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CINNAMON ritual and magic candle

CINNAMON ritual and magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
CINNAMON ritual and magic candle
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CINNAMON is well-known for its loving energies. A powerful plant used in different love rituals and magics. The burning of Cinnamon can create a very pleasant feeling in you. A feeling that increases the energy of love and a desire to share it. In addition to its love related effects, Cinnamon is a really good prosperity energy increaser. In addition to the effects of love energy, Cinnamon is very good for increasing the energy of prosperity. Cinnamon has a very unique ability and character to make everything that surrounds it more positive. Positivity is also the number one thing for opening prosperity channels. In addition to all this, Cinnamon is also useful in opening up higher perceptions, helps to see the invisible and make the human soul more receptive to other souls.

Cinnamon candle brings love to home

Burn a candle with Cinnamon essence if you want to bring more romance, love and passion to the house. Cinnamon enhances unity and helps people to open emotionally in that room. Suitable for burning at home, where other family members are a bit more closed. Cinnamon helps to talk and express ones’ feelings.

Cinnamon essence at office or at the time of work brings good material luck

Burn Cinnamon candles at office or at the time of work, in order to enhance the performance and success of your work. Cinnamon is a very powerful plant used in the money magic rituals, used to attract abundance. You can place prosperity attracting candles next to the cinnamon candle, such as Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Citrine etc.

Activating the prosperity corner, box or material luck

Burn Cinnamon candle in the South-East region or near your prosperity crystals. Cinnamon candle helps to activate prosperous energy and helps to make the energies in the South-East areas more positive.

Cinnamon essence is the one that opens the energy needed for financial luck, helping to invite the good material opportunities. It is therefore beneficial to activate prosperity crystals with Cinnamon and those that you have set at your home in Feng Shui prosperity corner.  

Home with positive energy

Burning a Cinnamon candle or a  Cinnamon incense at home is very beneficial. Cinnamon helps to make the home more positive, fun, happier and into a better place. It’s especially useful to burn Cinnamon besides different crystals, crystal sets or rituals created for making home energy more positive. If you want a good mood, then light a Cinnamon incense or candle. 

Activating love crystals

Cinnamon essence has loving features and if you keep them together with other elements of love, then Cinnamon will help to activate them. Used to activate love crystals and move the energies of south area at home. South area in your home is a region of passion, romance and love.

Protection of love

Cinnamon candles are burned in the middle of the house if you want to release a bad luck of love or if there have been too many relationship problems lately. Cinnamon essence helps to clean issues regarding love and bring harmony. Helps to overcome various relationship crises and problems.

Romantic evening

Burn Cinnamon candle to fully relax and enjoy your companion's company so that unpleasant or unsettling topics would not come up. Cinnamon helps to live in the moment and enjoy the things that are given to us today. Cinnamon protects against sadness and negative thoughts.

Burn Cinnamon candle in the bedroom if you want to clean and balance the energy in your bedroom. This is especially useful if you want to get better along with your partner and strengthen your relationship. Cinnamon supports fertility and love. This means that Cinnamon gives the power to get pregnant, and this creates a more loving bond and communication. 

- Use in various  magic and rituals, where the importance of Cinnamon is mentioned.

Magic ritual for inviting prosperity

You will be able to make a ritual with prosperity crystals and with Cinnamon candle, incense to invite quick financial luck, or activate this energy in your life. If you feel you want to do this, be sure to give yourself the chance through this ritual. If you feel you want to do this, be sure to give yourself the chance through this ritual.

For the ritual, you will need one Cinnamon candle, three Cinnamon incense sticks, one paper money, one Dragons Bloodstone, Carnelian and Chrysoprase. Place the candle on a heat-resistant base, and three prosperity crystals around it. Close to the candle place one Cinnamon incense on an incense base. Take the paper money and put it next to the crystals.

Now, light the candle and then one incense stick, while exactly saying the ritual sentence six times: "Open the energy of financial luck!" Then leave the ritual to do its job. When the first incense has finished burning, then light the second incense, lighting the incense from a candle light, and at the same time saying the ritual sentence six times. If the second incense has been burnt, take the third and last incense and repeat the process.

When the third incense is burned, the ritual is finished, and the monetary energy is activated. You can then place the crystals in the prosperity box, altar or in the precise place where you want them to work for your financial luck. You can return the money either to a chest or a wallet. But the candle must be burned in the next few days.

This very simple ritual helps to activate financial energy and can be done again and again, but in this case always with new crystals that you can leave to serve for the same purpose.

You can read the spiritual overview of candles HERE.

Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candlel ca 60h. ATTENTION: COLOR OF THE CANDLES CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE!
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