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LARIMAR button bracelet

LARIMAR button bracelet JEWELRY
LARIMAR button bracelet JEWELRY
LARIMAR button bracelet JEWELRY
LARIMAR button bracelet JEWELRY
LARIMAR button bracelet
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LARIMAR is a light blue crystal that reminds the clear Caribbean water and is a crystal that was not discovered until in 1916. This crystal was not examined or worn before many many years and when it was rediscovered then this crystal became a real phenomenon. Larimar is still a very appreciated crystal and it has a very high value. Larimar, called also the dolphin or ocean crystal, is mainly found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. Larimar is named after the daughter of its rediscovered and the sea. Larimar is also found in Canada. Larimar Symbolizes freedom, ultimate femininity and unconditional love. Larimar is one of the most valued crystal for me and I wear it when I feel like I need some extra power for increasing my spiritual energy. 

You can often find reddish-brown texture in Larimar that is formed because of iron compounds in the crystal. This somewhat grounds Larimar energetic value and crystals without the iron compound are more valuable as their light blue and white tones are more clear. The clearer the colour, the higher the price. Larimar without any white is very expensive. Larimar is a crystal with a price that is on the rise in the world and unfortunately, this crystal is artificially reproduced and sold under the Larimar name. To understand which Larimar is real and which is not, then the price of a very clear and blue crystal can never be cheap. The only choice of Larimar with a lower price is when it has iron compounds and reddish-brown textures. 

Larimar is very light-sensitive, which means that in the light the crystal turns lighter. Crystal turning lighter does not mean it has a lower value, on the contrary, it makes it more valuable. I´m giving you advice on how to store Larimar and that´s why I am bringing out its sensitivity to light. Please do not keep Larimar jewellery in the Sun when you charge them on geodes. While keeping Larimar crystals or jewellery at home, keep them also away from the windows. 

Larimar is also a love crystal and is one of the strongest for me that I recommend to many, as it is very powerful and does it´s work very quickly. That´s why it has become one of my absolute favourites.

WEARING LARIMAR ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- Larimar is a peace bringer, with the ability to calm the energies in you, to balance and release the energies that make you nervous. The crystal that can work for your inner and complete peace. The longer you let Larimar exist in your life, the longer you wear it the more Larimar can bring peace into your life. 

- Helps to release anxiety in the soul. No matter the level anxiety came upon, Larimar helps to get rid of it. Larimar is one of the most valuable crystals found on Earth that could be used for relieving stress. The brighter the Larimar, the more valuable and pricey it is.

- Larimar relieves unwarranted fears given to us by previous lives traumas. Usually, the trauma experienced directly in this life takes the shape of fear. Larimar helps to understand, why one or another fear exists and helps it to disappear gradually.

- It helps you to subconsciously reach the right soul, for that wear it on the right hand. Larimar on the right-hand helps you to direct you in the right direction.

- Larimar is a love crystal with a very valuable power that alone has all the necessary for bringing light, healing, happiness and joy into your love life. A crystal that helps you to deal with your emotional body and to balance it. Larimar has the power with the ability to fulfil your dreams of love. What you think and what you dream about is what Larimar helps to bring into your life, if it is related to love. Larimar has the ability to record the energy vibrations (pipe dreams) from you.  It restores them and activates the love happiness channel to bring them to exist in your life. While using or wearing Larimar give it the thought for existing. Keep Larimar in your hands once in a while and wish for something beautiful and loving. Then let Larimar do its work and let it surprise you.

- Larimar is a very useful crystal when you are in a relationship. Larimar helps you to get into a much more spiritual state in the relationship, where you will start to understand your partner better, to take his strong sides as your teachers, to take his weaker side as your tasks of healing. Larimar teaches you that you have to learn from your loved one and what you have to teach him. Larimar helps to understand the real purpose of a relationship and to take this as a guide.

- Larimar helps to be a better companion in a relationship. Larimar favours the improvement of your character, helping you to block your spiritual problems, pain, negative behaviour from emotional wounds. Larimar is a crystal that won´t, for example, let you live out your pain on others, something that could happen in many relationships and is one of the biggest relationships breakers. Larimar helps you to love in a way that it won´t tie your own problems into the relationship but will help you to solve your inner problems so that you won´t hurt a person close to you with that.

- Larimar helps you to build good, healthy and balanced relationships with other people, let them be your children, companions, friends or simply good acquaintances. Larimar helps you to get along with these people better and to communicate with them.

- Wearing Larimar crystal helps to strengthen visions, intuition, helps to better-sensing pendulums and helps to gather spirituality.

- Larimar is related to rebirth and bringing a new spirit into life. This crystal is very useful for women before getting pregnant. If a woman without children wears Larimar or a woman who is ready to become a mother in the future, then Larimar helps the child to born, who is destined by fate to that women. Larimar helps to give life to a child whose soul has an agreement with the mother's soul. 

Larimar helps you when you have different phobias. If you are a person who is afraid of a lot of different things and this completely unreasonably, you cannot control your fears or free them from you, then Larimar will help you to do that.

- The good object of power for people who tend to think negatively or are afraid to do big steps in their life. Larimar helps to get rid of fears, to believe in a better future, create the feeling of hope and direct you towards acting rather than being passive. Larimar helps to do difficult steps towards the unknown. 

- Wear this crystal with other love crystals like Rose Quartz, it goes very well with Morganite or for example with Topaz. For bringing love in every aspect, in a relationship or while creating a new relationship or while strengthening a friendship love.

- Wear Larimar with Shiva Lingam. Shiva Lingam shows you the way towards a person who could make you happy, who is meant for your path in life and who would love you. Larimar is a crystal for finding new love and it opens in Shiva Lingam the good luck energy for bringing this love into life.


For healing wear Larimar crystal, jewellery or make yourself water-elixir.

- Larimar is a Throat Chakra crystal and therefore it helps to solve health problems in the throat area. If you constantly have neck pains, lymph nodes in the neck are sensitive or you have throat problems, then Larimar helps to heal them. Larimar is a useful healing crystal for example for tonsils. If you often suffer from throat disorders, then Larimar helps you to recover from them and gives you healing so that a problem likes this would stop.

- A crystal that helps alternative healing therapies and healings to work quicker and more efficiently. If you have taken upon a specific eating or certain therapy for healing something, then it is useful to wear Larimar with you during that time. Larimar helps to activate your body into healing, this is the reason it helps other alternative therapies. 

- Useful crystal for healing different types of skin problems. If you have problems with acne, dry skin, allergic reactions then wearing Larimar helps to heal all of this.

- Larimar helps to get rid of social problems. For example when you are weighed down with fears related to terrorism, dangerous situations created by people, accident and occurring problems, then Larimar helps you to heal these problems in you. Larimar won´t allow you to unreasonably fear something you are afraid of, helping your intuition to warn you only from the dangers that will come to your path in reality. So Larimar helps to block fears that are not related to the voice of intuition.

-Larimar is a crystal that helps the illnesses from stress to heal and to block physical symptoms from that. If stress makes you feel bad, creates physical symptoms, but the illness itself is not existing, then Larimar helps to stop it.


Larimar is a Throat Chakra crystal that helps the most when you wear it as a talisman around the neck if you want to make your own thoughts clearer or the ability to communicate. Larimar helps to communicate so that you could get everything off your chest. Larimar is a fate companion and soulmate crystal with the ability to catch that exact soul that we have already before agreed with that we are going to get involved in this life. Larimar helps to understand what we have pending with someone and what is our joint karma. It helps very well as it helps to understand what you should do with someone and should you forgive and wait for the other side to change or should you move forward. Larimar works that way when you carry it with yourself.

Larimar helps you to meet with your soulmate. It teaches to love unconditionally and launch love related wishes so they would coincide with the law of Karma and the law of attraction. Wear a piece of Larimar with you daily when you're looking for your soulmate.


Larimar crystals give spirituality and intuition the most to the LEO and PISCES. Larimar is the crystal that opens us Pisces to love, teaches to share and accept love. Larimar brings happiness in love to those Pisces who already are in a relationship.

Larimar teaches Leo to listen to his intuition and know the difference between right and wrong both in love and actually in any part of his life. This crystal brings peace of mind and balance to this sign. Also brings him luck in love and helps to keep the spark alive.

Larimar is a  zodiac crystal for Pisces ♓ that helps them to fulfil their purpose in life, given to Pisces by their constellation. Larimar helps Pisces to understand what task everyone is carrying who has been sent to his path, let it be a person very close to him, or someone just passing by. A crystal that helps to treat other people with love and heal them unconditionally. In addition, Larimar helps to bring spiritual happiness to Pisces, making their spiritual life more balanced. Larimar helps Pisces to get along with other people and to improve their relationships. 

It is of great benefit if Pisces wears Larimar jewellery, keeps this crystal in one way or another in their home or, if there is a birth crystal chest, add it among your other crystals so that Larimar could keep its helping power in the Pisces Aura body for their whole life. You can read more about creating this chest from HERE.

Read what I have written about what is the life purpose of Pisces. You can find this article from HERE.

Larimar is a crystal that helps the air-element zodiac to learn to hear his own intuition so that he won´t let logical thinking to cause trouble, helping to learn to listen to his own intuition despite what the logical sense tells to.

Larimar is a happiness crystal for every Sagittarius-Capricorn. Larimar has a very calming effect that can release even the deepest stress from your soul and to replace it with a good feeling. Larimar brings clear visions and the ability to understand which path in life is the right one. In addition, Larimar brings Sagittarius-Capricorn happiness in love. 

I recommend charging Larimar crystal on a Rock Crystal or Celestite geode and clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.
Size Bracelet length is 18-19 cm
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