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SMOKY QUARTZ is one type of Quartz or Rock Crystal with a characteristic smoky tone. The main colour of the Smoky Quartz is a brownish-gray shade, which may also be transparent in this crystal. Smoky Quartz can be transparent but also very dark. Smoky Quartz is highly rated for energy value and has many features why to wear it or decorate a home with it. I can say that Smoky Quartz is indeed a crystal that everyone needs because it has something that helps you. So this is a crystal that can be brought to another person to do good to that person – you cannot choose the wrong one.

The main source for Smoky Quartz is Brazil, but it's also found in my favourite crystal kingdom, which is Madagascar. Although in Brazil there is more of it.

Smoky Quartz’s main feature is to ground and maintain energy. One of its key features is to get rid of stress.

Thousands of years ago, Smoky Quartz was used very often to compromise and negotiate between tribes. It was carried along to come out of the negotiations without major problems and at that time with life. Somewhere in the 12th century, the Chinese began to manufacture sunglasses from Smoky Quartz.

Smoky Quartz helps to get rid of tension, quarrels, arguments, it helps to get rid of situations that do not serve you well and does not impact your relationship well. Smoky Quartz is for you if you feel that you're going home and there are meaningless quarrels. Why does this happen? The house, as such, holds energies and the house or apartment should be constantly cleaned up energetically or brought in the good energies and remove the negative energies.

When the people who really love each other are constantly quarrelling, I strongly recommend that they both start wearing Smoky Quartz as a jewellery. Smoky Quartz helps to resolve situations and eliminate the need to pick on each other.

Smoky Quartz helps you to cope with everything that needs your care and attention. When you are carring the Smoky Quartz with you, you will subconsciously begin to find solutions to your unfinished tasks. Smoky Quartz gives you strength so you can handle everything you need to do in your life. Smoky Quartz will not let you postpone your duties, it will help you perform various tasks consistently, in order to maintain harmony and balance in your life.

Smoky Quartz will help you see clearly your potential, and everything you are capable of doing. Smoky Quartz helps you to really assess your situation and at the same time remove excessive belittling, suppression and humiliating of yourself. Smoky Quartz eliminates the negative thoughts that exist about yourself and helps you to judge yourself fairly.

Smoky Quartz heals your soul, helping to remove the nervousness, keeping you balanced and free from your negative thoughts. If you feel that you are constantly negative and pessimistic, then Smoky Quartz is a crystal that helps you become a much more cheerful person. 

At home it is best to keep Smoky Quartz as a geodesic crystal that helps to remove everything negative from home what's going on there or is created. If you want to use a tumbled Smoky Quartz then keep several crystals on a base in the most passable room. I suggest that you take a single plant (preferably Mother-in-laws-tongue or different Dragon trees) and keep Smoky Quartz on the soil or inside the pot.

Smoky Quartz is ideally suited to those people who are too much on the clouds and have lost their real world view. Smoky Quartz helps those who are constantly nervous, easily irritated, who have panic attacks and who cannot calm down.

Smoky Quartz works effectively in combating various addictive illnesses. It helps particularly well those who are smokers and want to quit smoking. Smoky Quartz helps to be self-confident on the same topic and not to fall victim to the tobacco again. This can be worn even if you want to be weaned if you feel that addiction may come back again.

Keep Smoky Quartz on a desk at work or when you are working at home, keep it at home. Smoky Quartz is suitable to be kept at work or with work things because it helps to silence and heal work stress. Smoky Quartz is particularly useful for those whose work is very tense or tension is created by co-workers. Smoky Quartz also helps to avoid work problems and get along well with others.

Wear Smoky Quartz as a talisman if you want creativity in your work, especially in business. Smoky Quartz is a good crystal for business owners to see the big picture, see creative solutions, new solutions and new opportunities. It opens foresightedness about business.

I recommend Smoky Quartz talisman to those whose work is not progressing well. Everything tends to go downhill, and relationships are also ruined with various people they have to work with.

Smoky Quartz is worth taking to the room or even hide in the walls when building a house, where there are a lot of electrical equipment. For example, if you have a heating cabinet or other equipment that is connected to heating and electricity, then there's a lot of bad energy in this room. It is a kind of energy that constantly ruins people's mood and, in the long run, causes physical illnesses. It's like energy vibration, which gives your body a command to be upset. But Smoky Quartz will help against it. When building a house, hide a lot of Smoky Quartz in the walls, for the same purpose you can add there Shungite. Or another option is to add Smoky Quartz in that room over time and find a special place, a box, a crystal base for it. This is to protect your energy.

In the same way you can protect your energy by keeping Smoky Quartz next to the TV, refrigerator, computer or some other smaller electronic device.

Keep Smoky Quartz under the bed in large quantity if you have been through radiotherapy or have recently done a lot of ultrasound examinations. Smoky Quartz helps to accelerate radiation from the body and thus prevents harmful effects on health.

Keep Smoky Quartz together with sleep crystals or near your little baby’s bed when bad dreams are occurring. Smoky Quartz also helps those who are afraid to fall asleep or who visualize ghosts.

Smoky Quartz continuously removes negative energy, so it needs to be energetically cleaned very often. It does not matter in what form it is used, either as a jewellery or a crystal. To do this, occasionally, just let it be around Sage smoke in your home.


Wear Smoky Quartz as a jewellery or make yourself a crystal therapy or meditate with this crystal.

- Anxiety disorder, depression, stress, nervousness, nervous disorders, panic attacks, smoking, respiratory system problems due to smoking, alcohol addiction, poor eating habits, sadness, negativity, melancholy, suicidal thoughts, deprivation of life, lack of motivation.

- Smoky Quartz helps the body to remove the toxins out of the body and it is used to protect against poisoning.

- It heals headaches, chronic headaches and helps to prevent them. If you are constantly having headaches and you can not get rid of them without medication, then Smoky Quartz should really be with you all the time. Wear as a talisman, as a pendant or a crystal with a hole in contact with the skin.


This crystal is most useful to CAPRICORN. Smoky Quartz helps to keep the Capricorn's stress level low, especially when other people exhaust the Capricorn. Smoky Quartz helps Capricorn to better cope with the problems, solve them, and help other people. Smoky Quartz helps to fulfil the goal of Capricorn's life so that Capricorn itself remains healthy and strong in its fulfilment. 

Smoky Quartz should definitely be added to Capricorn’s birth crystal chest to help Capricorn to fulfil the purpose of his life, and also to bring solutions to his personal problems.

Smoky Quartz is also a crystal for SAGITTARIUS and CANCER zodiacs. Cancer finds it to br a very useful crystal, helping them to connect with their intuition in a way that unnecessary fears and wrong visions won´t have effect on it. Smoky Quartz helps Cancer to see more clearly, it is a crystal that helps Cancer to evolve personally, make the right decisions in life and find solutions for inner problems and cut down negativity. Smoky Quartz helps to clear confused thoughts and turn Cancers life more beautiful and successful. Smoky Quartz helps Cancer to deal with their emotions, understand how to stay himself in his body and to feel better in life.

Read more from my article "Cancer - 6 lessons and keys for personal success" HERE.

Cancer could wear Smoky Quartz with them as jewelry in confusing times or when Cancer wishes to make their intuition stronger. Smoky Quartz should be represented in Cancers birth crystal sets, you can read about this set from HERE. It is useful for Cancer to keep Smoky Quart in their birth crystal set, because that way it helps to support his journey for his whole life, working indirectly, but still efficiently.

Smoky Quartz is especially helpful for the Capricorn, Cancer and Sagittarius men, helping to relieve stress related to work. Smoky Quartz is very effective for Cancer men, giving them a strong intuition and the ability to perceive what to allow in his life and what not. Smoky Quartz helps Cancer men to keep away from materially harmful projects and decisions. 

The zodiac effects have an influence regardless of the purpose of wearing the bracelet.


Smoky Quartz is a crystal of luck, health and well being for those born on the 13th. If you were born on the 13th day, Smoky Quartz will help keep you balanced, helping to bring out the most positive qualities of the first digit of your birthday and heal your weaknesses. Smoky Quarts helps you to be satisfied with yourself, always be positive and motivated. 

Smoky Quartz is a crystal that can be extracted from Rock Crystal with a completely natural substances in the laboratory. Exactly the same way you can bring Amethyst from a Citrine on a completely natural way. Why is this done? For example, in the Earth's crust, Smoky Quartz is formed by Rock Crystal merging with other elements, so is Citrine formed. In laboratories, they also add other natural elements to the crystal to react.

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