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PICASSO JASPER is a very beautiful and artistic-looking crystal. Picasso Jasper has a very distinctive multicoloured structure, and all the different crystals look original. Picasso Jasper in the form of jewellery always looks unique. Its characteristic color is black, dark gray, gray, beige and brown. These colors have different combinations and stripes in it. Picasso Jasper is very multicoloured, but most of all it is found in a gray tone.

Picasso Jasper is a metamorphic limestone that undergoes several heat builds and pressure transformations deep into the ground, resulting in a beautiful layered crystal appearance. Its linear structure and its spotted appearance have all come from it. The chemical compound of Picasso Jasper is SiO2. This crystal is found in the kingdom of crystals in Madagascar, which I also consider to be one of the most valuable home of crystals where very high-energy crystals come from. In addition, Picasso Jasper is found from Brazil, the United States, Russia, Uralites and, for example, Germany.

Picasso Jasper is a very calming crystal that helps balance nervous energy in the human or environment Aura field. Picasso Jasper has the ability to heal the tensions and create an energy field in which peace can be found.

It is a crystal that helps you keep your inner balance even in the most difficult, complex and nervous period. Wear this crystal on yourself when you feel that you cannot handle the life tensions. It enhances your stamina and makes your emotional side stronger.

Picasso Jasper is an ideal companion at a time when you need clarity in relationships. If you've just left a relationship or currently dealing with a big mix of changes, and you cannot figure out what you should do, which is the right step and where you should go. Picasso Jasper will help you to see the right path and make some of your own choices in this confusion.

A crystal that brings clarity. It's a crystal that helps you understand your own thoughts, feelings and motives. Helping you to understand why you are doing what you are doing and why you need what you need. It helps to make it clear what is important in your life and what is not.


Flatstone crystal can be used for massage by anybody. Massage can even be done for yourself.


Usually in meditation, two flatstone crystals are used together, they are held in both hands during the crystal mediation. Meditation takes place in a cross legged position, laying down, or in a way you simply want to. During meditation a comfortable position is always found, crystal held in hands and the soul is left to rest with the crystals.

Getting along and South-West corner

This crystal also helps you to be better, more tolerant, friendlier and more benevolent towards other people. Picasso Jasper makes you a better person, and others will see you in that light if you wear that crystal. It's very useful to keep Picasso Jasper at home if family members do not get along well. Then this crystal can also be combined with Rose Quartz. For the same purpose, Picasso Jasper is best suited to South-West corner. In the South-Western corner there is a family getting along channel, and if you keep that crystal there, Picasso Jasper will help to heal everything. When the family gets along very well, then for preventive measures the crystal could be kept there. This is to avoid the problems to arise and relations between them would only become stronger. According to the direction, you can create crystal kits, where you collect the respective crystals. These, in turn, help to heal the energy of that direction and bring good luck to home. Each direction has its own effects.

Correcting the relationship

Picasso Jasper helps to get rid of problems that have emerged in the relationship. To do this, it's useful to keep two Picasso Jasper crystal pairs on the couples image. Place the photo in the bedroom at the desk and place the Picasso Jasper on the photo above the heart. Let the crystals be on the photo until the troubles are left behind and forgiven to one another. Once the forgiveness has been made and the relationship has been fixed, then together, take the crystals to the river, to express appreciation. Each time the crystals have done its job they need to be released in nature so that they can restore their energy and some day start working for some other purpose.

Home friendship channel a.k.a. North-West corner

Picasso Jasper is a crystal that invites good people to your life. It is a magnet of loyal, reliable and friendly people. When you wear this crystal, Picasso Jasper helps keep away all those who are not loyal, reliable and friendly, and at the same time attract new people who are. At the same time, it will help you keep those friends who really are your friends.

Keep Picasso Jasper crystal in your home in the North–West corner. In that direction there is a channel of friendship and external relations. By putting Picasso Jasper in there, it will begin to heal your relationships. It will help you to get rid of the problems with your friends and at the same time invite good friends to whom you can count on and who will not betray you.

It is very useful to gift Picasso Jasper to the person with whom you would like to keep good relationships in the future. I recommend giving it even if you want to make up with someone and get someone's forgiveness.

Creative outbreak

This is a crystal of creative thinking. If you wear or use the Picasso Jasper, it will open your creative mind and it will be very useful in situations where a creative block has been created. Picasso Jasper is especially useful for those who are constantly innovating and working in the creative field.

I recommend you to keep Picasso Jasper on your work desk to open up a creative inspirational burst. Picasso Jasper is primarily the work success and abundance crystal of these people who work in photography, design or other specialty related to design.

I recommend keeping Picasso Jasper in photo studios to get plenty of abundance, material and creative success. Designers or architects will find it useful to keep this crystal on their own desktop. Picasso Jasper is not directly an abundance crystal, but for these specialties it really does bring material success.

If you want to get inspiration from Picasso Jasper, hold one crystal in one hand and the other in the other hand. Close your eyes and let meditation inspire you.


Picasso Jasper is a prosperity, material success, wealth and happiness crystal for the Year of the Earth Dog Picasso Jasper will bring happiness this year to whoever wears it or who keeps it in its own prosperity crystal set. The Year of the Earth Dog is from February 16, 2018 - February 4, 2019. The last Year of the Earth Dog was in 1958. Picasso Jasper is the prosperity crystal throughout their lives for all those born in the Year of the Earth Dog.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

- For healing purposes, wear Picasso Jasper when you want to control your body weight. Picasso Jasper is able to keep self-discipline and guide you so that you can eat properly and be active enough. Picasso Jasper will not let you give up, and that's why it's a great crystal to change eating habits and your lifestyle. I call it a keeping a diet crystal.

- Picasso Jasper is a stress magnet, which means that if you wear this crystal, it will absorb all your stress, negativity and bad energy.

- I recommend to wear Picasso Jasper for those who have been exposed to radiation. Picasso Jasper help the radiation to get out of the body faster, it pulls this energy up on itself.


Picasso Jasper is a tension minimizer and tamer for aggressive energy. These two Chakras are most related to these qualities when they are out of place. Wearing Picasso Jasper will help them to heal both these chakras and, at the same time, get rid of aggression.

Picasso Jasper helps you to heal these two Chakras in such a way that it helps you get rid of guilty feeling. If you feel guilty about something that may have happened several years ago and you can not get rid of this guilty feeling, then Picasso Jasper will help you do it. Above all, it helps you to learn from the fault, if possible, then it will direct you to correct it all, and then it will release this emotion. The guilt tortures those two Chakras and closes these energy channels.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.

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