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RAINBOW MOONSTONE is a white Moonstone with characteristic black dots in the texture and bluish glow. Crystals that glow the most are usually used in Rainbow Moonstone jewellery. Rainbow Moonstone is mainly found in Canada, Madagascar, India and Sri Lanka. Rainbow Moonstone has a lot of qualities from the regular Moonstone, like power related to love and romance. Rainbow Moonstone jewellery has been made already for centuries for attracting love.

By texture, Rainbow Moonstone is cracked, which does not mean that this crystal is broken or unfit. This texture is a characteristic of many crystals and this stems from their formation process. From construction, Rainbow Moonstone is multi-layered thanks to what it is also translucent and changing in the light. If you see lines or cracks in your personal Rainbow Moonstone then these are characteristic to that crystal. 

Rainbow Moonstone is actually one type of Labradorite and that's why you can find this crystal under the name of Rainbow Labradorite or White Labradorite. All these names are correct, but the most popular name with this crystal is still Rainbow Moonstone. This crystal is named Moonstone because it has a similar look to the regular Moonstone, that is for the shine and glow. In addition, they have similar energy qualities. Moonstone has a certain deep translucence that the Rainbow Moonstone also has. By colour, Rainbow Moonstone is white or grey with black patches or spots. In addition, Rainbow Moonstone has a bluish colour in it that could easily come out in the daylight. Not all crystal have the bluish tone, it all depends on which part of the Rainbow Moonstone mineral the piece of crystal was taken from.

Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that keeps the flame of love alive. Rainbow Moonstone won´t let love to cool down and end unnecessarily. Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that can direct you to work for a relationship in the name of love. 

Rainbow Moonstone can be used in many magic rituals for love and fulfilling wishes, as this crystal has the power of sending wishes on their way. Therefore you can find these crystals from different magic recipes related to love.

Rainbow Moonstone is very strongly connected to the spiritual world, it has the ability to bring you into contact with higher powers, with the guidance of your guide and to the Angel world. Thanks to that it manages to take a person into contact with the invisible world that helps you to grow spiritually and to learn these unlearned abilities you came to learn from this life today.

Keep Rainbow Moonstone in a crystal set for intuition, clairvoyance, astral or contacting with Angels beside or under your bed. Rainbow Moonstone is particularly useful for women, as this is a female-energy crystal, therefore it works quicker with women. Rainbow Moonstone in these crystal sets helps to open portals through what you can see visions in the night during the Full Moon or during the formation of the New Moon.

Rainbow Moonstone brings better understanding about the world, yourself and what surrounds you. It even awakens a person with a very weak intuition, strengthening any kind of intuition. It's a crystal that helps to clearly see, sense, and understand. Really good crystal for personal development that sharpens your mind and helps to see the truth. I recommend keeping Rainbow Moonstone in your life for its ability to release yourself from beliefs that hurt you.

Love crystal set

Rainbow Moonstone is part of the love crystal set that you can create into your bedroom for strengthening a relationship or attracting a new relationship. Rainbow Moonstones particular effect among other love crystals is that it can create possibilities into your life through what you can improve your love life. For single people it creates the possibility for a relationship and for people already committed it creates the opportunity to forgive each other, falling in love again, etc. Rainbow Moonstone helps different love magic to function, especially when they need to be kept with love crystal set.

Rainbow Moonstone has the ability to increase the feeling of romance, sexuality, passion, love, and when it is near you, then it will transfer this all. Its power can be given to oneself through wearing jewellery or through love crystal set kept in the bedroom. If a person sleeps then his Aura is open to crystal therapies and this is one of the biggest reasons for taking crystals to the bedroom.

Crystal for happiness in love and making emotions more powerful

Rainbow Moonstone is a wonderful and powerful love crystal. Rainbow Moonstone is by energy a very emotional crystal that could make a person turn himself more emotional, sensitive and loving in a positive sense. The more emotions a person can feel, the deeper can love to be. Rainbow Moonstone helps to feel the love in times full of love, to notice it and to completely enjoy love. Not many people have the ability to appreciate the love and to enjoy moments filled with it, Rainbow Moonstone helps to feel and enjoy all of this. If you want to make your relationship more loving, then definitely keep Rainbow Moonstone in your joint home.

Rainbow Moonstone for a child

Rainbow Moonstone has a calming effect on a child and helps to bring positive, gentle and selfless people, friends into his life. Rainbow Moonstone is a protective talisman for a child outside the home and also at the home. For example, you can keep Rainbow Moonstone besides your bed to relieve nightmares or fear of darkness.

Kids – talking and self-expression

Rainbow Moonstone is an extremely useful crystal for a child who has problems with speech and self-expression. If the child finds it difficult to express himself verbally, then Rainbow Moonstone is the crystal that helps to bring a solution to that problem. For that the child could personally own this crystal, to carry it with himself or to be near it. It is useful to create a personal crystal set for the child, that is given to him for a reason, and Rainbow Moonstone could be there for him to learn how to express himself freely. It is useful to keep Rainbow Moonstone in a small child´s bedroom or by the bed, to give the child the energy that would develop him. 

Motherly love

Rainbow Moonstone is a useful healing crystal for people who for one or another reason have been left without his mother´s love. Suitable for people who today have a very difficult getting along with his mother and who has a lot of tensions in the relationship. Rainbow Moonstone helps to heal the sadness and emotional problems gathered in your Heart Chakra, that the absence of motherly love causes. At the same time, it helps to restore the relationship with the mother or bring him out from the grief. If you wish to use Rainbow Moonstone for that purpose, then I recommend keeping the crystal on the picture of your mother. If you set this crystal on the picture, then before adding a wish to that crystal that is related to you and your mother. Place it there and leave it with the photograph. You can keep Rainbow Moonstone in front of the picture if it is set in a frame. In that case, you can do a healing therapy from the distance for you and your mother. If one day you feel yourself better in relation to your mother, your relationship is healed or the pain of losing her has left from you and has turned into a beautiful memory, then as a sign of gratitude take the very same crystal to nature. This is a way of thanking the crystals.

Life lessons and learning them

Rainbow Moonstone is a spiritually very useful crystal that supports you spiritually during a very rough period or in the moment of a lesson the life has set up for you. If you are having a very rough period, where you feel like the life is giving you a lesson you need to learn, but at that moment cannot handle yourself or to completely understand what you need to learn, then Rainbow Moonstone helps you to do that. Keep this with you in a period like this and wish for the crystal to bring you clarity and strength.

Rainbow Moonstone suits very well into your home where you keep crystals related to your spiritual development. For example, it is particularly useful to keep Rainbow Moonstone with intuition crystals.

Feng Shui

Place Rainbow Moonstone to the South-West room in your home or in a set of Feng Shui crystals created there. For Feng Shui healing therapy you can keep crystals in different plant pots or on the soil for them to work with your home. Placing Rainbow Moonstone to the South-East brings peace to the family, improvement of mother-child relationships, relieves the stress of family members and bring general love happiness to the house.


Rainbow Moonstone gives relief to the following health problems:

- Rainbow Moonstone is useful for a woman who is pregnant or wishes to get pregnant. Rainbow Moonstone helps to keep the whole pregnancy, protects from miscarriage or other dangers that could occur during the pregnancy. In addition, this crystal heals infertility.

- The crystal that is good to be used for crystal therapy for arthritis, multiple sclerosis, blood problems and for the cardiovascular system problems. Rainbow Moonstone helps the blood to circulate in the body properly, to release blockages that won´t let the blood to move around.

-Perfect healing crystal for women in the transition period, as they relieve menopause symptoms and malaise. In addition, it is good to wear Rainbow Moonstone for women with an irregular cycle. Rainbow Moonstone is a useful healer for hormonal problems and therefore it helps to heal a lot of different illnesses or health problems related to hormones.

- Balances the body, helping toxins to exit the body and body to turn alkaline. Wearing Rainbow Moonstone or making tumbled crystal water-elixirs it helps you to change your menu and subconsciously direct you onto eating foods that won´t make your body acidic.


Rainbow Moonstone first helps to heal the Heart Chakra and then it helps to increase love energy. And then Rainbow Moonstone helps to attract love into your life.


Rainbow Moonstone heals the upper Chakras in a way it opens through the Crown Chakra an energy field, that attracts love form the Universe to you. This means that it helps to call for a person who is made for loving you, that is your main soul mate or partner soul. This gives the Third Eye the ability to notice the right people and through that, it directs the Heart Chakra to accept this person into your life. 


Among zodiac sign, Rainbow Moonstone is the most useful for people who are CANCERS. Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect and very active love crystal for a Cancer. Rainbow Moonstone brings Cancer happiness in love, heals his relationship with people close to him and helps his pipe dreams to come to life. Every Cancer should have a piece of Rainbow Moonstone jewellery or this crystal represented in the birth crystal chest. You can read more about creating this chest from HERE.
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