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ROCK CRYSTAL is one of the most common and well-known crystals on our Earth. Rock Crystal is a crystal the Earth has created the most and has done so for a reason. This crystal is an excellent healer, cleaner, activator, filterer and transmitter of energies. Rock Crystal is found all over the world in many different countries, for example, USA, Brazil, Madagascar etc. It is composed of silica and it belongs to the silica mineral group. Rock Crystal is from transparent to opaque, completely lacking in transparency by texture. Cracks in a Rock Crystal are completely typical and completely clear crystal is rare. It’s price also depends on its look and authenticity. It is quite simple to make fake Rock Crystal and therefore there are a lot of fake crystals on the market. Only natural gemstones have the energy qualities I write about. La Tene crystals are natural.

Rock Crystal has a high energy value which makes it into an instant healer. You can start feeling it’s effect quite quickly when you start using Rock Crystal or bring it into your life. Rock Crystal radiates its energy, giving healing and good energy to where it’s needed the most.

A person can never have too much Rock Crystal’s, the more you have them in your life, the better life you are living. Like all other crystals work fair and softly, silently invisibly, but bring you great results, Rock Crystal is the one who changes your life to a great extent. From time to time I recommend extending your collection of Rock Crystals so that everything in your life could move faster easier. Rock Crystal is the liberator of obstacles and the mover of energies, life.

Rock Crystal is the mother of almost all other crystals the Earth has created and creates many other crystals from this crystal. Rock Crystal is like a canvas Earth has used for creating other marvellous gemstones.

Rock Crystal helps to let go of the fear of loneliness and abandonment. When you constantly feel like you need to prove yourself, to like to someone, you can't express yourself from the heart and honestly out of fear what others say and think, then you may be stuck under that fear. Rock Crystal helps to come out of it. In addition to the Rock Crystal, Girasol and Hypersthene, with exactly the same effect, are also useful. By using these crystals together, their effect is a lot stronger and intense. 

Read my article "The fear of loneliness and abandonment" from HERE. When you recognize yourself in these thoughts of mine, then these crystals will be a great help to you.

Rock Crystal enhances your spiritual and mental skills, increasing your abilities and making you skilled. It is a crystal that adds a lot to your quality of life, making you more active and not only physically, but also spiritually and mentally. It is a crystal that improves memory and promotes concentration. Carry it with you or keep it close to you so that it makes your memory and attention extremely sharp.

Rock Crystal is closely related to the Crown Chakra and it has the ability to open the human soul to the spiritual world. By opening the eyes, Rock Crystal helps the person to develop in that stage he currently is. Rock Crystal is always a good crystal company on any road you’re in.

Rock Crystal helps to clear all unstable energies and sad thoughts from the Aura Field, and it also creates a stronger shield against pain. Rock Crystal is a powerful protective crystal for hypersensitive people, which helps them to cope with themselves. It helps to understand where the emotions come from, what to do with them and how to move forward if you feel bad. There are some very emotional people who need the help of Rock Crystal.

PYRAMID is an ancient symbol that carries the power to draw energy and to transfer it. Pyramids were first made for attracting the energy of the planets, the stars and the Sun-Moon from the sky, from the cosmos. Pyramids have the ability to bring energies from a long distance and also to send them far away. 

Pyramids are made of crystals, to forward their power quicker and, at the same time, to amplify their attraction of good luck even more. Every pyramid has it’s own power and special quality.

It would be good to use pyramids for bettering the energetics of the home, amplifying crystal sets and also for meditation.

Rock Crystal pyramid with a side of 28 mm has a transparent structure, a pyramid with a 50 mm is more frizzy and not as transparent.


Rock Crystal pyramid is one of the best home healers, it has the ability to send healing qualities all over the home. Where you have a Rock Crystal pyramid in your home is the place you have the cleanest energy of your home. It’s surrounding is balanced and when you are near it, then you’re feeling yourself very well. 

Rock Crystal pyramid is the ultimate energizer and I have written down a few possibilities for using this powerful crystal.

- Place Rock Crystal pyramid besides your crystal jewellery to amplify their energy and revitalize their healing powers.

- Keep the pyramid at the centre of the home according to the Feng Shui, which is a 50 m2 home is about 2 m radii in the centre of the home, and with a bigger area, the centre also gets bigger. Rock Crystal in the middle of the home helps to open the energy of living, to make it move and send the unnecessary energy out from the windows. That’s why the constant airing of the household is necessary. Also, Rock Crystal helps to amplify all other crystals you already have in the house, giving them so-called commands to act for the benefit of the homeowner.

- Keep Rock Crystal on your worktable or by your computer, when the work is related to the computer to amplify thoughts, to block exhaustion related to work or to bring good luck and success into business or career.

- Use Rock Crystal pyramid to clean and charge Chakras. For that keep the pyramid on the weakest Chakra and do so for at least half an hour to clean it, but to get energy keep the pyramid upside down. To understand whether your Chakras are healthy or not a pendulum is used. The pendulum that only cleans the given Chakra is kept above the Chakra and when it starts to move back and forth, then it refers to the Chakra problems when the pendulum stands still, then the Chakra is weakening, and when it circles, then it refers to good health.

- Rock Crystal pyramids are added to crystal sets (like money boxes or fertility crystals) to harmonise their qualities and to put them to work faster. 

It creates a connection with the spiritual and physical world

Rock Crystal has the power that helps people to connect with the spiritual and physical world. Rock Crystal makes the soul more sensitive to energies, helping to sense better, for example, the energies of crystals, plants, Earth, Moon, people or other objects and living beings. Rock Crystal helps to contact with energies, let them be energies in the invisible level or with a physical body. This is a crystal that helps to get into contact with the spiritual world, helping to find a connection with different kinds of souls, for example, people with their guardian angels, dead relatives, guide, Earth Gods or, rather, with Archangels. The same energy qualities make Rock Crystal into one of the best crystals for different power objects, like for crystal staffs, spheres, skulls, etc.

Your spiritual guide

Rock Crystal has the power that can set a person to think in the right direction. Every person has a very different background in this life, in previous lives, people have different skill sets, knowledge, lessons that are learned or not yet learned. But Rock Crystal is suitable for everyone. Rock Crystal adapts to the person’s energy field with whom it needs to start to work with, drawing this persons energy and then, automatically, sending this person the energy, guidelines and enlightening he needs to get or know. Rock Crystal improves spiritual growth, it is like a guide that directs the person towards the right path. By directing to the right path, it brings lessons that need to be learned and what are beneficial, bringing knowledge on that road that is needed, and changes that are important for the future life. Rock Crystal does not create coincidences, it creates all that is needed to be experienced. It is particularly beneficial to bring Rock Crystal into your life for your own spiritual development and to let it make corrections in you secretly.

Rock Crystal increases tolerance and helps you to understand other people better, helping you to understand why one or another person is the way he is. Rock Crystal teaches the person to think spiritually, helping to increase the understanding that every person today on a different path have different backgrounds and learned lessons. We are all different and therefore one or another person is behind us in development.

Wear Rock Crystal with you in one way or another, when you are visiting different spiritual locations. Rock Crystal helps you to acquire all you went to look from there, let it be peace, balance, increasing your efficiency, increasing the energy of love or strengthening protection. Spiritual places are, for example, Stonehenge, Hrubà Skàla or other holy places in nature.

Mood improver

Rock Crystal frees the negative energies in every person, which means it does a lot of work for losing the stress-energy. Rock Crystal is the improver of mood and spirit. The crystal that can release the unnecessary stress, thoughts and feelings. Rock Crystal helps to retain what is real, what is useful and what is real. Rock Crystal is the liberator of false information and this is what could make moods very negative most of the time. Rock Crystal won´t let fear anything unnecessarily, to panic or to keep many other negative emotions upfront. Keep Rock Crystal with you daily, when you feel like you want something that would help you to simply feel good.

Rock Crystal lowers energy consumption

It is useful to keep Rock Crystal on or with different electronic devices or, in addition, to keep it in the car. Rock Crystal knowingly helps to lower energy consumption in devices it is attached to or close to. I recommend taking Rock Crystal into the car to lower its fuel consumption. For example, you could take a small geode or pyramid into a car, as they help to improve the energy of the car, helping to remove the energy of misfortune that promotes problems, failures and accidents.

Electromagnetic radiation and negative energy

Rock Crystal has the ability to reject electromagnetic radiation, that is to protect from it. The more Rock Crystal there is near you or in your home environment, the less electromagnetic radiation affects you. It is the invisible pathogen today, that creates nerve problems, mental illnesses, tiredness, stress and negative thoughts and mood. It is beneficial to wear Rock Crystal or to keep it in your home or even at work, where there are a lot of electronics.

Energy cleaner and filtrate

Rock Crystal is one of the best crystals to be used for energetic cleansing and filtrating energies. It has the ability to release all of the negative energy no matter where it exists. Where you place the Rock Crystal is where it will cleanse the energies. When you bring Rock Crystal into your home, then it will clean your home, will help the negative energies to start moving and when Rock Crystal is in a home, then it is very important that you from time to time burn different incenses and candles. All of this for the negative energy released by the Rock Crystal could exit the house fully. Incenses and candles will contribute to that process and will finish that process properly.

There is no wrong place for a Rock Crystal in the home environment. No matter where you place the Rock Crystal, it will be good for your well-being. But there are places the Rock Crystal should be. I recommend keeping Rock Crystal in one or another form near the front door of the house so that it could filtrate the entering energy. It works like a filter that won´t let bad energy to enter the home. It is very useful to keep Rock Crystal in every different room so that the energy channel energies in every room and quarter could orderly work, In addition, it is particularly beneficial to keep Rock Crystal in the room that is walked through the most, where a lot of stress-energy is usually gathered. By keeping Rock Crystal in there you will give your home the possibility to be stress-free. Exactly the other way around it would be good to keep Rock Crystal in a room in the house that no-one really uses and where energies have been standing still. By keeping Rock Crystal there you help that room and quarter energy channel to move actively. Anyhow, it is very useful to have a piece of Rock Crystal and the more there is, the healthier is your home.

Rock Crystals with a different shape work slightly differently, therefore it is very useful to have a lot of different Rock Crystals. One will send healings out of them, others block energies getting stuck, the shape is extremely important. Pyramids, obelisks, spheres and every other shape and symbol has its own power. Be sure to read about them to understand what does what, I have written it all down for you.

Rock Crystal balances everything and everyone that is out of balance. Rock Crystal is one of the best balancers!

Add it to different crystals

Rock Crystal goes with every other crystal, it won´t change their energies or bring out certain qualities. When you combine crystals, then certain abilities will open in them, that they have in common. Rock Crystal has a universal effect when you join it with another crystal. Rock Crystal makes the other crystal more powerful, helps it to work faster and more efficiently and that’s why it is very useful to keep Rock Crystal in different crystal sets, in any crystal altar, etc.

It is very easy to program the Rock Crystal.

Rock Crystal absorbs energies which means that this crystal can very easily submit to programming. Programming means that crystals are given a certain goal for existing and it will start to work for one certain goal. By holding Rock Crystal in your hand and making a wish, it will start to work on your wish immediately. It is useful to use Rock Crystal as the crystal for fulfilling dreams.

One of the best FENG SHUI crystals

Rock Crystal is one of the most needed crystals in your home, that is indispensable for keeping the Feng Shui energies balanced.

Rock Crystal only benefits your home. The more you have them in your home, the healthier is your homes energy field. The existence of the Rock Crystal helps all the other positive energies, the healings, crystal altars and rituals you created to work.

The Rock Crystals power is especially powerful between the first quarter of the Moon and the Full Moon, that is during the waning Moon.

The power of Rock Crystal is particularly powerful during the phase of the waning Moon. The energy inside the crystal will grow strongly. By knowing this it is always useful to use all your Rock Crystal jewellery or power objects exactly during that time. For example, it is useful to predict with Rock Crystal runes during the Waning Moon, ask for advice from the pendulum or using Rock Crystal Emma wishing stones during the meditation. The crystals energies will amplify double just at that point.

When you have a connection with the Rock Crystal...

At one point you’ll discover that Rock Crystal is fascinating you, something is attracting you to it and you are feeling that you need the Rock Crystal, then your intuition is telling you a little something. The connection with the Rock Crystal will happen in a time when you need a major clean up in your life, you need to recover from something and step into a new path. Rock Crystal is a very powerful cleaner, charger and amplifier of energies. Getting into a contract with the Rock Crystal is a sign that you need to make corrections in your life before you turn a new page in your life. When the Rock Crystal has charmed you, then be sure to bring it into your life in different forms and use them. Wear and use Rock Crystal daily for as long as you feel like the need for this crystal has started to fade. Rock Crystal has something quite big to give to you and to change something big in your life or soul when your intuition directs you towards this.


- Rock Crystal is a universal healer and suits for the healing of all kinds of physical and mental health problems. Rock Crystal gives a person the strength to come out of the health problems, giving restoring energy to the body. Rock Crystal is a perfect and universal healer that supports general well-being.

- A wonderful crystal for healing children. When the child has an illness, even when it is hidden, with a cause unknown, then Rock Crystal is the perfect healing crystal in a situation like this. Rock Crystal manages to uproot the pathogen entered in the deepest energy level and to release it gradually. It is suitable for children because their illnesses are usually hard to miss. But of course, Rock Crystal goes for everyone for healing.

- Rock Crystal helps the human soul to grow and develop, that is extremely important in strengthening mental health. Mental health is very important and the Rock Crystal helps to direct the soul towards the healing constantly. Rock Crystal helps to learn from the life lessons, let go of negative energy and to constantly move on with life, and all of this will ensure strong mental health.

- Releases the negativity and energies that have gotten stuck. By doing this the Rock Crystal can remove a number of pathogens at the source. By wearing and using the Rock Crystal for healing, you are actually giving yourself the possibility to be healthy physically and mentally.

- Rock Crystal releases the toxins from the body, that will cause illnesses in the human body physically. The body embraces toxins through the air, household care, medicine, foods, meat, animal milk products and many other harmful foods that are processed and full of toxins that do not have life energy in them. A very big cause for getting sick are the very same toxins that exist in the body and that cannot leave the body by itself. 


All geodes have unique and one of a kind appearance. Which means, that the geode you order, looks slightly different from the geode presented in the picture. All geodes are created by Earth.

Read also about Leo´s life purpose from HERE, from one of my articles about Leos.

Rock Crystal should surely be present at Leo birth crystal set. Apart from Rock Crystal helping Leo to accomplish its life purpose, it also helps to fulfil the dreams of Leo and make the wishful thinking stronger. You can read more about birth crystal sets from HERE

Rock Crystal is a crystal for happiness and well-being for those born at the time of the Gemini Cancer zodiac cusp. Rock Crystal helps to clear your thoughts, get rid of overthinking, it brings health and a sense of well-being. All those born at the time of the Gemini and Cancer zodiac cusp should own a Rock Crystal.

The Rock Crystal pyramid stores its energy charge for a very long time and by keeping it in your home you need to clean it only a few times a year. Crystals used for healing should all be cleaned under the running water and later to be placed to charge on the windowsill if another possibility is not noted. 
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