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La Tene crystal set "PROTECTION"

La Tene crystal set "PROTECTION"
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La Tene crystal set "PROTECTION" helps to provide you with a strong protection layer from negativity, dangers and accidents. In this crystal set, there are natural semi-precious stones Hawk's Eye, Pietersite and Tourmalated Quartz. All three crystals are small and are placed in a bag with a story about the crystals. This crystal set is convenient to carry, keep in your pocket, inside a bag or even in a car.

The purpose of the protection crystal set is to keep a safe zone around you that does not allow bad luck, problems, bad intentions that other people have, and chiding energetically near you.

Hawk's Eye, Pietersite and Tourmalated Quartz create strong protection even when travelling. You can also carry this crystal set with you when travelling. Because these crystals are small, they fit nicely in a small bag, suitcase or pocket. Crystals block misfortunes that can occur during travel, such as getting caught by thieves, deceit, getting into accidents, and so on.

All of these crystals inside the crystal set also help protect against traffic accidents, so you can keep this set in your car or in heavy traffic at all times.

From time to time, I recommend cleansing the crystal set with Myrrh or Frankincense incenseto maintain the active work and effect of these crystals on you.

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