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ALABASTER is a very beautiful pastel shade crystal with a characteristic orange to white colour. Alabaster is opaque from its appearance, but light is beaming through it. Alabaster can be found inAlgeria, Egypt, Mexico, Iran, France and Spain. The main energy feature of Alabaster is that it helps you to find peace. Alabaster, just like Selenite or Desert Rose belongs to the gypsum family. Alabaster is one of Selenite's forms. 

Alabaster has a long history in humankind, for example, people used to engrave various symbols and letters on the Alabaster and shapes were made from it in ancient Egypt. In the Tomb of Tutankhamun can be found Alabasters with engraved symbols. The structure of Alabaster is very fragile, it's easy to crumble and crisp, which is why figures were drawn on the Alabaster. Due to the fragile structure of Alabaster, I advise you to use this crystal carefully, be careful with it, and Alabaster should definitely not be in contact with water. Water can decompose Alabaster. If you want to energetically clean Alabaster, it should only be done with a smoke from a ritual plant.

Alabaster has the ability to create clarity and remove unnecessary information from your path. If you have decided that Alabaster crystal could be in your life, then Alabaster will help you to see more clearly in life. Alabaster diverts energy and information that is wrong, or can be misleading. If you are in the same room with Alabaster or you are using it, then it will help you to see life as it really is. If you want to see through the lies, understand the false information that has been transmitted by the world, then Alabaster should definitely be part of your life.

Alabaster is a crystal that makes people more flexible and allows people to change. Alabaster helps to maintain a rigid attitude for life by helping to open eyes and make changes where it's most needed.

An ideal spiritual guide and a guide for having clarity within

Alabaster is very effective for the spiritual development and progress. Alabaster has the energy that can guide you on the right path, give you the knowledge of what you should do, where to go, what to avoid, what to learn and what to prevent. Alabaster is the perfect spiritual guide to help you find your way around and find the right path in your life.

Be sure to keep Alabaster crystal on your altar, where you have collected different crystals that will help you to be more spiritual, intuitive, more predictable and more aware. Alabaster is very well suited for your home, and if this crystal is at your home, then it will work with you constantly, helping you to reach to the higher understanding of where you want to reach.

Alabaster is worn when you need the most guidance and where you've lost your perception, intuition, and skill to take decisions.

For Alabaster find a place in your own bedroom, add it to the intuition promoting crystals so that these crystals can heal you during sleep. There is no such thing as too many crystals to help make your intuition stronger, there is always room for improvement.

Helps to reduce anger and alleviate nervousness

Alabaster is an extremely sedative crystal that heals the most edgy person. If you feel that you cannot control your own nervousness, you get worked up too easily, hurt your loved ones with your words and actions, then Alabaster is the crystal that I definitely recommend introducing for your healing. Keep Alabaster near you, keep it on the pillow at night and carry it with you. Alabaster helps to let go of your anger and nervousness, heal you and make you a better person. Be sure to use Alabaster as long as you feel that changes within you have taken place.

Getting rid of the nervous energy at home and child`s sleep

Alabaster is a very good home healing crystal, helping to get rid of the nervous atmosphere at home. If you feel that you and other family members are nervous at home, then bring Alabaster in your living quarters. I recommend finding a beautiful base, bowl or box for Alabaster. I recommend bringing several Alabasters home so that Alabaster's power would be able to heal home energy. Keep Alabaster's crystal in the room, which is most commonly used by family members.

It is useful to keep Alabaster in your child's room or next to their bed. Alabaster encourages sleep, and this crystal works well with the kids in the world of dreams.

Alabaster releases resentment in you and destroys the hard feelings someone else holds for you.

Alabaster has a very interesting energy and it is very useful crystal to have in your life. For example, Alabaster is a crystal that will help you to get rid of some very old feelings of resentment. Alabaster teaches to release the resentment, helping you to move forward with your life and stopping you enduring such heavy, negative emotions. At the same time, Alabaster also helps to crush the hard feelings which is directed at you. If there's anyone who's having hard feelings for you, whether with a reason or not, Alabaster helps that person to break this negative bond. If you want Alabaster to help you get rid of hard feelings, then keep it near you, in your home or while keeping this crystal in your hand, make a wish to release the emotions you hold on to. If, however, you want someone else to release the resentment that is directed to you, place one or more Alabaster crystals in the immediate vicinity of the front door of your home. Alabaster near the front door of your home blocks and eliminates the resentment that is directed at you. For example, if you have a set of protective crystals for your home next to the front door, add Alabaster crystal to the same set for the same purpose. All the crystals placed near the front door of the home will help to protect you from what the crystals are working on.

Contact with the world of Angels

Alabaster is a crystal that helps you to contact the world of Angels. Alabaster sends out energies that open the portals for Angels. Alabaster creates favourable energy field in which the Angels are able to move, communicate with you, convey messages to you, and where you yourself are able to notice them.

Keep Alabaster crystal in your home, especially in your bedroom for the Angels to be in touch with you. When you keep Alabaster in the living quarters, then Angles help you to make everyday decisions, bring good ideas into your thoughts, protect you and your family. If you keep Alabaster in the bedroom, then Angels can, above all, travel to your dream world.

Alabaster can be scattered around the living space so that Alabaster can open the portal for the movement of Angels at your home. For example, it is very useful to keep Alabaster near mirror. Alabaster is able to keep the mirrors in a positive light and prevent the creation of evil souls' portals through the mirrors.

Keep Alabaster crystal near your child's bed so your child will always be protected and guarded by his own guardian Angel.


- Alabaster is a crystal that helps to heal headaches, because Alabaster is a physically healing crystal of Crown Chakra. Alabaster helps to eliminate the stress that has accumulated on the head and is above all helpful for those who have headaches due to stress.

- Alabaster is a crystal that helps with nervousness, outrage, stress, depression, sleep problems, restlessness, confusion and sadness. I recommend using Alabaster for healing purposes in the event of a nerve damage or nerves being ill.

- Alabaster heals the mental body in a way that helps to prevent mental illness and mental imbalance. Alabaster heals the mentally ill, schizophrenics and heals the deep fears and personality problems. If you are spiritually healthy, Alabaster helps to prevent such diseases.

For healing purposes carry Alabaster with you, hold it on your photo for distance healing treatment or keep it together with other healing crystals. Alabaster must definitely not be used for making water elixir, it will decompose in contact with water.

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