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AGATE geode (double)

AGATE geode (double)
AGATE geode (double)
AGATE geode (double)
AGATE geode (double)
AGATE geode (double)
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These AGATE geodes are sold as a set of two geodes. Every set has a unique appearance, but the pair is similar. Geode colour varies from beige to black.

All geodes have unique and one of a kind appearance. Which means, that the geode you order, looks slightly different from the geode presented in the picture. All geodes are created by Earth.    

AGATE by its mineral properties is a cryptocrystalline Quartz and in turn also a Silica. There are hundreds of types of Agate, each with a different colour and with different properties. This Agate here is the mother of all Agates, that is the main Agate. Getting to know Agate is big science and if there is no knowledge about its components, then often Agates and Jaspers are mistaken by eyes, as there are also many types of Jaspers. It is actually very simple to differ between two mineral groups – Agate has a transparent structure, Jasper has not. 

Agate is a crystal that helps to protect from everything and from all bad. Agate crystal is a very widespread crystal around the world, which, in turn, has very many different types and every one has its own specific ability. Regular Agate, for example, protects from physical accidents, violence and misfortune. Agate crystal is one of the oldest crystals, imprinted into the history of humanity by its usage. Agate has a very profound history, as it has been also used all over the world as a protective talisman against evil and against the effect of the invisible eye. Besides that, Agate was carried when travelling from one area to another, to survive in poor weather conditions. Agate mainly comes from Uruguay, Brazil and Germany.

Agate Geodes are powerful healers because of the small crystal complexes in them, that emit powerful energy. Agate Geode is used for amplifying/charging rooms, environment, people, magical tools and other crystals, and for cleaning from negative energy, gathered in them.

It is a crystal that protects against conflicts that do not have a good outcome, or gives you the opportunity to turn conflicts to your advantage. 

The colour of Agate Geodes is very variable, from lighter to darker tones.


For that, set Agate crystal on the windowsill and keep your jewellery on it or beside it during the night or also during the day. Agate Geode gets energy from both, to charge other crystals by the Moon or by the Sun. Agate Geode is generally used for charging crystal jewellery made for protective purposes.

Agate Geode is used for charging jewellery with protective energy. This helps the power of these crystals to be recovered so that they could serve you for a long period.

You can read more about charging and cleaning crystal jewellery from HERE.

"Protecting home energy" 

Agate Geode can be kept by the front door in a home, to protect from bad energy or negativity entering the house. Besides that, Agate Geode helps to clean sad, negative and concerning thoughts brought home. Many people bring stress from work to home and by walking by Agate besides your home door, it helps to leave the worry outside.

If you create a home protection crystal set for yourself, then Agate Geode is one of the most important crystals for that.

"Gemini home, relationship happiness and healing crystal"

Agate geode is a crystal for domestic peace, relationship happiness and strength for a Gemini. Agate is, in general, a crystal which energy and power Gemini can very quickly accept his Aura body and what very quickly starts to work with him. Agate geode is a filter, healer for energies, and it has very strong protective abilities. Agate geode should be in a Gemini home because it can make him more stable and more balanced. If a Gemini has a lover and he is in a relationship, then Agate geode helps to avoid relationship problems, helping to heal all the conflicts that appear over time. Agate geode helps Gemini to express himself better and it is a crystal that protects the connection between him and his lover. Agate geode is one of the main geodes at a Gemini home. First, I recommend keeping Agate geode in the South Quarter of the home, besides the front door of the house and on the South-West Quarter.

"Keeping away nightmares and vile souls" 

Set Agate Geode into your bedroom and if you have a mirror in there, then in front of that mirror. Agate Geode can protect you from vile souls in your sleep. If you have experienced nightmares and very freighting dreams, then this crystal is useful for you.

Agate is a crystal I recommend using so that wrong visions won´t appear into your dreams. Agate helps to keep away vile souls and even demons, who knowingly send you the faulty dreams. Dreams that unnecessarily scare and deceive you. To get this power from Agate, carry it with you and keep a piece of Agate in your bedroom. 

If your child experiences nightmares, then put an Agate geode in his bedroom, or keep it under a bed.
You can read more about nightmares from HERE.

"Getting free from sleep disorders"

Agate geode can help people who suffer from sleep disorders. Set a geode in your bedroom and, if possible, under the bed. Agate geode helps to get free from overthinking. If you have a problem waking up too early, then set beside it a Ruby in Fuchsite crystal. This crystal has the ability to help you sleep longer. 

"Protection from vile people" 

Agate geode in any room or in any place in your house helps to keep away the following: Agate geode won´t let vile or egoistic souls to get into your house, helps the family to get rid of stress and sadness, helps to clean stuck energies.

"Sending magic on the way" 

Geode is kept close while doing magic, especially while doing protection magic. Agate geode amplifies any kind of magical procedures, giving extra strength and power for it to succeed. 

"Computer addiction" 

Agate geode is kept in a child's bedroom if there are problems with computer addiction or anxiety. Agate geode helps to free from obsessions emerging from computers on any other electronic devices. Besides addictions, it helps to free from vile, aggressive, melancholic and depressive thoughts. Keep Agate geode under the bed, if the child sees nightmares often, is afraid of his bed, darkness and invisible characters. 

"Families material misfortune"

Agate can free material misfortune energy and if you or any other family member is experiencing material misfortune, then you shall get helping energy from Agate geode. This crystal is set on the South-East Quarter in a home and if you have a corner for it, set it there. The second possibility is to keep Agate geode on your table.

"Learning and concentrating on studies"

Agate can memorize facts and it is very useful during studies. For that, set Agate geode on a school desk or work desk. Besides that or on the same base as this, you can also add Dumortierite and Sodalite crystal. These two crystals through Agate geode help to lead great power to your Aura, that helps you to memorize these facts faster, quicker and more effectively. Agate Geode helps to concentrate on a goal.


Agate is a lucky crystal for people born in the year of the Pig. Every person born in the pig year could and should have this crystal at home or as jewellery. Agate is a crystal that is good to give to those born in the pig year, it brings him happiness, joy, satisfaction, strong health, protects him from misfortune and evil. In addition, Agate helps to strengthen the weak characteristics of those born in the pig year and contributes to the overall balance. The more Agate, the happier the soul!

Geode doesn´t need charging, they are only cleaned once a month with a ritual plant smoke. Agate geode can be cleaned with Sage smoke.
Size Different shaped geodes average size is ca 4*4*3 cm
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