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La Tene bracelet SCORPIO "WEALTH"

La Tene bracelet SCORPIO "WEALTH"
La Tene bracelet SCORPIO "WEALTH"
La Tene bracelet SCORPIO "WEALTH"
La Tene bracelet SCORPIO "WEALTH"
La Tene bracelet SCORPIO "WEALTH"
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La Tene bracelet SCORPIO "WEALTH" is part of the zodiac sign bracelet collection. This beautiful and luxurious power object is designed to amplify material luck, cash flow and wealth energy in Scorpio’s life. If you’re a Scorpio then this piece of jewellery will bring wealth into your life. The bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear. In addition, it also has 925 silver pearls.

This bracelet has PICTURE JASPER symbolising success at work, business luck, good work and business instincts, the movement of cash flow energy and prosperity. It’s a crystal that helps money to grow through work, helps to bring good luck to overall financial matters and gives you the chance to live a more successful life.

In addition, this bracelet also has Scorpio’s luck crystal that works quickly and efficiently in this sign’s Aura field. This crystal is TOURMALATED QUARTZ. This ensures an energy flow that helps the power of Picture Jasper to work actively in the Aura field. In addition, it passes on all its useful qualities to Scorpio.

Picture Jasper is worn when you wish to have success in business and at work. Picture Jasper helps to create a very good business intuition. Picture Jasper is a very intense crystal that grows worldly success and luck energy. A crystal that helps to attract good opportunities for self-fulfilment.

Tourmalated Quartz is a crystal that helps Scorpio spiritually evolve, make his intuition stronger and more clear. This is a crystal that helps Scorpio to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Thanks to Tourmalated Quartz the sense of knowing people and the ability to keep bad away from your life to some extent.

I recommend wearing this crystal with other crystals that amplify wealth energy. I have also designed a Zodiac sign "Wealth magnet" collection. You can find this bracelet for Scorpio HERE.

Find out more and dive into the mysterious world of zodiac signs in my first book HERE.

Charge this bracelet on a Citrine or Champagne Aura geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. when you’re not wearing it. Clean it at least once a month with a Cinnamon incense or essential oil


You can read more about charging and cleaning crystals HERE.
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