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PASSION FRUIT ritual and magic candle

PASSION FRUIT ritual and magic candle
PASSION FRUIT ritual and magic candle
PASSION FRUIT ritual and magic candle
PASSION FRUIT ritual and magic candle
PASSION FRUIT ritual and magic candle
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PASSION FRUIT is one of the most enchanting and sensational, wonderful flowering fruit. A candle made from a passion fruit essence carries what this plant energy has to offer. Passion fruit candle has a very enthralling aroma and an appealing effect. There is love energy, passion and romance creating power that helps to create a power item of promoting love. I recommend using Passion fruit candle in these rituals and magic, where its presence is necessary. Any of the necessary components must not be left out from magic rituals, because all the energies of the objects create the result that is wanted with such spiritual processes.

Love, romance and passion

I recommend burning Passion fruit candle when you want to feel love, promote love and connection between you and your companion. If you feel lonely, it's a power item that helps to get rid of this feeling. The burning of Passion fruit candle is very beneficial for both, the single people and for those in a relationship. Passion fruit wakens exactly a place in your soul and the Heart Chakra, which creates negative emotions to release them from the soul. Passion fruit raises the energy of love and love happiness in every direction.

It is useful to burn Passion fruit candle to promote love and next to the crystal set for increasing passion. Burning of Passion fruit next to the love crystals helps them to work more actively. If you, for example, have brought new love crystals into your life, it's good to burn Passion fruit candles next to them on the same day. The power of this candle will accelerate the power of these crystals so that they begin to help you faster.

Burn the Passion fruit candle at a time when you want to create a romantic atmosphere around you. It's very useful to burn this candle while being on a date, it will raise passion, making you and your companion more romantic. It also helps you to know if the companion you meet on a date is right for you.

Positivity, joyfulness and good mood

In addition to love energies of Passion fruit, this candle also has the ability to make people happier, joyful, more positive and more optimistic. This is ideal for creating a good mood and positive atmosphere. Burn Passion fruit candle if you want to achieve this mood. It is especially useful to burn Passion fruit candle when you have invited friends to visit and want to have a good time with them.

Keep Passion fruit candle in the middle of crystals that create positive energy. For example, if you have created a set of crystals for positive energy and good mood, then Passion fruit candle will be able to transfer the power of these crystals and activate them.

If you want to create such crystal set, you can find a beautiful base on which to keep the candle and crystals. Place the Passion fruit candle in the middle and good mood crystals around it. There might be Citrine geode, which sends the power of all the crystals in your home, Citrine in some other form to help keep positivity in your home. Yellow Jasper, which helps to keep you away from the negative attitude and mindset, Orange Calcite, with the ability to create joy Yellow Calcite, which increases joy and many other crystals that have energies to create a good mood.

Passion fruit candle together with these crystals, will help to see life more beautiful, stop delving into negativity, and increase the overall sense of well-being in the soul. All of this help to balance you when you are starting to be negative.

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Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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