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SUNSTONE flatstone

SUNSTONE flatstone
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SUNSTONE has a very strong positive energy vibration that brings sunshine into the life of a person who uses that crystal. Sunstone is for you when you feel like you need a positive charge and the ability to live more cheerfully. The characteristic colour of the Sunstone is beige-orange, which may appear shiny and sparkling from the inside. Rough Sunstone is darker, polished stones have more vivid tones. Sunstone is mostly found in Canada, India, Russia, Greece and also Norway.

The sparkling parts inside the Sunstone are from Hematite meaning that in that place the Sunstone has Hematite. Many Sunstone crystals do not have shiny places very visible and this because in that place inside the hearth there may have not been that many Hematite particles. This gives you a small and interesting piece of knowledge about this marvellous crystal.

Sunstone is a crystal filled with positivity, that breathes confidence, independence and originality. Sunstone helps people to become like the Sunstone is – a crystal with the power that could make everything around it positive. A crystal that is useful and needed in every moment of life.


Different flatstone shaped crystals are made from different semi-precious crystals, to use them as massage object, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flattened shape provides a good and convenient way to use the crystal in therapies. These crystals can be used exactly the same way as round crystals are used. If you like this shape more, be sure to use flatstone crystals. In this crystal, all the essential characteristics of this crystal are present. This shape simply transforms this crystal into a better meditation and healing crystal.

Flatstone healing crystals are always held in a bag/box meant for healing crystals. If you do not have a thing like this, then I recommend creating it, so that crystals would maintain their power for as long as possible.

Sunstone is a crystal that helps you to build healthy and positive self-esteem. Sunstone has the power that teaches a person soul that no matter what kind of setback you face in life, you always have to move on in life, to learn from it and to never get stuck in it. Sunstone helps you to rise above the pressure from other people and society, helping you to be who you want to be, letting you become what you wish to become, and make it to where your fate wants you to go. Sunstone helps you to bring out your personality, to be who you are. Particularly useful crystal for enhancement and healing of self-esteem. 

Sunstone is a Solar Plexus Chakra crystal, that gives it a lot of useful energy. You can read more about Solar Plexus Chakra from HERE.

Sunstone is of great help during the life period when it is emotionally hard. In a period where you cannot find the energy to go forward and you need emotional support. This is a crystal that stops sadness, stress and depression. This is a crystal that keeps you always on a positive and optimistic wave. The Sunstone helps you to keep joyfulness in every moment of life. If you feel like life is not worth living, then Sunstone could be your companion. Sunstone helps to eliminate the suicidal and negative thoughts from your soul.

Sunstone is a crystal that helps to get rid of people who hurt you and who you really don´t want in your life. If you use this crystal in your home, then it helps to keep away the people who bring misfortune into your life. You can add a piece of Sunstone among your home protection crystals. Protection crystals are kept beside the front door of a home. If you do not have any crystals there yet, then Sunstone could be one of the first ones there.

Sunstone helps to get rid of the constant need for fatty foods, helping to get rid of the excessive consumption of fatty foods. Sunstone gives the soul the energy which otherwise is sought from fatty foods. Therefore, it is good to wear the Sunstone when you want to keep a diet or discipline yourself. 

Sunstone will always help you to move on with your life. Sunstone is the crystal that won´t let you stand still in whatever the situation you are in. If today you are having a tough time, then the Sunstone teaches you that this does not mean that you should now standstill in that tough situation. Sunstone teaches you to keep your head high and to stand against life with a straight back. Sunstone brings vitality to a soul, that helps to think about the future, to plan it and to be always motivated to change your life for the better

Sunstone is a crystal with a confidence increasing power, that makes people more courageous, enthusiastic and more independent. A crystal that teaches to stand up for himself, to venture into his own dreams and to make an effort for their own ambitions. A crystal that makes you move and to work towards your own success. A crystal that makes people more original, bringing out their unique qualities and making them more distinguished. If you wish to stand outside the grey mass, to be outstanding and special, then the Sunstone helps you to become a person like this.

Sunstone has a very beneficial effect in the material sense, helping to increase material luck and happiness. Crystal, that helps cash flow to move and money wheel to be in an endless spin. Sunstone helps to achieve economic success, giving you good ideas on how to achieve it. In addition, Sunstone is a crystal that increases the financial luck in everything you do and in what you could earn something.

Sunstone helps to fulfil goals, ambitions and dreams set for yourself. If you wish to create something, for example, to start a project and to gather personal success through that, then Sunstone will support you on this road. Sunstone helps to give good luck to ambitions and to create room on the road of success for their existence.

Letting go of unreasonable sadness and negativity

Sunstone with Rutilated Quartz create a powerful duo, that helps you to get free from unreasonable sadness, negativity, stress and from all the harmful emotions, which Wearing these two crystals with you, they can understand what makes you sad, and what will be the solution of getting free of this all. Keep the crystals with you until you are again happy, positive and viable. I recommend you to find a bag for these two crystals, to place them together and add a photo of yourself into that bag if you wish to do crystal therapy to yourself. If you do so, then you can keep these crystals in your home and you do not necessarily have to carry this crystal with you daily. These crystals can heal you through your photograph. Keep this crystal in a bag for as long as you have healed yourself emotionally and after that, release these crystals to nature as a reward, so that they could release the negativity captured from you.

"Positivity for your home"

Sunstone is the ultimate creator of positivity and gives your home a great deal of good energy for you to be happy in your own home. Use Sunstone for improving and healing your home Feng Shui energy. There are many possibilities on how to use Sunstone in your home.

- You can create a good mood crystal set for your kitchen or living room table. Set Sunstone therewith, Citrine geode, Yellow Calcite, Yellow QuartzMokaite, Citrine, CarnelianOrange Calcite and other crystals that bring a good mood. These crystals together will start to bring a good mood into your family and to your home. A crystal set like this helps you to feel good in our own home.

- Set Sunstone into the Southern Quarter in your home. Sunstone in that quarter brings a lot of happiness, energy, vitality and positivity into your home.

- While building a house, set one Sunstone crystal in each of the outer corners of the foundation. This for protecting your home from stress, depression and negativity. In addition, a Sunstone network like this helps to create positive energy to your home, preventing bad energy to get stuck in your house.

"Helps to lead and manage projects"

Sunstone is a crystal of leaders, that helps you to lead and manage confidently your projects. This is a crystal that gives you energy and strength for leading. Suitable for people, who work on a leading position and for those, who wish to work on a position like this. Sunstone gives happiness for successfully doing big and substantial works. Sunstone encourages to take responsibility and opens you up to organize.

Place Sunstone crystal onto your work desk, office or between business documents. For increasing your luck at work and the ability to manage big projects.

If you work in a leading position, then be creative and set as many Sunstones in your office as possible. Sunstone helps to reinforce your position and to bring you good luck in the material sense with that work.

"Abundance channel"

Sunstone is a positive energy transmitter and crystal that works very well with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Sunstone activates the abundance channel that is placed directly inside the Solar Plexus Chakra in a person, opening that channel and also opening the possibilities in your life that bring you good luck. Sunstone brings special luck in the material sense, helping to bring you success at work and good success. If you don´t want to wear Sunstone jewellery, then use crystals for opening the channel of abundance through the energy of your home.

Use Sunstone in the middle of abundance crystal, set it to the most South-East room in your home. South-East symbolizes good fortune and abundance. If you bring abundance crystals to that place, then you will activate such energy in your home.

Add Sunstone to the money boxes or chests. Do different magic and rituals, where you use Sunstone and what you can later transfer to the box of abundance to make their work.

"Activate Sunstone to work abundantly"

Magic and rituals should be constantly done to Crystals so that they could work better in your home. You can do a ritual for Sunstone so that it would start to work on your abundance in your home. In addition, give it abundant words – activate it into work abundantly.

- Take a Sunstone without a previous task or that has never been used in different sets of crystals, this means that the Sunstone has to be with clean energy.

- Take Sunstone into your hand and with an abundant wish into it and this crystal could only have one goal. Wish for better luck at work or, for example, that you could one day buy your own home.

- Set Sunstone inside a yellow cloth or bag and add also cash into that bag. The amount of money should be quite big so that this money energy could give the message to Sunstone quickly so that it could bring material abundance into your life.

- Wear this Sunstone bag with you for exactly 7 days and then open the bag, take the money from there and set the Sunstone to the corner of abundance. Place it into a money box, corner of abundance, and this could be the first crystal in that corner.

With a little chiding like this, you will activate the Sunstone into working for you.


For healing purposes Sunstone is worn on the body, or having a massage with Sunstone massage crystals massage. In addition, you can place the crystal to the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the healing corner is placed - East symbolises health.

Sunstone is a crystal that is not used for making water elixirs because it contains metals. 

- Sunstone is useful for digestion, metabolism, exiting toxins from the body and for different metabolism problems. Eases muscle cramps, cleans the whole Chakra system, chronic throat problems.

- Helps to heal the depressed person or someone, who does not wish to live any more. Helps to get rid of suicidal thoughts and strengthen the will to live. Helps to maintain a youthful mind in older people and helps them to be active and full of life energy.

- Sunstone is good for people who suffer from stress caused by the time difference. Suitable for people who feel bad while travelling and cannot put their sleep schedule into place because of the time difference. 

-  Helps to heal who has negative thoughts and who are not satisfied with their body


Solar Plexus Chakra is the fourth Chakra in your body, related to material security, success at work, good luck, positivity and optimism. Sunstone helps to achieve all of this, as this is a Solar Plexus Chakra crystal.

Sunstone is a crystal that is related to the Sun the most. The Sunstone absorbs the energy from the Sun and charges itself the fastest under the Sun. Sunstone has similar abilities as the Sun, it gives you the energy you need and strength for existing. You will draw the power of the Sun quicker when you wear Sunstone. I recommend Sunstone if you wish to be in contact with the most needed star for us and to get strength from it. In addition, Sunstone heals your Solar Plexus Chakra and during the winter, when you are not in the Sun as much, replaces the energy it usually gives you. Therefore it is particularly useful to wear Sunstone during the darkest wintry times.


Sunstone brings for LEOS good professional success and for ARIES good sexual life and helps VIRGO to get rid of stress.

Sunstone helps Aries to achieve peace and balance, and make the right decisions. This crystal brings them success and luck, and, in addition, relieves stress, brings a positive attitude and improves mood.

LEOS  lucky crystal is the Sunstone, which has the ability to keep stress and negativity away from him. Sunstone protects Leo from the characteristic negative traits from the zodiac energies, helping him to shine in his own light and vitality without anything ruining it. Sunstone helps Leo be good to others and this teaches them to take care of themselves. This crystal brings him success at work, prosperity makes his move and work hard for success.

The zodiac crystal´s effect will be carried forward, even if the talisman is worn for a different purpose.


According to numerology, the Sunstone is a lucky crystal for people born on the life path number 1. Sunstone brings good luck in every field of life, helping to bring success into every activity. Sunstone is particularly useful for professional and business success.

Sunstone is also a lucky talisman for people born on the 19th despite the zodiac sign they are born under. Sunstone helps to amplify the positive traits in people born in the 19th and at the same time to block traits that numerologically are badly affected. For example, Sunstone helps to be happy, notice your own accomplishments and to keep good relationships with other people.

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