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LAVENDER smudge stick

LAVENDER smudge stick
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LAVENDER is a plant well known throughout the world and used for making different cosmetic products and as an alternative medicine for different problems. Lavender in appearance is very beautiful and it’s aroma is also very nice and calming. Lavender was first grown in North-America, North-Africa, India and Mediterranean countries in Southern Europe. Lavender is not very petulant for its growing conditions and it withstands very high temperatures. Nowadays Lavender is even grown in Estonia. 

Lavender as a ritual plant is one of the most needed powers every mystic needs as Lavender is extremely versatile and you can use its essence in many different rituals. The most known effect of Lavender, of course, is creating a calm atmosphere, but besides that, it can also take the intuitive soul to even deeper levels, that is to the  Astral.


- Burn a lavender smudge stick to release stress energy from within your home walls. It is one of the best stress relievers and disease cures. Light the smudge stick for a moment, then shake to extinguish. It then begins to emit smoke that has healing power. When the smoke runs out, repeat the process.

- Lavender smudge stick helps to release the energies that cause sadness, melancholy, illness, mental exhaustion and replaces all of this energy with a sense of well-being.

- This is a smudge stick that I recommend using as regularly as Palo Santo and Sage. It helps to get a good night's sleep, be mentally strong, relaxed and balanced. If you feel that there is "heavy" energy in your home, you need to clean it as a matter of urgency. If the weight does not disappear, it is necessary to take the help of Yerba Santa.

- The peculiarity of the lavender smudge stick is that it can instantly silence stressful energies. It is possible to clean all the rooms in the home, your own Aura Field and crystals.

- Use a lavender smudge stick in rituals where lavender is needed. Never miss out on components that are written in rituals and magic. The different elements complement each other.

- Constant use of lavender brings spiritual growth, progress, development and the ability to read, for example, the signs that life brings to you. Lavender develops intuition and teaches you to listen to it. Many people's intuition lies to them, passing on false information according to their inner feelings, and lavender, for example, helps to put an end to it. Lavender promotes proper perception and sense.

- As I said above, lavender is a great relaxant, mood improver and stress reliever, as well as a crystal and environmental cleanser. Lavender could play a role in crystal therapy. If you are doing crystal therapy for yourself or specialize in crystal massage, be sure to burn Lavender incense, candles and Lavender essential oil in your healing room. Lavender contributes to the effectiveness of crystal therapy and makes it more intense. Lavender prepares the mind for the adoption of crystal therapy, so it is useful to use it in therapy rooms.

- Lavender incense, candles and lavender oil are also useful for cleaning home energy. Lavender releases stress energy that is attached to the home or crystals. Lavender is useful for healing home energy when all family members are constantly tense, nervous, and there are constant wars of words at home. Lavender helps heal home energy by helping to make it more stress-free.

You can read more about Lavender HERE, where I have written a lot of interesting and useful information about this plant. You will also find a lot of useful additional information in the Lavender essential oil text HERE.

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When you wish to burn a ritual plant, then keep it in a 45-degree angle and light it from a candle or matches. It’s more comfortable to do this with a candle and this way you can do it again and again when the smoke disappears. Allow the flame to burn for at least 10 seconds or more, then shake the flame off and use the smoke. For gathering the ashes, you can use a special ritual bowl or an incense holder.

Size Stick length ca 10 cm.
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