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DRAGONS BLOOD JASPER is one of the Jasper species, which has got its name from its appearance and the legend accompanying it. Dragons Blood Jasper consists of Epidote and Piemontite. Dragons Blood Jasper comes from Australia, and when it was discovered for the first time, people believed that this crystal was a hardened blood of a dragon. Its reddish colour symbolizes the blood and the rest of the color, which is a greenish, beige to brown tone, the dragon itself. Dragons Blood Jasper originates in the western part of Australia and it is also found inAfrica. Therefore, this crystal is not readily available. The main and most powerful feature of this crystal is the restoration of personal power, the emergence of unsustainable situations, and the change of life. If you think about these three qualities, then I say honestly – this crystal has a very valuable energy. If you feel that you need to restore your personal power or change your life, then this crystal is definitely for you.

Dragons Blood Jasper is a very useful crystal of rituals and magic. Dragons Blood Jasper has the ability to record a message that has been carried out in a spiritual process very quickly, it keeps it inside and begins to work on it. This is also the reason why you can often find Dragon's Blood Jasper in rituals and magic.

Carrying the Dragons Blood Jasper with you will make your Aura field stronger and thus protects you from the negative sight of people. Dragons Blood jasper prevents criticism, evaluation, envy and insulting. I recommend wearing Dragons Blood Jasper if you feel that such people are around you. I advise a child to carry this crystal who, unfortunately, has been the victim of bullying, especially in the case of spiritual bullying.

Willpower, personality change, self-development

Dragon Blood Jasper can create a willpower in a person who has problems with a lack of will power, then Dragon Blood Jasper is the right crystal to add to your life. In addition to willpower, Dragon Blood Jasper increases personal power and strength. This crystal has the ability to make people responsible for their own lives. Many people are not responsible for their actions, which is why many things are done without thought – pollution of nature, over-consumption and non-care of the environment. In addition to the indifference about the nature, many people are also indifferent to themselves. Dragon Blood Jasper will end such action, and if you do not know that you're doing this, then this crystal will make corrections to your subconscious mind, and soon after taking this crystal into your life, you can perceive how you've changed. I strongly recommend that you bring this crystal into your own life if you want to see for yourself whether you have something that should not be in you. I believe that there are no people who would not change after taking into use the Dragon Blood Jasper. How to use it? Wear this beautiful crystal, find a place for them at home or add them to other crystal altar sets. Always be creative with crystals, find a place for them with your conscience, unless you need to look at directions or some other indicator.

Prosperity, wealth, money flow and success to the talent given by fate

If you've found the gift what's inside of you, you are enjoying it, you've created your own work and speciality for it, then you definitely want to be good in this area. Dragon's Blood Jasper is a crystal that activates the abundance, wealth, flow of money and progressive energy when you work with your talents. If you still do not know what your talent is, then I suggest you carry out one of my one magic, which is "A Gift Presented by Fate", you will find this magic from HERE. This is the magic that opens your talent in you and helps you understand what has been given to you. I recommend to also read one of my articles, which will help you understand how to find your talent and how to spot it. You can find this article HERE. Returning to the Dragon Blood Jasper, this is the crystal that brings prosperity for the job that is your talent. I recommend keeping Dragon Blood Jasper on the prosperity altar, in the North Quarter, in the work success crystal set, in the south-eastern or eastern direction, through which Dragon Blood Jasper helps to activate this purpose quickly. Another option is to carry this crystal with you when you are working.

Durability and useful crystal for athletes

Dragons Blood Jasper makes the person sturdy and I recommend this crystal to you when you are engaged in sports. This crystal is suitable for both amateur and professional athletes. Dragons Blood Jasper primarily makes people physically and mentally strong. Increases the ability to withstand tension, makes the person physically more durable and stronger. Crystal, which helps you get better out of your workouts and bring lucky energy to the competition. Dragons Blood Jasper is a success and happiness crystal for professional athletes.

Stability for the relationship and relationship happiness crystal

Dragon Blood Jasper is a very useful love crystal, it has the ability to bring stability to the relationship. If you and your companion often have to face a situation in which everything gets out of control, transitions from a beautiful moment to painful moments arise, then Dragon Blood Jasper is the right love crystal for your relationship. Dragons Blood Jasper makes the relationship stable, relieves pain and stress caused by quarrelling. It is a crystal that protects the relationship. Keep Dragons Blood Jasper among the love crystals at home, in your common bedroom or on the altar of love. Carry Dragons Blood Jasper with you when there is a serious crisis in the relationship.

Dragon's Blood Jasper is very well suited with Clinozoisite, if you want to bring more love to your relationship. By combining these two crystals, love energies become more powerful and fast moving.

Dragon's Blood Jasper can help stop mental manipulation and violence in a relationship. Dragons Blood Jasper helps to understand reasons for such behaviour and will teach how to come out of it. For the sufferer, this crystal offers comfort, wound healing, forgiving and letting go. The provider of violence it teaches how to feel the pain he causes, inhibits such activity and teaches forgiveness.

HEART CHAKRA is the Chakra, which is healed the most by Dragons Blood Jasper. Dragon's Blood Jasper has the ability to release the sadness from the human’s ethereal body. If you feel that you are constantly in distress or sad because of the relationship problems or the past, upset, you are often reminded of bad things and they upset you, then Dragon's Blood Jasper is the right heart Chakra crystal for you. It is a crystal that helps you get rid all of it from the inside, helping the wounds of Heart Chakra to heal, and make this Chakra stronger. Dragons Blood Jasper makes people emotionally stronger, helping very much and very quickly those who are spiritually vulnerable.


- Dragons Blood Jasper helps to strengthen your immunity by making you less susceptible to the diseases, giving you strength to fight illnesses. If you feel you get sick often and easily, then Dragons Blood Jasper is the right healing crystal for you.

- Dragons Blood Jasper is very useful for those who have problems with the nerves. I warmly recommend keeping this crystal close to you if you are experiencing nervous breakdowns. Dragons Blood Jasper heals the nervous system and, in addition, is beneficial for kidney problems.

- I recommend using Dragons Blood Jasper during a time of serious illness and wanting to get out of it. In addition to Dragons Blood Jasper, I advise you to drink Shungite water and wearing Magnetite. These three crystals help the diseases to remove from the etheric body, and after that healing occurs.

Prepare Dragons Blood Jasper water-elixir, for your healing, carry this crystal with you or keep it in your healing crystal kit.


Dragon Blood Jasper is most useful for those born under the LEO ♌ zodiac sign. Dragon Blood Jasper helps Leo to get along well financially, bringing prosperity into his life and helping his material dreams to come true. Leo should wear Dragon Blood Jasper for improving his financial stand or to keep the crystal in the prosperity chest and birth crystal box, so it could constantly work for attracting prosperity.

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