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OCEAN JASPER is one of the types of Jaspis that has a very varied appearance. The main shade of Ocean Jasper is green and greyish white, with a reddish to yellow tint. All Ocean Jaspers look very special and all have a unique look. Ocean Jasper is a special crystal because it is found only in Madagascar and this is the only place where it can be mined. The Ocean Jasper is considered the crystal of the lost souls of Atlantis because it has the ability to reveal the deeper meaning in the human soul, the deeper talents and skills stored in one's own souls from previous lives. Ocean Jasper draws souls with a long past and deep experience. It draws you to it because now in this period of life you need some kind of talent, skill or knowledge to open within you, you just need it.

Ocean Jasper is a very colourful crystal and all the crystals, pieces of jewellery and power items made from Ocean Jasper look very unique. However, different colours also have their own energies. Depending on what colour is present in one crystal, these energies are more powerful and more emphasized in it.

White, transparent and bluish huethis Ocean Jasper is rich in Chalcedony, which is also one of the ingredients of Ocean Jasper. Chalcedony gives it a light and bluish colour. This shade of crystal carries with it a greater kind of happy energy. It has the ability to communicate with you, especially with your own soul, intuition, and angels.

Yellowish, orange and reddish-brown hue - if such tones are strongly represented in the Ocean Jasper, then this same Ocean Jasper will give you a lot of vitality and energy. This colour of Ocean Jasper is an energy restorer and is especially useful for healing the physical body.

Green and linear texture- with greenish and linear texture Ocean Jasper direct your body and soul towards balance. It is a multifunctional Ocean Jasper that carries with it the high energies of this crystal. The greener the Ocean Jasper, the faster you will absorb the energy of this crystal.

All of the above energies may be present within the Ocean Jasper. This means that all these forces are highly prominent. 

The Ocean Jasper is becoming rarer every year, so a situation may arise where it is no longer found. If you have any crystals, pieces of jewellery or power items from Ocean Jasper, take care of them.

Ocean Jasper is extremely positive in nature, this crystal is useful when you feel that you need something "pushing". Ocean Jasper brings positivity and helps to release negative or sometimes obstructive emotions. Helps you live so that you don't take other people's negativity very seriously. Ocean Jasper helps you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions freely as you feel them.

Add Ocean Jasper to the "Angels" crystal set or the "Astral Journey" crystals if you want to dream or see your past lives. Ocean Jasper has the ability to help you remember what you have accomplished and learned in previous lives and to apply those skills positively in that life.

The Ocean Jasper is the crystal of healers, it helps the healer to find a balance in sharing his energy. While the healer carries the Ocean Jasper with him, the crystal teaches to keep boundaries in sharing his energy. It won't let you waste your energy.

Ocean Jasper is known for its qualities, which are the opening up of creativity and the emergence of new ideas. It is a crystal that makes you think the other way around and see things from an angle that is useful to you. It's a crystal that helps you be imaginative and at the same time helps you gather inspiration from anywhere you might feel almost impossible at first. 

Work success

Ocean Jasper is a crystal of success for those who do something on their own and are employers. Ocean Jasper helps you come up with new ideas and think about what is good for you and which projects are harmful. Add Ocean Jasper to the money box, work success crystals in the North corner of your home, betweenwork documents or on the work desk. A business person could also carry Ocean Jasper as jewellery.

Keeping on the work desk

Keeping the Ocean Jasper on your desk, in the office, or at work at all helps you get along with other people. Helps prevent conflicts and increase communication and cooperation.

East corner of the home

Keep Ocean Jasper in the easternmost room of your home, or if you already have a set of health crystals created there, add it there. Ocean Jasper in the area brings health to the house and helps the family to recover faster from various diseases.

West corner of the home

Add Ocean Jasper to this area to invite friends to the house, make good acquaintances and get along better with strangers. Ocean Jasper helps you get along well with other people.

A crystal of joy

The Ocean Jasper is a joy crystal that teaches you to enjoy every little thing. This crystal opens your eyes to the places where you can find good for your soul and helps you focus on everything small around you that creates a whole. A crystal that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the moment you exist.


Ocean Jasper helps to heal the following health problems (wear it as a piece of jewellery or prepare a water elixir):

- The blockages of the Solar Plexus or Throat Chakra help to remove and energize it. It gives the Solar Plexus Chakra a positive attitude towards life and gives the Throat Chakra the ability to express and communicate.

- Helps to heal mood swings, balance problems, feeling sick, nausea (during pregnancy and other times).

- Digestive problems, metabolism, excretion of toxins from the body and faster absorption of vitamins. Ocean Jasper is a very effective healing crystal that helps blood exchange and stimulates overall immunity. 


Ocean Jasper is the crystal of happiness, well-being and self-discovery for those who are born on the 12th. Ocean Jasper will help you when you were born on the 12th, helping to balance your life and save you from mood swings. Ocean Jasper will help you discover the creative talent that the 12th of the day has given you for the life you can use in this life. Once found, Ocean Jasper will help you open your creativity and find an outlet for it all. 

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