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SAGE "HARMONY" smudge stick

SAGE "HARMONY" smudge stick
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Smudge stick SAGE "HARMONY" consists of white sage, consists of white sage, yellow gerbera and dark red carnation. Sage is the most versatile and multifunctional energy healer, designed to remove negative energy and energy blockages.

White sage is accompanied by a yellow gerbera that delights, balances and creates a feeling of satisfaction. In addition, there is a dark red carnation that creates relationship luck, personal luck and work luck. The combination of these three plants creates a harmonizing smudge stick with which you can cleanse and activate your home, your own Aura Field, objects and crystals.

Harmony smudge stick has a universal and multifunctional effect. It can be used regularly and its regular use is very beneficial for you, constantly helping to balance both your own and your home's energy. Burn it in every room, let the plant smoke clean up inconsistencies, stress and replace it with harmony and happy energy.

If you are cleaning your home or your own Aura Field with it, focus only on the good. Dream, think positively, get luck wishes into the universe. Create only good things for yourself with the law of attraction. Inject your own home energy positivity.

Using this smudge stick is extra good in the First Quarter of the Moon. It then helps to create a feeling of well-being and harmony. It is always best to do this during this Lunar phase.


If you want to set the ritual plant on fire, hold it at a 45-degree angle and set it to burn from a candle or matches. It is definitely more convenient to do it with a candle, and so you can light it over and over again once the smoke has subsided. Let the flame stay for at least 10 seconds or more, then shake the flame to extinguish and use its smoke. To burn the ritual plant, you can use a special ritual plant bowl or incense holder to collect the ash.

Read a longer article about the sage ritual plant HERE, where I have also written about how to clean your home with sage, as well as many other interesting and useful things.

Size Stick length ca 10 cm.
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