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All geodes are unique and unique in appearance. Which means, that the geode you order, looks slightly different from the geode presented in the picture. Earth has created all the geodes.


ARAGONITE GEODE or Aragonite Star Crystal is a pointed crystal that resembles a star. Aragonite geode is a potent crystal that was first discovered inSpain near Aragon. Aragonite main mining site is  Morocco. This crystal is also find in Namibia, Mexico and Spain, and to a lesser extent in England. Aragonite geode has a peaky structure for its characteristic appearance and its main colour is the orange-brown texture.

Aragonite geode has the ability to heal the environment in which it exists and provides additional energy for restoring energy, making it a crystal of very valuable power. Aragonite geode is a very needed crystal for those who work with crystals, improve their homes with the energy of crystals and heal their home from the energy sources of the Feng Shui.

Aragonite geode will attract you to itself, or enchant you when you need extra strength and Aura cleansing. Aragonite geode helps to release the blockages in the human Aura if held in hands.

Thanks to its crystal points, Aragonite can send spiritual light everywhere where it is needed.

Open communication

Aragonite geode opens people to communicate. This is one of the reasons why to bring Aragonite geode home, to the working environment or, if you are dealing with healing / therapies, bring it to the therapy rooms. In the environment where Aragonite geode exists, will open people in this environment to communicate with each other, only in a positive way. Aragonite geode opens you to share your thoughts and talk about your emotions on a calm tone.

Improving the relationship

Aragonite geode is very useful for those couples who do not interact with each other and who have grown apart. For this couple, I recommend keeping Aragonite geode in both the living room and the bedroom. If there is a set of crystals in the bedroom that has been created for the relationship, then this geode is very good to add to that set. Aragonite geode will open the love crystals to work for improving the relationship. Each set of crystals should have a geode in it that directs the power of other crystals to the right places.

Releasing stress

Aragonite geode has the ability to release stress from the human Aura, which means it releases the excessive negative energy that breaks your Aura. To do this, keep this crystal in your hand during the very stressful period and focus on keeping the stress out of your body. After that, clean the geode with a Sage smoke.

To make life more stable

Aragonite geode has the ability to make the human soul more stable by dividing excessive energy from an Aura that makes the soul nervous. Aragonite geode is useful in keeping in different rooms at home so that these geodes create a network of your home that heals the energy of your home and your soul. If you live together with Aragonite geode, they will make you more stable and help you cope with your life. They also block the tensions between family members.

Put Aragonite geodes on top or inside the pots of different plants if you want to bring them a lot of them to your home. The plants have the ability to amplify the energy of the crystals.

Beneficial for learning

Keep Aragonite geode on the school desk to make learning easier. Aragonite geode increases concentration and helps to accelerate analytical capacity. It is a crystal that helps to memorize facts and improve academic success.

Aragonite geode can also be carried along to school to focus on the learning among the other people. Aragonite geode is very useful during a period where you have been away from studying and you must learn a lot of information quickly.

Aragonite geode is suitable for both the first-grade student and the adult learner attending university. This is a crystal that will help you succeed in what you do.

Remembering past lives

Aragonite geode has the power to restore the memories that are related to our past lives. To do this, meditate with Aragonite geode or keep it in the bedroom under the bed. If there is a set of Angel crystals or crystals for astral journey, then this geode is added to them.

Through the sleep, Aragonite will be able to recall these memories, giving you the opportunity to experience the situations experienced and get answers to your past lives.

If you like, you can test your subconscious mind and before you go to bed, you can keep Aragonite geode in your hand. While holding it, ask yourself to be shown your past memories of your past life through sleep. Fall asleep holding the geode and wake up in the morning trying to remember what you dreamed about. Through the Aragonite geode you may get very powerful and mysterious experiences.

Helps to release the past

Aragonite geode is very useful crystal for those who cannot break with their past. It helps to relieve emotions that are hurting and do not let to enjoy life. To use this crystal for this purpose, hold it in your hand, meditate at the time of sadness. One day, when the past has been released, this geode should be taken to the nature and give thanks for the help given.

I use Aragonite geode in making predictions and reading human Aura. This is a geode that is in my therapy and private room to open the human Aura who has come to visit me. To open his Aura so I can read the information he carries.


Keep Aragonite geode next to the bedside of a sick person or under the bed so that Aragonite can heal the physical body. Aragonite has the ability to direct the energies within themselves to the right places for the physical body to be able to recover.

- People who have had a fracture or who have suffered or are suffering a great trauma require this geode to recover. Aragonite geode helps your body to recover quickly and retrieve physical strength. To do this, Aragonite geode must be next to the affected person's bed, or it can be constantly held in hand during>
- Aragonite geode is placed on the body where there is a serious illness. For example, if there is an illness in the intestines in which the healing is desired, then it is kept on the abdomen. If the heart has problems and the heart does not want to work, it will be kept above the heart. I recommend it for healing purposes if there is a serious illness in the body. From time to time, rest with Aragonite geode and let it do its healing.


All the geode crystals are used for charging crystal jewellery. Aragonite geode is one of the most powerful crystal healers for a universal purpose besides the Rock Crystal geode. If all other geodes have more specific forces, Aragonite geode is able to charge all crystals despite their purpose and spiritual strength.

In addition, Aragonite geode is used to charge powerful crystal jewelleries. Crystals that have a stronger energy field such as Uvarovite, Spinel, Larimar etc.

To charge the jewellery, a "charging altar" is created at home, where to store the different geodes jewelleries that you wear on those geodes. The crystals need to be charged to restore the energies the crystal had to give out for your well-being.

Aragonite geode is very often used when charging jewellery that is used to solve difficult problems, heal a disease or protection purposes. All this is because the Aragonite geode can restore those crystals that have used their power to a large extent. In these problems, the crystals usually work at maximum power.

Aragonite geode do not need to be cleaned separately if you do traditional home cleaning rituals or from time to time burn ritual plants, candles and incense on the "charging altar".

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