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Crystals are magical items with its own power. Earth has saved in them the ancient energy and power, which can be used to change our surroundings more positive. Each crystal has its own unique power.
Different semi-precious stones are used to make flatstone crystals so that they can be used as massage objects, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flattened shape provides a good and convenient way to use the crystal in therapies. These crystals can be used exac..
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APACHE TEAR is one of the forms of Obsidian. This faster acting crystal is mainly intended to treat sadness, pain, and emotional burnout. Apache Tear crystal helps to understand that when a person has left, he must be allowed to go. Apache Tear teaches to let go and move on with life. If someo..
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APATITE in its mysterious ways helps to stimulate thinking and bring new and interesting ideas. This crystal is usually used in meditation, for better concentration, to strengthen the intuition and for better understanding of spiritual energies. Apatite is a strong power item for a psychic or a..
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All geodes have unique and one of a kind appearance. Which means, that the geode you order, looks slightly different from the geode presented in the picture. All geodes are created by Earth.AQUA AURA GEODE is the most powerful geode among others. It is a very fast-acting c..
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