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RUTILATED QUARTZ is a type of Quartz, with distinctive needles - rutiles. Crystal is a Quartz, with very peculiar patterned needles running through and you can read a lot of different shapes and symbols out of that crystal. Rutiles makes this crystal special. Rutile needles have the ability to filtrate energies, something the Quartz itself can already make, on so it is a one powerful energy catcher, that could be very useful, as Rutilated Quartz can give what you need in your life. 

Rutilated Quartz is mainly found in two places - BrazilandMadagascar. Rutiles inside the Quartz can be from dark brown to golden and sometimes there could be so many rutiles in the crystal, that you cannot even see the Quartz or the other way around.

If two crystals have united and made a whole, then this means that this crystal has a lot of harmonies. In Rutilated Quartz Rock Crystal - Quartz - is the one that gives this crystal the ability to clarify, clean surrounding energies, and Rutiles are the ones that help to fulfil dreams very intensively and quickly through the power of sending dreams on their way in a Rock Crystal. Particularly useful, necessary and powerful crystal made of two beautiful minerals. Rutilated Quartz is a magical dream fulfiller and this is a crystal that fits with any kind of crystals. Of course, always make sure that the crystals you bring together with Rutilated Quartz are neutral, so you won´t be disappointed if your dreams are not coming true. Only neutral crystal can do what I am talking about. All La Tene crystals are neutral. Bringing Rutilated Quartz together with other crystals activates their qualities of happiness, and if you truly wish to accomplish something through crystals, then bring it together with a Rutilated Quartz.

Quartz crystals have the ability to take your ideas into reality, and Rutilated Quartz also has that ability. This crystal hears your thoughts and forwards it to the Angels or to your fate guide. Getting a power like this from this crystal is, of course, easier, if you would carry it with yourself or wear it as jewellery close to you. Another possibility is to create a wishing crystal set to carry around. Rutilated Quartz can also be added to magic and rituals, to make the magic more powerful. 

Rutilated Quartz helps to remove negative energies, helping to get rid of information that should not belong to your Aura.

I recommend keeping one Rutilated Quartz crystal in your pendulum bag/box, near your Tarot or Angel cards, as it has the ability to protect magical tools from emptying from energy. This is a great quality in this crystal, as many crystals can not keep the energetics of prediction tools.

Rutilated Quartz has the ability to amplify magic and rituals especially the ones that help to fulfil a certain wish or to attract good luck.

There are two different coloured rutiles and they have their own powers inside this crystal. The more there is of that one colour, the more powerful the energy is inside that crystal:


Helps to get rid of unnecessary information the Aura holds onto. Let it be the Aura of the home or of the person himself. It helps to protect more from malice and protects positive energy vibes.


Helps to restore information, pass it on, to get a more wonderful connection with Angels and is useful for promoting clairvoyance or your own awareness.

Crystal for clairvoyants and spiritual healers

Rutilated Quartz has one very specific power and force, that could interest people who wish to make their spiritual abilities more powerful or to promote them. Rutilated Quartz helps to make spiritual abilities related to clairvoyance or similar things stronger. This is a crystal that promotes the ability to use its own energies, to sense and understand the world better. The perfect crystal for self-development for a person who wants to be a spiritual healer. It is useful to keep Rutilated Quartz in a workroom, where spiritual sessions are held or simply to keep this crystal with you like a piece of jewellery, so that it could constantly work for self-development. In addition, it is useful to keep Rutilated Quartz with other crystals that open the talents of clairvoyance and other spiritual talents. It is particularly useful to create a separate crystal set, where over time you can collect all self-development crystals. The best place for these crystals in your home is the bedroom or the North-East Quarter that symbolizes wisdom and self-development. 

Catching cosmic energies

Rutilated Quartz is a crystal that can connect you with Cosmos, celestial bodies or in general with the invisible world, helping you to get strength and energy from them. For example, if our very own Moon is affected by another celestial body, then with wearing Rutilated Quartz you can collect the Moons power more intensively, that gives you the possibility to increase good luck or to improve your personal energy.

It is particularly useful to keep Rutilated Quartz in your home, as it constantly helps good energy to get into your house. Keeping Rutilated Quartz anywhere in your home, helps cosmic energies to come to you for help. Rutilated Quartz only accepts positive energies, which means that it decreases the exposure to negative energies during harmful and alarming periods. 

When the Sun becomes dark during the Solar Eclipse, it contributes to spiritual growth. Knowing this, it is wise to wear Rutilated Quartz throughout this day. This crystal helps you to absorb the power of the Eclipse and direct it to your Chakra field. This energy, in turn, activates the entire Chakra system, and thus the spiritual awakening and enlightenment can occur. Rutilated Quartz can unlock this power in you, so be sure to carry this crystal with you.

True helper during rough and difficult periods in life

A crystal that helps you during a very difficult period in life, where you need to put your life in order in one or another level. Rutilated Quartz has the strength and power that help you to achieve what at first sight seems unachievable. Crystal with the ability to save you from a very plight situation, giving you the possibility to restore the balance and good luck in your life. If you feel like your life is very rough at the moment and you cannot see your future very clearly and you are in a very tense period, then you should definitely keep Rutilated Quartz near you. A crystal that brings solutions into your life.

If a family has been struck by disaster and huge concerns, then it is of great benefit to bring Rutilated Quartz into your household. In that case, I recommend bringing as many Rutilated Quartz into your home as there are members of your family. The place for these crystals is near the front door of the home. Before placing the crystals in there, every member of the family has to hold the crystal in the palm of their hand for a moment and to set it in the chosen place near the front door of the house by themselves. This way you encode Rutilated Quartz and they will start to free misfortune from your family. These crystals could stay there for as long the misfortune has left the family, and after that, one of the members of the family should take the crystals to nature, indicatively to the wilds, and to let it stay there for a rest to express gratitude.

Solution finder

Rutilated Quartz helps you to become smarter, helping you to live your life and to find a solution for troubles and problems existing in your life. This is a crystal, that helps you to live your life more successfully, to learn lessons in this life quicker and better. A crystal that helps to bring you better knowledge about how to deal with one or another thing. It is very good and useful to keep Rutilated Quartz at the centre of your home, where, according to Feng Shui, the energy centre is situated. If you keep Rutilated Quartz as a single crystal in this area or with other useful crystals you have previously placed there, then this helps you to get rid of ordeals in your life. Keeping this crystal in this area activates the quicker learning of different lessons.

Letting go of unreasonable sadness and negativity

Rutilated Quartz with Sunstone creates a powerful duo, that helps you to get free from unreasonable sadness, negativity, stress and from all the harmful emotions, which existence you cannot explain. Wearing these to crystals with you, they can understand what makes you sad, and what will be the solution of getting free of this all. Keep the crystals with you until you are again happy, positive and viable. I recommend you to find a bag for these two crystals, to place them together and add a photo of yourself into that bag if you wish to do crystal therapy to yourself. If you do so, then you can keep these crystals in your home and you do not necessarily have to carry this crystal with you daily. These crystals can heal you through your photograph. Keep this crystal in a bag for as long as you have healed yourself emotionally and after that, release these crystals to nature as a reward, so that they could release the negativity captured from you.

Making dreams come true and creating a place in fate for them

Rutilated Quartz with Blue Goldstone creates a powerful duo with the ability and power to make your dreams come true. These two crystals hide the power of fulfilling your pipe dreams. Both crystals give you enough good luck so that your heart´s desires could come to life. Blue Goldstone gives the power to make your big dreams come true and Rutilated Quartz has the ability to create a path into the fate for these dreams so that these dreams could actually come to life. Wear these two crystals together with you, if you wish them to bring you the result, or make yourself a wish bearer from these crystals, placing both crystals into the same small bag with a photograph of yourself so that the crystals could fulfil your dreams remotely. You can make a wish-fulfilling bag, that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You can add more than one Blue Goldstone and Rutile Needle Quartz to the bag. The more crystals in that bag, the more powerfully it fulfils dreams and works for creating the road of fate towards that dream. Of course, you could add over time more crystals to that bag, to make this magical power even more powerful. You can keep this magnificent bag anywhere you would like to.


- Rutilated Quartz is very useful for healing different sort of emotional problems. It is a crystal that helps to heal panic attacks, anxiety, nervousness, depression, stress, unreasonable sadness and negativity.

- The crystal that offers you spiritual energy and the needed healing, so that you could altogether be healthy on the spiritual level. If you feel like your spirit is broken, wounded or you are not feeling good in your soul, then there is something missing from your Aura body, that won´t let you be mentally healthy. Rutilated Quartz is a spiritual source of vitamins, that ensures that you would be spiritually healthy.

- Rutilated Quartz helps you to understand, why you are sick if you are sick, then what are the causes of that illness and can you come out of this. While wearing this crystal, ideas and flashes of information will start to come to your thoughts, that give direction for self-healing.


Crown Chakra is the seventh Chakra in your body, related to sending wishes on their way, seeing the future, understanding your own future and the strength of your mental health. Crown Chakra is the Chakra that the Rutilated Quartz affects positively the most. Wearing this crystal heals the Crown Chakra and it will start to work how it ideally should work. Wear Rutilated Quartz to heal your Crown Chakra, make yourself a water elixir from this tumbled crystal or meditate with Rutilated Quartz. 


Rutilated Quartz jewellery will bring protection to LEO and helps other zodiacs dreams to come to life faster.

Rutilated Quartz brings good luck to Leo and, in addition, helps to raise their confidence. Leo is confident by nature, but often moments of uncertainty will come through, that make the way they act not very nice for themselves. Rutilated Quartz helps Leo to be confident, positive, strong and to keep their life in great happiness.

Zodiac sign effects occur despite the purpose of using that crystal.

When you start using or wearing Rutilated Quartz you should act always according to how you wish this crystal would help you. For example, if you wish that this crystal would help your dreams to come true, then think about this when you touch it for the first time. As Rutiles store up all kind of information, they come into contact with, then they need a proper cleansing and a lot of positive thoughts.
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