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RHODOCHROSITE is a pinkish crystal with darker black-brown spots. Rhodochrosite can be from light pink to bright pink in shade and many pieces of Rhodochrosite jewellery can be without the black spots. Rhodochrosite is mainly found in  Uruguay, Russia and Argentina.

Rhodochrosite is a marvellous crystal with a very powerful strength over a person’s feelings. Rhodochrosite is linked to love, giving love and accepting it. Rhodochrosite opens the soul to joy and allows it to feel emotions life has to offer.

Rhodochrosite belongs to the most precious class of crystals, which means that a lot of jewellery is made of it. The deeper the Rhodochrosite’s tone, the more valuable the crystal is.

Rhodochrosite is very good for those women and men who have too much male energy in them. Both men and women should have equal amounts of male and female energy. This way men would be manly, but also positive and with a healthy look on life at the same time. For women, this means that when male energy dominates it would bring misfortune in love. Women with too much male energy in their Aura will find it hard to have steady relationships and experience constantly how they push their partners away for unknown reasons. A man with too much male energy will become too dominating, stubborn and insensitive. Rhodochrosite helps to balance male energy.

Rhodochrosite teaches to trust the person you love and is especially useful for those who have been hurt in a relationship before. Rhodochrosite, just like Rhodonite, helps to set the score with past traumas. When distrust is unexplainable, then it could be brought on from the traumas from past lives. This way you should wear Rhodochrosite or keep it in a love crystal set in your home.

Rhodochrosite teaches to be open-minded in a relationship. Rhodochrosite teaches you to deeply and unconditionally love and express it. Rhodochrosite helps you to openly talk about your feelings and express yourself. This, in turn, makes the romantic relationship more intense and healthier.

Rhodochrosite activates you to feel happiness and passion in life. It’s a crystal that can make you happier quite easily. It gives you hope and the ability to enjoy life. When you feel like you want to live with content and happiness, then Rhodochrosite helps you to become a healthy person like this. Rhodochrosite teaches us to trust life and look into the future with hope. This makes you more passionate about every level and mostly in relationships 

A crystal of love and caring

Rhodochrosite is one of my favourite love crystals I recommend it for many even when everything is fine in life. Why? It helps to show love, learn to express your feelings and love unconditionally and take care of people close to you and helps to behave well with them. Therefore Rhodochrosite helps you in many ways and it has a lot of qualities for which you should keep it close to you.

Rhodochrosite is the supreme love crystal that helps to open up the path to your fate written soulmate. Rhodochrosite opens your soul for love, also opening the love channel above your Heart Chakra. By opening the love channel you will also open the path to your soulmate.

Rhodochrosite has the ability to store your wishes and dreams about love. By doing so, it will start to fulfil your dreams. Therefore, when you wear and use Rhodochrosite, focus constantly on everything you wish for your emotional life.

Rhodochrosite works both with single people and for those who are in a relationship. For single people, it brings new love and for those in relationships, it helps to restore the passion.

Rhodochrosite works very well with children when you wish to increase their passion for life, vitality and love for family. For little children it gives the feeling that they have a special place in the family, they are loved and, at the same time, grows respect for other family members.

Rhodochrosite could also be placed in a bedroom when you want to spark, romance and more closeness for the relationship. Rhodochrosite goes together for the same purpose as GarnetEmeraldBuddha Jade etc. Keep Rhodochrosite in the South-Western room so it could bring along a lot of love, closeness, friendships, luck for a baby and a good attitude towards the family.

I can say that when you use Rhodochrosite then it makes women more beautiful, feminine and many believe it to be an anti-ageing crystal-like Turquoise and Rose Quartz.

Rhodochrosite is used in many different love rituals and altars, this is also the reason why it can be found in rituals so often. Rhodochrosite has the ability to give strength for the future and this is what makes it into a good ritual crystal.

The journey of love and understanding relationships

Combine it together with Moldavite crystal. The combination of these two crystal helps you to understand which relationship journeys you didn’t end in a past life and which are coming along to this one. Rhodochrosite and Moldavite together will help you to understand who is your Soulmate, why you’re together with one or another person and what is the purpose of your relationship. It’s really good to keep these crystals together in one bag (tumbled crystals), place them among love crystals or on an altar.

Rhodochrosite helps you to treat others and yourself fairly. This is the quality that helps with your evolvement and makes your relationship healthy. When you’re fair, don’t treat others or yourself unfairly, then it increases the unconditional love in you. Rhodochrosite teaches you to not be above everyone else nor be under someone. This helps you to be an equal partner and be so also with children.

Wearing Rhodochrosite helps you to respect yourself, see the beauty in you and it can be said it can make you a bit more narcissistic, but in a good way. Rhodochrosite won’t let you be hurt by words said from envy or something bad. Rhodochrosite helps you to feel happy in your own body, see the strength in you and your potential. Firstly it teaches you to love yourself and then it teaches to accept love from life.

A crystal of creativity

When you’re an artist or you need creativity in your work, then keep Rhodochrosite on your desk. Rhodochrosite helps to bring colourful visions and is especially useful for designers, photographers or artists.

Rhodochrosite helps you to feel fun, a little bit childish, helps to open creativity and increase the ability to share your feelings. These qualities make it a very good crystal for home and it is suitable for keeping in the set of love crystals, new relationship crystals or in children’s room so that Rhodochrosite could help you feel good at home and help family members to get along well.

Emotional healing

Rhodochrosite is a strong crystal that supports emotional healing. This is a crystal that can bring happiness in times the soul is emotionally broken. It creates a strong shield against the pain of the heart and provides enough strength to go on in life.

I also recommend wearing Rhodochrosite for children as it helps the kid to feel happy and live happily. Rhodochrosite is especially useful for those kids whose parents are constantly fighting or have broken up. Rhodochrosite relieves the pain the kid has to feel when he sees problems between people who are most important to him. Rhodochrosite helps that kid to feel stable and prevents depression.

Rhodochrosite helps to get rid of the “pregnancy syndrome”, this means it helps to get rid of the situation where the women think she is pregnant. Rhodochrosite is useful for those who wish to have a child but it has been problematic. Rhodochrosite helps to remove the fear of not getting pregnant. When you remove the stress, then she will get pregnant faster because she won’t limit himself on her own. Sometimes the cause may lay within the stress and fear in the subconsciousness.

Water elixir for skin treatment

I’m writing down one possibility to treat your skin using Rhodochrosite. This crystal has the ability to fight acne and different allergic reactions. For that, you will need one Rhodochrosite for water-elixir, that is not used for any other purpose.

To prepare the elixir, keep Rhodochrosite and fresh mind leaves in the jug filled with water overnight so that the Rhodochrosite and the mint could pass on their power into the water. In the witches’ kitchen, mint leaves are used for skin treatments. Next, wash the inflamed or acne skin with that water several times a day. 


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewelry, make a water elixir of tumbled crystal, or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Rhodochrosite helps to heal heart diseases, improves heart health, strengthen the cardiovascular system and heals heart rhythm problems. It also helps to heal heartache. Rhodochrosite heals the heart both emotionally and physically.

- Rhodochrosite is used when you have suffered from a difficult health problem, like cancer, and wish to have the emotional strength to get rid of the pain in the soul.

- Rhodochrosite is also used when you have constant muscle pains and especially when you suffer from them in the back.  

- Rhodochrosite helps to heal female health problems.


Rhodochrosite is a strong and intense crystal for the Heart Chakra which also opens the Thyme Chakra. Thyme Chakra is something that is very difficult to open and not many crystals can do this. This way Rhodochrosite is a very valuable Heart Chakra crystal, as it can open the Thyme Chakra in it. The Thyme Chakra is responsible for meeting you meeting with your Soulmate in this life or not meeting him. Meeting with a soulmate can only happen when the Thyme Chakra has been opened even for a brief moment. Wearing Rhodochrosite long term helps this to happen. For Rhodochrosite to work successfully you should ask love questions from it continuously.


SCORPIOS' strongest love crystal Rhodocrosite brings the luck of love to her life, helps maintain passion, sensuality, and intimacy, bringing out all its good qualities. A crystal that helps to bring love to Scorpio's life and bring good luck to the relationship once Scorpio has found a partner, will help a single Scorpio find a partner. Rhodochrosite is a strong and intense Heart Chakra Crystal.

Rhodochrosite brings love luck also to LEO’S.

You can charge Rhodochrosite on an Apophyllite geode or on it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with a Rose incense or Pink Geranium essential oil.

You can read more about charging and cleaning crystals from 

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