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ROSE QUARTZ with a hole

ROSE QUARTZ with a hole
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ROSE QUARTZ is with an extremely delicate energy vibration that starts to work in your Aura so that you do not initially notice its effect. It makes this crystal a very good healer, helping to remove irritability from your soul, nervousness and excessive emotionality, helping you to be emotionally more stable and balanced. The effects of Rose Quartz you will feel later because it takes care of your Aura corrections very carefully.

Rose Quartz has had a very long past in human history. Rose Quartz has been found used by human beings in the former Mesopotamia where today is Iraq and objects made from Rose Quartz are dating back to 7000 BC. This means that it is known that people have been using Rose Quartz for their well-being for at least 9000 years. Anyway, this is one very interesting fact I know about the history of Rose Quartz. 

Old Egyptians and Greeks wore jewellery made from Rose Quartz to invite the child and family luck to their life. This is also believed today. Already then Rose Quartz was considered a rejuvenating crystal that won’t let the charm, beauty and light of a person to disappear, helping to keep stress levels as low as possible for the body to not age prematurely. 

In the middle ages, Rose Quartz was used for medical purposes and water-elixir was made. In addition to the elixir, this crystal was kept inside the various herbal drinks that healed the body. It was already believed back then that Rose Quartz can heal heart disease and emotional pain conditions. 

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love crystal that has all that you need. The love crystal, which teaches you to love, receive love, respect it, share and appreciate it. Crystal, which is able to lead you on the right path in relationships, showing you to whom your heart should belong and whom not. This is a crystal that helps you to make the right decisions in a relationship. A crystal that awakens love in you, even if it's locked up very deep inside you. A Heart Chakra crystal that helps to heal the heart, alleviate your sadness or feelings of disappointment. A crystal that has the ability to give you hope, faith and strength to help you believe in love again. Rose Quartz is suitable for everyone, both for children, young adults and adults of all ages. Rose Quartz brings friendship and makes life more beautiful. 

WEARING ROSE QUARTZ on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra help to bring the following:

- Rose Quartz is a powerful love crystal in any sense, for its universality it’s a wonderful soul and emotional healer. For example, Rose Quartz is very useful for people who can’t enjoy life, to find joy from it and be happy about the little things in life. Also to people who can’t enjoy love as no one has ever offered them it. Rose Quartz helps to replace that cap in the soul, that has missed and still misses love someone personally has given to him. Rose Quartz helps to relieve the lack of love and to fill this gap with love. For example, when there have been a lot of rejections in the past and life has generally been very difficult, then Rose Quartz helps to come out of it Rose Quartz helps to inform how important it is to let love grow and how important it is to enjoy it. Rose Quartz helps to heal those spiritual wounds from this life or that have been brought along from past lives. The only way to feel the love in life is when a person learns to love himself. Rose Quartz helps to do this, by teaching firstly to allow you to feel love by yourself. 

- Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love, which means it brings love into your life in any area, helping you to find love in a romantic level, create a good relationship with your family, daughter or son, giving you the chance to find and create a great friendship.

Wearing Rose Quartz relieves over emotionality and irritation:

- Helps to accept love, unconditional love, friendship and care. Rose Quartz helps its wearer to become more lovable and romantic.

- Rose Quartz is a Heart Chakra crystal that heals your emotional body. This is a crystal that opens your heart for cleansing, which means it helps to forgive the past. Helps to accept emotional ordeals and to forgive to those who have hurt you. All of this so you could go on with your life and even more – to move forward with love!

- Attracts soulmatescompanion soulmates and life partner spirits. When you’re with your soul, someone who was given to your path for a reason, then Rose Quartz helps to fulfil the task that was given to you and be really good for each other.

- Rose Quartz is the crystal that helps you to be thankful for your life partner spirit and see his good sides. This is a crystal that makes your relationship harmonious and relieves tension between you. For that wear this crystal or use it for improving your home’s energy. Read more about your life partner spirit HERE.

- Helps you to express yourself more mildly and this crystal is very useful for people who can’t really talk to their partner or family members. Rose Quartz teaches you that you can achieve so much more with love than with demands.

- This is a crystal that has been used for staying young for thousands of years. Rose Quartz helps you to look younger and it also makes you more lively in the soul. Wear this crystal to maintain your beauty and prevent your emotional ageing.

- Helps to look more romantic, feminine, softer and sociable. Over time it helps to make these trait parts of the character.

- It’s a work success, material fortune and prosperity crystal for everyone working on the beauty business. This is a lucky crystal for all the beautician, hairdresser, nail technicians, eyelash technicians, masseuse and for everyone else in the beauty industry. This is a crystal you should carry with you at work so it could bring you material luck.

- Wear with other love crystal so Rose Quartz could bring love to your life.

- When a woman is expecting, then Rose Quartz is one of the crystal she could carry with her. Wearing Rose Quartz on arm helps to give energy to the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, which in turn helps to give health to the child. In addition, Rose Quartz helps to create an even stronger connection with the unborn child. When the kid is born, the mother can accept him faster and won’t be stressed. 

- Sorting out feelings: put Prasiolite crystal together with Rose Quartz and keep these two crystals near you when you want to sort your feelings out. Wear these crystals with you for as long as you feel like you have sorted things out. You can carry these crystals with you in a bag or as jewellery daily. 


Wearing Rose Quartz provides healing to the following problems:

- Rose Quartz has the ability to make people younger and it is useful to use them for healing if you want to rejuvenate yourself. Rose Quartz makes the skin shine and more beautiful. A crystal that helps to stop ageing and highlights the natural beauty of a person.

- Rose Quartz is a Heart Chakra crystal, which means that it has the ability to heal the heart, cardiovascular tissue and the cardiac nerves. Crystal, which helps to get rid of tension in your chest, relieving nervous tension and healing your heart in general.

- Useful crystal for heart patients. Crystal, which helps to heal the existing problem and disease, giving additional energy to both alternative therapies and medical healing.

- Rose Quartz is one of the fertility crystals that have the ability to increase the fertility of both a woman and a man. Rose Quartz heals reproductive organs, helping, for example, women who continuously fight cysts and myomas. A crystal that could be worn in case of women's or men's illnesses. Rose Quartz is also worth wearing if you want to conceive.


Rose Quartz crystal works the most with the Heart Chakra, which is the fourth Chakra out of seven. Rose Quartz is a universal Heart Chakra crystal that helps this Chakra to function properly. Heart Chakra is situated in your chest and is linked to love and feelings. Rose Quartz helps to give strength to this Chakra so it could work fully. Healthy Heart Chakra helps to accept love, to learn to share love, to appreciate it, notice it and honour it.

Heart Chakra regulates the energy coming to the Aura field from the outside. Heart Chakra is the channel that regulates energy flow to the soul. A strong Chakra won’t allow irrelevant and negative energy to the Aura field, a weak one will. Heart Chakra needs to be kept healthy and strong for the soul to be protected from spiritual pathogens, like spiritual pain. Rose Quartz helps to stabilise the work of Heart Chakra, helping this filter to work for you in the Heart Chakra. 


For TAURUS Rose Quartz is a love crystal. Rose Quartz helps to attract love to Taurus’ life, helping him to meet his soulmate

For CANCER Rose Quartz is also a love crystal. This helps to support Cancer emotionally and relieve his problems with the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz brings love luck to Cancer, helps him to be open-minded without having to regret what he said.

To a SCORPIO Rose Quartz is suited perfectly, which helps him to find his love, bring luck for relationship and teaches him to get along with his family members. Rose Quartz helps to bring peace to the family and warm up the relationships with people who are close to you. 


Rose Quartz is an important crystal for every person born in the year of the Pig - this crystal brings them luck in love. No matter which Pig year a person is born at, this crystal will support him with its love force, by bringing happiness, joy, balance, passion into the relationship, by providing unconditional love and improving relationships in every level. Every person born in the year of the pig could have this in one form or another.

We recommend cleansing and charging talismans and crystal jewellery from time to time to increase their energy levels. For that, we recommend cleaning crystal jewellery under running water a few times a month or charge it on Full Moonlight on an Apophyllite or Desert Rose geode and clean it once a month with Sage ritual plant or Orange essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 3*2*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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