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La Tene crystal set "HAVE A GOOD SCHOOL YEAR"

La Tene crystal set "HAVE A GOOD SCHOOL YEAR"
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La Tene crysal set "HAVE A GOOD SCHOOL YEAR" is created from three crystals which contribute to successful learning. This set includes Fluorite, Sodalite and Rock Crystal. Crystals are inside the bag along with an introduction of the set. A very beautiful crystal set for gifting or for your own use.

Fluorite is one of the best, most powerful and fast-acting crystals that helps to increase intelligence, promote it, and develop Fluorite users mentally. Fluorite helps to open the development of a person's mindset by helping to receive new information that life brings, digest it, analyse and understand.

Fluorite in this crystal set helps to increase the reception of new information and make use of it for itself.

Sodalite is one of the crystals that is capable of helping person to develop mentally. Crystal, which helps to improve the analytical capacity of a person by helping to concentrate, think, explore, discover and learn better.

Sodalite is suitable for you if you feel that you want to improve your mental capacity, want to memorize more knowledge, discover more and develop. Sodalite helps to think logically, but not so much that it removes intuitive thinking. Sodalite helps you to feel what's right and analyze all the different topics you have a contact with.

Sodalite in this set contributes to logical thinking and memorizing of new knowledge.

There is a power in Rock Crystal  that can put everyone to think in the right direction. Rock Crystal helps to create a new start and is especially helpful for those who need to store a lot of new information. Rock Crystal helps to cope, increases durability and helps to develop itself. Rock Crystal helps to receive and make useful of the teachings.

Rock Crystal in this set will help you to go on to a new learning path.

Keep the crystal set near you, at school or study desk, while studying. For school children, I recommend this crystal set to be included in school so that they can continuously accelerate, improve and make the learning process more pleasing.

If you want, you can add exactly the same crystals to this crystal set, for example Sodalite.

Crystal set should be cleaned once a month with Sage ritual plant smoke.

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