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AMETHYST pendulum (brass)

AMETHYST pendulum (brass)
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Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in the world, used and also worn as jewellery and used in Feng Shui therapies. Amethyst is found in many parts of the world and is available in large amounts. Amethyst is mainly found in Brazil, India, Mexico, Bolivia and USA , and in many other areas. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz, with mainly lavender purple and deep purple shade. Amethyst may have white or transparent spots, which are part of a Rock Crystal. Amethyst is named after a Greek word ametusthoswhich means “not harmful” or “toxin free”. This is due to Amethyst freeing anger and bitterness from the soul and opening the spirit for healing.

Amethyst is a crystal that brings spiritual energy into its wearers Aura and into the environment where it exists simply as a crystal. Amethyst helps the soul to grow, develop, learn and to move on. Earth Goddess Gaia has gifted the Earth with a lot of Amethyst and this so that people wouldn´t forget the value of the soul – this is also one of the main qualities Amethyst carries in itself.

Amethyst is known for its spiritual energy and for the quality of amplifying the abilities in a persons soul. Amethyst is a crystal that brings piece, relieves stress and ensures a good nights sleep. Amethyst has the ability to strengthen intuition and to bring prophetic visions.

Amethyst is one of the most important healing crystals, that people interested in crystals should own. Amethyst has a very versatile power and it is a crystal that opens in itself exactly the power you today need the most. Amethyst opens healing and helping properties in itself according to what causes trouble, to heal it, or what interests you and gives good luck to that. You may have your own wish, that you give to Amethyst in your thoughts, for it to come true, Amethyst fulfils it and in addition supports you exactly with what you need support the most.

Keeping Amethyst close by for the whole life, helps you to learn from the lessons in your life, to use them for further development and to move on in life through lessons. Amethyst takes the human soul into movement, won´t let life stay still or end up in a vicious cycle. Amethyst helps to see obstacles and hardships as and also lessons- Seeing them like this, you learn from them quicker and free them from your path of life. Amethyst is a very useful self-development crystal. Amethyst should definitely have a place in your life. 

BRASS is antiseptic because it has copper in it. Brass has the ability to heal and not only in the emotional sense but also in the physical sense. Brass´ antiseptic quality has been used for healing for centuries.

Brass energetic abilities for example is directing vile energy away from the Aura body. Brass helps to release stuck energies.

Brass has the ability to direct itself for healing and it is quite an universal metal to be used with different crystals. This because brass has the ability to amplify the power of crystals and to transfer them to the right energy channels.


Universal pendulums are made of Amethyst, which means that you can actually get an answer to any question. 


Amethyst pendulum is used for Crown Chakra related problems, given energy to it in times the pendulum is used for different reasons.

- You can see with Amethyst if the Crown Chakra is working or not. For that you use it on Crown Chakra and let it to its work in there. If pendulum is swinging back and forth, then this Chakra has problems, if the pendulum stands still, then this Chakra is blocked. If the pendulum is going in circles, then this Chakra is opened. 

- If you constantly use a pendulum above the Crown Chakra then this helps to release blockages on that Chakra that is related to seeing future and communicating with Angels. Crown Chakra has to be healthy, if you have a wish to live and move on in life.

- Amethyst is used for healing stress, depression, sleep disorders and different addiction. 


Amethyst pendulum is universal for predicting, which you can use for looking into the past, present and future. Amethyst is one of the easiest prediction pendulums, with the ability to give you the answers on many different things.

Fore most, Amethyst helps to talk to you about future and is useful for confirming your gut feeling. Which means that Amethyst can tell that if you have a right or wrong feeling. 

I recommend Amethyst being the first pendulum, because it starts to do its work in a Aura very Quickly. Of course it will help you also when Amethyst visually pleases you. 

Amethyst pendulum helps to give you the direction, towards where you should move and where you should not go. It is good to use it when you need to make a decision about something. Amethyst helps to let you know, which things are useful for you and which are not.


For charging Amethyst pendulum the best things is Rock Crystal geode and Sage smoke. Rock Crystal geode helps Amethyst pendulum to recover. Pendulums need to be recovered so that they could give the right answers and this is also the reason they should have energy crystals.


Amethyst energy crystals are Aura Quartz and Azurite.

Desert Rose keep close to you while using pendulum, and if you are not using the pendulum, then keep it on the Desert Rose. Desert Rose restores the energy of prediction tools and helps them to give you the right answers. Desert Rose is and universal pendulum charging crystal, that restores the energy of the crystal.

You can find the full pendulum article from HERE, where you can read more about how to store, use and charge pendulums.

Size ca 5,2*1,7 cm
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