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OPAL pendant (gold 750) (A quality)

OPAL pendant (gold 750) (A quality) JEWELRY
OPAL pendant (gold 750) (A quality)
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OPAL is a remarkable crystal for its looks and energetics. Opal has a very unique look, somewhat resembling cosmos and galaxy, by being mystical and full of magic. The colour of the crystal goes from blue to white, varied and mixed colour is part of its characteristics. The main colours of Opal are different shades of blues, with green, pink, red, yellow and many other beautiful colours in it.

It’s a crystal with many different quality levels. The clearer tones and the less brown in Opal, the higher quality it is. Generally, only Opals with the highest quality are used for jewellery. As a piece of crystal, you can have an Opal with a lot of brown in it. The prices may be as high as thousands, it depends on the size and colour. That’s why the prices on Opals sold at La Tene boutiques are very different. A piece of jewellery made from Opal is always unique.

Opals grow inside of mountains in the middle of rocks that keep Opals together, that’s why this crystal is surrounded by a lot of brown rocks. Generally, the darker rock around Opals is rubble, lighter is sandstone. Opal and these two stones grow hand in hand, therefore it is completely normal to have these stones surrounding Opals. One coloured Opal is simply pieces cut out without these two rocks. Opals sold in La Tene boutiques come from Australia and they are 100% natural stones.

Wearing OPAL on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

Opal helps to stay grounded and that’s what makes it a very useful daily crystal. What does it mean to be grounded? This crystal will help you to understand clearly what you want from life, where you should move, what is wrong and what is the truth. Opal won’t let you lose your head even in the most confusing times. It’s a crystal that helps to connect you with your intuition, to listen to it and to act based on your intuition. A grounded person won’t allow to be disturbed and bothered by small details. With two feet on the ground, you can be you.

- Opal helps to strengthen utterly spiritual people. When you know that you’re spiritual, you’re interested in everything spiritual, self-healing, natural therapy, alternative medicine, and you’re in a point in your life where you wish to commit yourself to a spiritual journey, then it is important to keep Opal in your life. Opal protects a spiritual person from stress, the energy that causes discomfort and the loss of energy. Generally, it all brings along hyper-sensitivity which needs to be healed. Opal helps to be strong, confident and with a protected Aura field in spiritual development. It works best when you wear it as a piece of jewellery.

- On a spiritual journey, the practical ability may become lost and the wish to give up on the job done before may appear. This is quite normal with spiritual evolution. Fields directly linked to spirituality may be chosen, like yoga, healing etc. Opal helps a spiritual person to do his regular work, without the job losing its value for him. The world needs many different jobs and professions and a spiritual person can do a non-spiritual work. Opal helps to earn money with this job, this crystal brings along good luck and cash flow.

- Opal keeps the wisdom you have gained with you. When you wear this crystal and at the same time learn something new, then it automatically saves into your soul. Often the thing is that something important is being learned, it is practised and after a while, you fall back to old habits and give up on a healthy lifestyle. Opal helps to stay on track, practise all that’s been learned and pass it on to every-day life. I like Opal a lot, it’s a beautiful crystal and it has a lot to give to people. Even I wear Opal to evolve.

- Opal creates a sense of security and is especially important for a person who misses it. It is suitable for you when you feel like being left behind, you’re being hurt or when you feel like lacking security from a past life. Opal helps to heal this problem in a spiritual body. For that, allow Opal to be in your life for a long time. The lack of sense of security needs to be healed as it may otherwise lead to anxiety, stress and panic that lessens the quality of life.

- Opal helps to improve the way family members get along. It increases the tolerance in you by helping to be okay with the special character traits your family members have and to learn to love them unconditionally. Opal won’t allow fighting, bickering and arguing. It will encourage to negotiate in the most gentle and loving way. Carry Opal with you when you wish to get along better with your family members.

- Wear Opal as a protection crystal. I recommend thinking of wearing Opal when you simultaneously want to develop your intuition and have protective energy. Opal has them both. Opal protects a person’s Aura field from misfortune and accidents.

- It’s a crystal that won’t let other people to purposely hurt you. If this is desired, then opal will direct visions or knowledge into your mind about who the malicious person is and why it wants to behave that way with you. This creates a good link for sensing danger

- Opal helps to express your emotions more intensely. When you love someone then Opal gives you the push to express your feelings to your partner. This crystal makes such a person be more emotional.

- A crystal that helps to increase luck in love and is especially useful for people who have not had luck in that field. This crystal can crush the misfortune above relationships. Opal increases luck for finding your soulmate. Can be worn with Rainbow MoonstoneRhodochrosite and Larimar - these are also crystals that can help you to find your soulmate or have a strong relationship with.

- Opal helps to connect with your Guardian Angel. It’s a very universal crystal that can be used and carried for many different reasons. When you carry it with you, then it keeps you constantly connected with your Guardian Angel. The stronger the link you have, the more protected and guided you are.

 - Opal is a crystal to have in your life when you want to know the purpose of your soul. Opal is a crystal that can bring you into contact with your soul, helping you to understand your soul better. I recommend Opal because I know its power very well. For example, I war an Opal talisman and ring during periods when I want to find my goals. Especially at a time when one stage is over and I know, that there is another step ahead. This helps to guide you on the right path by accelerating the movement from one stage of life to another. Opal helps to avoid mistakes and connect your intuition with a sense of mission. 


- Opal helps to end self-sabotaging and slating yourself. A person with a lot of stress or depression can become dangerous to himself. Opal helps to break the stress-energy a person creates with his own thoughts by helping to strop the harmful and teasing thoughts.

- It’s a stress-relieving crystal. Opal should be worn with this issue, also Ayurveda antidepressants Bacopa Monnieri and Ashwagandha.

- Opal helps to stop disturbing thoughts robbing you of sleep and positivity. Have you ever felt that you can’t stop your mind? There are thoughts disturbing your sleep? Past traumas reminding of themselves at the wrong time? Opal helps to deal with these thoughts by stopping and healing them.


Opal activates, heals and opens the seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra. Opal helps to see life more clearly, by helping you to understand your path and mission on this planet. One of the biggest questions for a person spiritually evolving is: "Why am I here? What is my purpose?". Opal opens the Crown Chakra and over time will help to get the answers. Allow Opal to be in your life and the answers will come to you.


Opal has the strongest effect on CANCER. Cancer needs Opal as the energy in it helps to bring a lot of luck into Cancer’s life at every level. It can be said that Opal is universal luck and well-being crystal for Cancer. Every Cancer should have a piece of Opal in its life.

I recommend charging Opal on a Muscovite geode and from time to time cleanse it with Myrrh incense or Nutmeg essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 2*1,5*0,7 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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