can feel how you’re feeling lighter, bad thoughts will go away, positivity and hopefulness will come forward. Really good oil to improve vision seeing, sensing the future and seeing dreams. Use it before going to bed, to see what you should know for your own well-being.

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All health advice and information is not health information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinion and recommendations.

The use of essential oils is the own responsibility of every person.

Info Niaouli (Melaleueca Virdiflora) 100% essential oil õli 10 ml, from Indonesia. Niaouli essential oil is refreshing. Transparent in colour. Steam distilled.
Caution Do not use undiluted essential oils. Dilute essential oils prior to use on the skin, for example with olive, coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Pregnant and children should use essential oils with extreme caution. Never leave essential oil unattended to the reach of children and do not use them internally! Do know if the given essential oil is suitable for your skin or not, try it on a small patch of your skin first. For that, take a carrier oil (coconut, olive, almond or jojoba), mix it with a few drops of essential oil and apply it to your wrist. Let it stay there for a few minutes and then wash it off. After that, you'll see how your skin reacts. When redness appears, then you should not use this essential oil on your skin. When there is no reaction, then your body will accept the healing properties of this essential oil.
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