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TOURMALATED QUARTZ is a combination of Tourmaline and Quartz and therefore it has qualities from both crystals which makes this crystal into a super-powerful Aura cleaner and protector. This crystal is undoubtedly one of my favourites as it first helps to get control over your own life, remove unnecessary thoughts and over worrying, which is one of the biggest problems for people. Besides that, Quartz helps Tourmaline’s effects to reach Aura faster and altogether the power of this crystal will be more powerful and fast. That’s why I recommend Tourmalated Quartz to a lot of people, to get rid of your negative sides and then let the wonderful effect of this crystal reach your Aura. You always need to cleanse your Aura first, so all good could reach you, removing all the obstacles that hinder your happy life.

Tourmalated Quartz is a crystal that gives you wisdom, knowledge and through experiences, fate has directed towards you sign on how to heal yourself. This is a crystal that directs your attention to what makes you sick, hinders you, hurts you, is unhealthy and harmful for you. A crystal that helps you to notice in your own life what you should change or from what you should stay away. This is a very useful crystal in times you feel like there is “something” in your life that stops you, but you can’t find an explanation of what this energy could be. Begin wearing or using Tourmalated Quartz until you’ve reached that knowledge. 

Home protector

Keep this crystal with your home protection crystals to keep bad luck away from your home. When you don’t know what a home protection set is, then it’s a set of crystals placed beside the front door and out of sight. Crystals that protect the home energy are added from time to time. The front door is an energy opening through which negative and positive energy enters the house. When a home is protected, then only good energy comes through.

Use Tourmalated Quartz near your TV, set multiple crystals on a base, place them on Fern’s soil or some other plant that loves electromagnetic radiation. This way you’ll block harmful energy coming from the TV, Tourmalated Quartz is especially useful with large TV-s. Also Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Pietersite and Amazonite are used for the same thing.

When you sometimes feel that you can’t focus, you need to gather your thoughts to get back on track, then that’s what Tourmalated Quartz is for. Take it simply in your hand and keep it with you so it could help you back on the right track. Tourmalated Quartz suits best on a work desk or by the computer when you work with it. By the computer because it absorbs electromagnetic radiation.

Tourmalated Quartz can be used for creating a crystal grid to protect your home, you can read more about the first and most necessary grid from HERE. You can also add Tourmalated Quartz to the outer corners you the house to accelerate its energy change. This for when you want to change the Feng Shui energies at home, to clean and improve them, then the energies will begin to work faster. Also, the same thing happens when you cleanse your home with Sage or some other ritual plant.

I recommend keeping this crystal in rooms where a lot of different people often come to, like conference rooms, massage rooms, different beauty salons, etc. For people’s energy not to get stuck, that, in turn, creates negative energy and this blocks positivity. 

Tourmalited Quartz removes bad energy from everything, it’s good to keep it near a pendulum to release the energies stuck in it. You can carry it with you to keep your energies always clean.

Removes negative energy, stress and tensions

Tourmalated Quartz removes negative energy in a very light and easy way, helping to get rid of stress, anxiety, tension, evil, curses, chiding, melancholy and depressive thoughts. It’s enough when the crystal is near you. But, when you feel like you want more of this crystal’s energy, then you should wear it as a piece of jewellery.

It is the crystal that conveys your worries to the Angels or the universe - it sends out your prayers for problem-solving, so ask for the solution of the problems around the crystal, turn to the spirit world or to the universe itself. Wear this crystal when sending prayers, as well as at other times (the longer, the more useful).

Tourmalated Quartz is a very good partner to everyone who wishes to evolve spiritually. This is a partner, that helps you to stay grounded, but at the same time to develop your intuition and learn about the spiritual side of life. Tourmalated Quartz won’t let you lose your head, that’s quite usual when you start to open yourself up spiritually.

When you wear Tourmalated Quartz with you or as a piece of jewellery then it helps to create a real energy bubble full of light and protection around you. This is a useful crystal that helps to give you spiritual protection. When you feel like you’re sensitive to peoples moods and energies, then this crystal could be the perfect partner for you. Tourmalated Quartz increases your awareness about what or who could harm your energy. Really useful crystal to protect yourself and for intuitive development. 

Tourmalated Quartz helps to protect a person’s spiritual body from harmful energies, nightmares, demons and vile souls. It’s recommended to be kept by the bed so we wouldn't be lost for them


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewelry, make a water elixir of tumbled crystal, or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern area of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Tourmalated Quartz strengthens the immune system, helps to be healthier and stay stronger. The Rock Crystal in this crystal heals and feeds all the organs in the body with its power. Black Tourmaline in the crystal protects from getting sick.

- A crystal that helps to heal nervous diseases and favours calming and restoring nerves. This crystal is very useful for nerve damage or nerve diseases.

- Tourmalated Quartz heals depression because Rock Crystal in it helps to release all the negative energy in the soul, Black Tourmaline helps to get rid of harmful thoughts.

- A really good crystal for fighting nightmares as it has the ability to keep them away. In addition to getting rid of nightmares, Tourmalated Quartz is beneficial with mental problems, like schizophrenia. 


Tourmalited Quartz is very good for the Crown Chakra, helping to keep away wrong visions, wrong intuition and paranoid ideas. Very useful crystal for both mentally strong and weak people. Because Tourmalated Quartz helps to free from disturbing energy that brings wrong awareness. Very good for a person who emphasises his intuitive side and for that side in him to guide him always in the right direction. 

Tourmalited Quartz heals the Crown Chakra by helping to release stress, deep depression, anxiety, perceptions and excessive fantasy, that’s harmful. Tourmalated Quartz helps to heal nerve diseases. 


Tourmalated Quartz brings balance in character mainly to LIBRAS and SCORPIOS.  Tourmalated Quartz is a crystal that helps Scorpio spiritually evolve, make his intuition stronger and more clear. This is a crystal that helps Scorpio to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Thanks to Tourmalated Quartz the sense of knowing people and the ability to keep bad away from your life in Scorpio. 

Tourmalated Quartz protects Scorpio's Aura Field from misfortune and, above all, helps to release heavy emotions. Scorpion is a sensitive person who needs constant cleansing of his mind. Tourmalated Quartz helps to do this by releasing the stress energy that has remained in Scorpio's Aura Field.


Tourmalated Quartz helps to make life path number 5 carriers abler. This is a crystal that protects and cleanses his Aura field.

Tourmalated Quartz is useful for everyone who is born on the 18th of any month. This is a crystal that compliments the positive character traits of this date and, at the same time helps to restore the negative character traits that come with it. A crystal that helps to block losing track and brings luck and success. Tourmalated Quartz brings brilliant ideas, understanding of oneself, positive attitude for people born on this date and helps to balance everything that’s unbalanced in the character.

It would be good to wear this crystal through life in certain periods and even more useful to keep it in your personal birth crystal chest.

From time to time charge Tourmalated Quartz on a  Rock Crystal geode or Agate geode or beside them. Clean it at least once a month with Sage ritual plant smoke or Sage essential oil
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