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BLACK TOURMALINE has a very long past and has been used as a protective crystal for thousands of years. Black Tourmaline has been used for a long time for scaring away demons and very bad souls. Black Tourmaline is one of the strongest crystals for protection and protecting from curses and jinx in the whole world. 

The main sources of Black Tourmaline are  BrazilChinaIndiaNamibia and Pakistan. Black Tourmaline is one of the Tourmaline types, Tourmalines can be found in different colours. Each colour has its own energetic effects and energies that influence the mental body. Black Tourmaline later received an additional title, which is Schörl, because a while ago in Germany Zschorlaust a large source of Black Tourmaline was discovered. And because of this Black Tourmaline was called Schörl. To this day both these names are used, Black Tourmaline and  Schörl.

Black Tourmaline was used in ancient India in different rituals and spiritual ceremonies. For example, different visions were called through it, which helped the people involved in rituals understand what they were doing wrong in their lives, where they were doing harm and who they were mean with. Such rituals have contributed to spiritual development, to become a better person. But this was one of the many opportunities for using Black Tourmaline. For example, Black Tourmaline was used to understand who wants to do you bad. To this day this crystal is used for that purpose.

Black Tourmaline is the perfect crystal for you when you’re looking for something from the world of crystal to protect you both mentally and physically. Black Tourmaline helps to create a powerful shield against the worst, and this crystal also protects you from the most unpleasant challenges not meant to teach you. This is a crystal with the ability to protect you in very dangerous situations. By carrying Black Tourmaline with you, it helps to protect you from people who may harm or harass you, behave wrongly with you and it even protects you from life-threatening situations. This crystal creates a protective blockage around it from all the bad that’s near it. Black Tourmaline has a natural protective shield, and if you start to wear this crystal, there will be created such a protective shield around you. When you’re in a crowded place or in places where you know a lot of different people are together then surely carry it with you. 

Black Tourmaline was also used elsewhere in the world to keep Earth demons, who bring misfortune to peoples lives, out of the way. This way Black Tourmaline lets you know that you need some extra. 

PENDULUMS are magical tools you can use for looking into the past, present and future. Pendulums are the easiest prediction tools that are simple to use and can be taken along anywhere. You can use pendulums for looking into your health, into the future of people close to you, ask for advice for your own things, etc.


With Black Tourmaline pendulum, you can look very deeply into your soul and thanks to the power of the crystal you can ask questions linked to chiding, negativity, illnesses and dangers.


Every crystal pendulum has its own power and their own certain questions you can ask from them. From Black Tourmaline you can ask the following questions:

"Should I take the trip?" Tourmaline answers “no” or “yes” according to the danger. When the answer is “no” then it refers to the fact that great physical or spiritual dangers will await you. 

- Or a question about someone: "Can I trust him?", etc.

- Black Tourmaline pendulum needs extra care and charging and for that, you need to create a pendulum bag and a charging place with crystals for that.

- With Black Tourmaline pendulum you can look for places that hurt and when you use the pendulum in these places, make the Aura move a little so the healing process could start.

- Black Tourmaline pendulum suits for all the healers, sensitives, mediums and other souls who are part of the spiritual world.


Use Black Tourmaline when you have one of the following problems:

- Black Tourmaline strengthens the immune system. Because it’s a Root Chakra crystal then it automatically heals the immune system. Wearing Black Tourmaline makes you stronger, more resilient, helps you to heal faster and reduce complications. 
- Relieves stress, nervousness, panic, panic attacks, depression, not feeling good, mental diseases and the fear of death.

- Helps to remove toxic substances from the body and is useful after a long course of treatment.

- Use Black Tourmaline if you want to get rid of some addictive illness. Black Tourmaline is fighting demonic illnesses like addictions. Addictions are not controlled by the person himself, because when a person is addicted, he perceives that "something" forces him to consume it. So, I call it a demonic illness in which a person can not control himself; consequently, "someone else" is in his Aura who takes him on a bad path and he is so weak that he can not fight it. Dependency illnesses can only occur if the Aura breaks down, in which case we will no longer have control over our lives.


Black Tourmaline is a very good balancer for the Root Chakra. Keeping the Root Chakra balanced is an important part of the mental health of every person. Out of balance Root Chakra takes away the ability to control his own life, mental and physical energy levels will drop, the wish to manage life goes away and to heal your mistakes or vices. Black Tourmaline gives you everything to avoid low points in your life or get back up again when you’re in them. Black Tourmaline helps you to fight for yourself and stand up for yourself.

Black Tourmaline is a Root Chakra healing crystal, which helps to re-open the energy channel that stopped. This is a crystal that helps to rejuvenate the severely damaged Root Chakra. When the Root Chakra is out of order, severe diseases occur in the human body, such as tumours, cancer and more serious conditions in the digestive system.


The best crystal to be used to charge Black Tourmaline pendulum is Celectite and Amethyst geode and for cleaning  Sage ritual plant.


Place Kyanite to the Black Tourmaline pendulum bag (keep these crystals in a separate bag so they won’t break the pendulum). These crystals amplify the power of this pendulum and the geode helps to keep it in work.

You can find the full-length article about pendulums from HERE where you can read more about how to store, use and charge pendulums.

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