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MANGO CALCITE is a light pink crystal with white stripes and other patterns running through it. It’s a crystal with a very calm energy vibration and therefore it suits for everyone who is very sensitive to crystal energies. Mango Calcite is a very special type of Calcite with Magnesium in it. Other Calcites have none. This is what makes this Calcite light pink. Mango Calcite is found all over the world, mainly from Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Chez Republic, Slovakia and USA.

Mango Calcite is a truly lovable crystal full of romance, friendship, forgiving, goodness, unconditional love and tolerance. Mango Calcite is a true soul helper, helping to support and lead your emotions and feelings. A crystal that helps you to behave fairly with yourself and other people. When you feel like you can’t value yourself enough, love, take care of yourself or do this to other people, then Mango Calcite is the right partner for you when you have acquired these qualities.

Mango Calcite helps those who have just broken up with someone or buried a close one. Mango Calcite is one of grieving crystals, helping to accept the end of the relationship and death. For that, carrying Mango Calcite with you or adding to stress sets would be good.

Mango Calcite helps to link you with love at a very deep level, helping to understand what love is, why it’s necessary, how to love and accept yourself and how to share the love. Everyone who has come to contact with this crystal will be healed by it. Mango Calcite helps to improve these sides in you related to love and understanding love. When you’re too strict for your loved ones, then it helps you to become more relaxed. When you can’t accept compliments, then it teaches you to accept them. Or, for example, when you can’t see the beauty in yourself, then Mango Calcite helps to notice it. It’s a universal love crystal and a certain helper for Rose Quartz. It would be reasonable to wear these two crystals together to get even more intense support in a time like this. 

The joint power of Mango Calcite and Amethyst helps to get along well with a person born under the Aries zodiac sign. When you wish to get along with Aries then, as a sign of friendship, give him a piece of Amethyst and Mango Calcite you have placed in a bag. The combination of these two crystals helps to understand Aries better and helps to improve your relationship with him. When you’re living with one, then it would be good to keep these two crystals in your home. When your child is Aries then keep these two crystals in his bedroom. When Aries is your partner, then keep these two crystals in your bedroom. In that case, these two crystals could also be placed by other crystals for love and improving relationships.

Keep Mango Calcite in your home, it helps to make your home into a more loving place. Mango Calcite helps to relieve energies that can cause fights, arguments and disagreements that could have a very aggressive end. Mango Calcite grows love energy and therefore is a very good home crystal. Keep this crystal with your other love crystals or place at least one Mango Calcite to each room. 

Mango Calcite helps with astral projections. For that, Mango Calcite can be added to crystal sets for predictions, intuition or good sleep. Mango Calcite helps to remember everything we are told in sleep. Helps to learn and makes these projections useful. In addition, Mango Calcite is good for falling asleep and therefore it’s good to keep this crystal in your bedroom.

This crystal helps you to make contact with your soulmate, connect your paths and make love more passionate. It is a powerful opener of the Thymus Chakra.

A love between a daughter and mother-father 

I personally feel that Mango Calcite has the ability to create a strong emotional connection between mother/father and daughter. I often recommend this crystal to parents or children who have lost a strong connection, closeness or common language with their dear family member. For that, I recommend you to find two identical Mango Calcite crystals, identical by their size or the way they look. I recommend wearing these two crystals with you for almost a week and then give one of these crystals to the person you wish to establish your connection with. A mother can give this crystal to her daughter, or a daughter to his father, just the way they wish to. I recommend keeping the crystals as close to the pillow as possible, but what’s important is that this crystal can’t be added to other crystal sets. Two Mango Calcites work like love magnets, constantly searching for contact and this is the same feeling it gives forward to mother-daughter, revitalizing feelings for each other, the need and love.

Mother’s love and noticing the child

A very big problem in many families is that the mother is not giving that much or enough attention to her child. Let the reason be stress, workload or relationship problems, Mango Calcite is a crystal that helps the mother to notice her kids, helping to remember how important our own children are and how much they need their mother’s love. For that, I recommend wearing Mango Calcite with Rose Quartz, Pearl or Mother of Pearl. The second option is to create a “Family love corner” to your home, to the South-West corner according to Feng Shui. Crystal set could have many Mango Calcites, Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz, Rock Crystals, Blue Lace Agates, Mother of Pearls, that bring deeper feeling for a mother towards her children.

Relieving a child's emotional pain when the father is away or left the family

Kid’s health and his emotional balance are one of the most important aspects a mother or father should give to the child, and when the father has left, abandoned the family or his work takes him away from the family, then it inevitably hurts the child. In that case, when one wants to get support from the world of crystals, I recommend combining Mango Calcite with Blue Lace Agate and gift them in a light pink or light blue bag to a child. These two crystals together help to balance the child's need for a father and helps him get the support and love from the mother.


To use the crystal for healing wear it as a piece of jewellery or make water elixir from the tumbled crystal (when you use Calcites in water, then over time they will start to degrade and that’s why you have to give the outworn crystal to nature). In addition, you can place the crystal to the East-Quarter in your home where the healing corner is – East symbolises health.

- Mango Calcite helps to heal kidney function, helping to lose excess fluids from the body.

- Mango Calcite heals feminine issues. Very good healing crystal for women with menopause. Mango Calcite helps to come through this period better. Suitable for women with breast or cervical cancer or with some other women’s health problem. Mango Calcite offers emotional support during this time and teaches to keep your hopes up so healing in the body could happen. 

- Keeping Mango Calcite under your pillow helps to heal your teeth.

- Mango Calcite helps to release conditions you have created for yourself through your own mind. Sometimes people believe in diseases, sometimes its instilled and it causes fear through what physical symptoms will appear. There are so many people suffering from a problem like this and Mango Calcite is the one that helps to release the thoughts that cause illnesses.

- Mango Calcite helps to forgive, release the fear of communication and heals anxiety. 

- Helps to heal bones, hands, hurting joints, hand weakness or swollen fingers. Mango Calcite is good for people who massage, heal or who need sensitive hands for their work.

- On the Heart Chakra, it helps to heal abandonment, emotional trauma or surviving, disappointment and anger.


Mango Calcite helps to heal your Heart Chakra at a very deep level, so it can even reach the Thyme Chakra inside the Heart Chakra. This means that Mango Calcite has the ability to teach you how to notice the one in your life, helping you to understand who has been sent to your path to truly love you. 


In addition to Heart Chakra, Mango Calcite works very intensely with the Crown Chakra. Mango Calcite has the ability to link the Heart Chakra with the Crown Chakra. This means that it teaches you to make the right choices in life, good for building your future, helping to make decisions today that will give you only happiness, joy and love in the future. Thanks to linking the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, Mango Calcite can help to reignite the love for Earth and everything living on this planet, helping to increase compassion for animals, nature and people.


Mango Calcite helps Taurus for his whole life, it helps to achieve emotional balance, improve relationships in the family and support his emotional development. In addition to maintaining emotional balance, it also helps to find love and bring good luck to it.  This is a crystal that helps Taurus to create a loving environment around him. In addition, this crystal helps Taurus to love and respect himself.

For CANCER Mango Calcite brings luck in love.

For LIBRA Mango Calcite helps to get along with the family. This is a family luck crystal that helps Libra to have a family. In addition, it brings love luck for Libra and relieves their over-emotionality. In addition, it brings them luck in love and relieves the overly emotional side in them.

Charge on geodes only crystals that are in direct contact with your body.

You can charge Mango Calcite on an Apophyllite geode when you’re not wearing it. Clean it at least once a month with Lotus incense or Ylang Ylang essential oil

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE

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