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APATITE chips bracelet

APATITE chips bracelet
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APATITE crystal can be bluish, greenish or yellowish in shade, which is mainly found in Madagascar, Russia or Brazil. Apatite crystal is associated with three upper Chakras, namely Throat Chakra, the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Apatite helps in learning, strengthens the memory, take astral journeys and strengthen the intuition. Apatite is a powerful psychic crystal that helps to reinforce your intuitive capabilities.

Apatite is a crystal with a subtle power, with the ability to give your Aura very special energies which will help your soul develop. People are born to this world to mentally develop and learn and Apatite is a crystal that will help you do this on Earth. We have to constantly learn and take our challenges as a lesson not as a punishment. When we learn we are evolving and gradually move to a higher position in this life on Earth. Finally, when your soul has experienced all the steps of the task, then your soul will move on to another life from this Earth. Apatite helps your soul develop gradually and step by step.

WEARING APATITE ON ARM WILL GIVE (can be worn on both arms):

- Above all, Apatite is for those people who are looking for a companion in a crystal to help them change their eating habits. Wear Apatite to be healthier and make healthier food choices for your body.

- Be sure to wear it when you are going shopping. Apatite will help you choose the right foods with less chemicals and preservatives. This crystal strengthens your intuition and through it you can subconsciously make the right choices.

- Apatite can help you if you want to develop spiritually. It is a crystal that can enhance the perception of your energies. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the use of pendulum and other items used to make predictions. Apatite opens up your mind for predicting with cards and interpreting the Runes.

- If you wish to learn about prediction I recommend wearing Apatite with Lasurite or Sodalite.

- It is a crystal that opens your mind for the astral journeys, helping you to experience and see visions through sleep. Apatite is useful for interpreting dreams. It opens up your mind to analyze the dreams and match the signs into your life.

- A crystal that will help you to find solutions to problems in a creative way, helping you understand what kind of solution would be the most useful to solve the current problem.

- Apatite is a crystal that is used for studies and self development. This crystal helps you focus, helping you to memorize facts and reinforce your desire to learn new information. It is suitable for people of all ages who want to get smarter or who has to remember a lot of facts.

- It is a crystal for work success for those who work as consultants or advisers. It does not matter what work you deal with, this crystal is useful to you everywhere. Apatite helps you do your work well so that other people would enjoy communicating with you. In addition, it is a crystal for material success for those working in this specialty.

- Apatite has the ability to connect you with your Archangel or Guardian Angel, helping you to interpret the signs sent by him. Apatite increases awareness and the ability to connect with the invisible world. Apatite increases your own field of Aura and gives the required energy to be able to hear the messages from the Archangel.


Wearing Apatite on arm, it can help to improve your health, read about what it can give you.

- Problems with memory, absent-mindedness, strengthens the immune system, removes tension headaches, helps to get rid of feeling constantly guilty of "something", helps to learn more about your own body and provides a better understanding of the underlying causes of one or another health problem. Helps to identify an illness and understand what needs to be done to heal.

- A crystal that is used to relieve knee pain. I recommend that you read one of my articles where I wrote why legs hurt at all, you can find it HERE.

- Apatite is used to remove hunger and it is a good crystal for dieting. Apatite is one of the best dieting crystals that guide you to the healthiest choices for your own body and helping you to keep away from temptations.

- A crystal that helps you to get rid of overeating, and it is extremely beneficial to those who cannot control their appetite.

- Suitable for those who want to get rid of chocolate and sugar addiction. Apatite helps to grow your character, helping you to create restrictions for yourself so you do not step over them.


Apatite is a crystal that heals, activates and purifies the 7th Chakra or Crown. Apatite has the ability to get rid of feeling confusion that is present inside of you or that always comes to harass you. Apatite helps the energies in the Crown Chakra to work. Removing the harmful energies from the Crown Chakra and replacing it with the positive energy that leads the Crown Chakra in the right direction. If that Chakra is really closed, then this crystal is a very beneficial healer of the Crown Chakra.


Apatite is affecting PISCES the most, helping them to learn more about their conscience. Apatite is especially lucky crystal to those Pisces who are born between 06.-08. March. To GEMINI it brings good professional success and good self-control.

Apatite helps Pisces think logically by improving Pisces' analytical mind. A good crystal for material luck. Helping Pisces to find good solutions for himself. Increasing intuition precisely professionally, commercially and economically. Apatite brings monetary luck and prosperity to the life of Pisces.

The zodiac influences are effective regardless of the purpose of wearing the bracelet.

Size Length of the bracelet is ca 18 cm.
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