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BLACK PEPPER ritual & magic candle

BLACK PEPPER ritual  & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
BLACK PEPPER ritual & magic candle
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BLACK PEPPER is a plant with strong effect, and therefore the power of this candle can only be strong. Black Pepper has a cleansing effect and can be burned to clean and restore energy. For example, it's useful to burn it at home if you feel you want to get rid of negative energy, or next to you if you want to do Aura cleaning. Black Pepper candle can be burned next to any crystals to activate them. Black Pepper candle helps to activate all the crystals, which is why it is a very universal power item.

Protective power item for yourself, family and home

-With Black Pepper candle, you can fend the bad soul out of the house. To do this, light the candle in the middle of the house. If the candle burns in the middle of the house, it will help release the energies that keep the evil souls at home. For example, Black Pepper candle helps to capture the portal through which they could first enter the house. In addition, it is good to burn this candle in front of the oldest mirror at home when it feels like a bad soul is at home.

- The power of Black Pepper candle holds back the effects of the thoughts and bad desires of evil people. To do this, burn the candle as close as possible to the front door or on the window sill. The front door is the place where happiness or misfortune can enter peoples home. At the front door of the home, you need to burn a Black Pepper candle to block the entry of negative energies.

- Use this candle to clean your home from negative energy. The candle matches together with incense to be burned beside various crystal sets. In addition to the fact that Black Pepper candle is very universal, it is one of the best options for activating and cleaning protective crystals. All this is because Black Pepper can protect.

- With Black Pepper candle, you can repulse those who are jealous, malicious and family-breaking people. People live in every part of the world at different spiritual levels, and in many there is more evil than good. For these people you need to protect yourself. If you feel that someone might want you bad, be sure to use the Black Pepper candle.

- From time to time keep the Black Pepper candle near home or car safety crystals. To do this, remove protective crystals from the car, clean them with a candle and return to the car.

- Use in different magic where the importance of Black Pepper is mentioned.

Ritual of releasing misfortune

Do a simple ritual with the Black Pepper candle to help you free the bad luck energy at home. If you feel lately that things are not going well, everything fails, and there is obstacle after obstacle, then there may be misfortune in your life. Make a ritual to help it disappear.

To do this, you need one Black Pepper candle, a handful of black peppercorns, coconut incense (for incense additionally an incense base) and a Hyperstene crystal. Place the candle in your home near the front door on a heat-resistant base, sprinkle a handful of black pepper and add a Hyperstene crystal beside them.

If all the items are set to their places, light the candle and light the coconut incense from the flame of the candle. Walk around your home with this incense (which you have attached on the incense holder to allow ash to fall onto the base) so that the healing power of coconut would reach all the rooms. If there was not enough of one incense to walk through entire home, take a new incense and light it from the candle.

If your home is cleaned with the incense, then the candle, peppercorns and Hyperstene can start to eliminate the misfortune. The ritual place is left to its place until the candle is completely burnt. Try to burn the candle for as long as possible every day. If one day the candle is fully burnt, take the peppercorns and the Hyperstene and bring them to the forest. The misfortune that has been captured by this ritual is gathered in the Hyperstene.

You can do this ritual again when you feel you need it. To carry out a ritual, it is not necessary to observe specific Moon phases, but all rituals work better when facilitated by the cosmic power of the week.

Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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