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CLINOZOISITE is a very beautiful looking crystal with a characteristic pink tone, with translucent light green, dark green and white colour. The ingredients of the mineral give Clinozoisite its colour. Clinozoisite is a crystal made of two crystal compounds. Clinozoisite consists of Zoisite and Epidote. Clinozoisite is mainly from England, Namibia and Peru. Can also be found in other countries.

The key feature of Clinozoisite is to increase and make something more powerful. Clinozoisite can further increase the positive energies, activate happiness even more quickly, increase the abundance energies and, for example, increase the money flow. Clinozoisite makes any energy more powerful that it is combined with. Clinozoisite can be worn together with any crystal, added to any crystal set and use it wherever you want to use it. Clinozoisite boosts good energies and gives you the opportunity to make something even more powerful than it already is.

Clinozoisite brings most luck in love, money and strengthens your intuition!

Clinozoisite is very useful for wearing with some other crystal and this crystal has an encouraging and self-enhancing effect. Clinozoisite makes you more powerful, more capable and helps you believe in yourself more. It is very useful to wear Clinozoisite together with Tiger's Eye or Bronzite so that the same qualities would appear on these crystals. If you do not want to carry these crystals, you can create a set of crystals designed to make your personality more powerful. To do this, put these three crystals in a yellow or brown bag, add your own photo inside the bag, and keep this crystal sac at home. With the picture, you can do crystal therapy from distance.

Helps you to develop spiritually and free you from habits/mindset that is blocking your development.

Clinozoisite helps to free yourself from behaviours that prevent you from developing spiritually. Your intuition can not develop, dreams can not always be prophetic, you can not cope with your life tasks if there is something in you that does not allow you to develop spiritually. Clinozoisite helps you to free yourself from habits and ways of thinking that slow down your development process. Carry this crystal with yourself or keep it in your birth crystal set, if you want it to help you in that way.

If Clinozoisite has released you from these habits and mindsets, it works as a white-lighter. This means that it starts to show you where you need to move and it will make a fast change in you, giving you new habits and ways of thinking that are useful to you.

Resolver of unlearned tasks – teacher for letting go

On a personal level, everyone has a great deal to learn in life, it's necessary to receive a lot of lessons and solve many unlearned tasks. Clinozoisite is one of the crystals that helps to learn the unlearned lessons and it works best with letting go. If you have not learned how to let go of something or someone, then this is an unlearned lesson in your life. Clinozoisite helps you learn how to let go of people, situations and habits that do not serve you anymore. If you feel that you cannot let go, then bring Clinozoisite to your life and let this crystal learn this lesson. Once it is learned, you yourself will unconsciously free everything that should not exist in your life and believe me, after which you will have a wonderful life in front of you.

Relieving the pain of relationship problems, frustration, betrayal and end of a relationship

Clinozoisite is a very beneficial self-healing crystal, it has the ability to change people for the better. Clinozoisite is a Heart Chakra crystal, which means it heals human emotions. Clinozoisite has the ability to mitigate the problems that arose due to a relationship crisis. Clinozoisite helps to heal a broken or betrayed heart. A very useful crystal at a time when there is a lot of negative emotions in the air caused by a breakdown or crisis of a relationship. Using Clinozoisite during this time, this crystal will help you easily remove your pain, let your wounds heal faster, and teach you to move on with life. Clinozoisite does not allow you to stay still, miss the person who does not deserve or value you. This crystal relieves love pain and all that accompanies with disappointment in love.

I suggest keeping Clinozoisite in your life during a time when old love has been removed from your heart so that you can move on with your life again. Clinozoisite clears everything from the Aura field that is related to previous love and which prevents the creation of a new relationship. Clinozoisite does not let the other side, who walked out of the relationship, encode bad luck in love. Such things happen, and if the other party does not want you to be happy with someone else, he may put a block on you. Clinozoisite does not let this happen, and if it has already happened, then this crystal quietly removes its bad and hindering energy.

You can add Clinozoisite to your love crystals or love altar, to crush the misfortune that exists above love, or just to have the love channels always open to you.

Crystal for increasing relationship luck and strengthening family bonding

Clinozoisite brings happiness to relationships where love already exists. Clinozoisite helps to make love even more powerful, stronger and more romantic. For Clinozoisite to work on this, you need to use it correctly. Keep Clinozoisite with the love crystals in the bedroom, where there are love crystals. Another option is to keep this crystal in the southwestern corner of your home, which is related to family ties. Clinozoisite helps to strengthen the feelings of the lovers, and, in addition, family relationships, helping the family to get along well with each other.

Cash flow activator

Clinozoisite activates the flow of money, helping the abundance energy to move and thereby bring material wealth to your life. For Clinozoisite to function as a cash-flow activator, it must be used correctly.

I recommend keeping Clinozoisite in the eastern and south-eastern regions of your home where the abundance channels of your home are located. If you have prosperity crystals, a cash box, a variety of prosperity magic and rituals, then keep Clinozoisite near them. If you do not have any of them there, then you can take Clinozoisite there but then together with the Epidote and Malachite. By combining these two crystals with Clinozoisite, all three crystals will unfold specific cash-flow activating properties. You can keep these three crystals together in a bag and make your own cash flow set. If you want to do this, I recommend using a green bag. Green is the colour of money.


For healing, purposes wear Clinozoisite with you, make water elixir from it or hold it in the eastern regions of your home where the home health channel is located. By placing the crystals there, healing properties of the crystals unfold.

- Clinozoisite helps to make a proper cleansing for the body by helping the body release energies that contribute to the development of diseases.

- Clinozoisite heals the heart, the heart nerves the most, helps to block the premature formation of a heart attack, and teach people to eat properly so that heart disorders would not occur.

- Keep Clinozoisite in your life when you feel that your nerves are constantly tight and you are not able to heal and soothe yourself. Keep Clinozoisite in your hand or wear it if you want it to heal the tension in your soul.


Heart Chakra is the Chakra, which Clinozoisite heals and activates the most. Since it is a crystal that turns energies to become active, then Clinozoisite has the ability to turn the energies of the Heart Chakra to become active. It means that Clinozoisite helps the love energies to become more positive much faster, for wishes of love and dreams to fulfil more quickly. Use Clinozoisite and wear it if you want fate to open the door with love behind it.


Clinozoisite works most actively with SAGITTARIUS and CAPRICORN, being one of the crystals of their love happiness. Sagittarius and Capricorn both need encouragement to express their feelings, and Clinozoisite helps to do so. It is a crystal that brings relationship happiness and also helps to make the relationship work. 

We recommend cleansing and charging talismans and crystal jewellery from time to time to increase their energy levels. For that, we recommend cleaning crystal jewellery under running water a few times a month or charge it on Full Moonlight on a Muscovite geode and clean it once a month with Vanilla incense.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
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