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PRASIOLITE earrings (silver 925)

PRASIOLITE earrings (silver 925) JEWELLERY
PRASIOLITE earrings (silver 925)
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PRASIOLITE is a green Amethyst with a very light hue. The shade of Prasiolite is light green with white lines. By its nature, it reminds me of Chevron Amethyst, which looks light green. The white part of Prasiolite is Quartz. Prasiolite has very similar properties that Amethyst and, in addition, the properties inherent in this crystal itself. So, if you want to get to know Prasiolite crystal, I suggest you read about what I wrote about Amethyst. This is to fully understand the effect of Prasiolite.

Prasiolite gets its name from the Greek word leek because of its appearance. Prasiolite mainly comes from Brazil and the USA. Prasiolite has formed in the earth's crust when Amethyst is being heated inside the earth.

Prasiolite teaches what true love means, and therefore, in addition to its prosperous energies, it can also invite true love into your life. It invites people who can value and respect you, friends who can appreciate you and be loyal. In general, Prasiolite creates a magnet for people who are like your people, or with whom you can identify, find a good connection and feel safe, and for those who can make you feel loved. 


- If you intuitively chose Prasiolite crystal for yourself, then your intuition indicated that it was the right time for you to begin to heal, to evolve yourself, and to do something for your own well-being.

- One of the very special and valuable effects of Prasiolite is that it teaches you to see your own progress. Especially the kind of progress you make in your own spiritual development. It teaches you to see what you have achieved and how you look at life now, how you saw life a year ago and what you have changed in yourself. At the same time helping you to grow and develop spiritually. As is typical of Amethyst, Prasiolite has the ability to direct the development of the human soul.

- Prasiolite guides you to do what your soul desires, encouraging you to move in the direction your heart tells you, not what your mind tells you. This is the way Prasiolite heals your Heart Chakra. Helping you to make contact with your heart and in turn, control your intuition correctly.

- Prasiolite has the ability to heal the Heart Chakra, and using this crystal will help the fourth Chakra in your soul become more powerful. First of all, Prasiolite teaches you what love means, how to love, how to receive love, share it, and how to notice it. Very useful during periods when you are not sure about your feelings or when you do not feel the love in your life.

- Prasiolite has one very interesting property, which is the ability to become more potent through other crystals. When you connect Prasiolite with other crystals, it is empowered and supported by other crystals.

- Prasiolite has the ability to attract prosperity into your life, but only if you want to work hard for it. To unleash such energies in Prasiolite, keep the crystal on your office or desk. Prasiolite recognizes your motivation and inspiration. When you are in this phase, the prosperous energies will automatically open in this crystal and it will start to bring you luck. You can also add this crystal to your prosperity corner so that it starts working at exactly the same moment when you are motivated. Prasiolite begins to work through your own energy. 

- Wearing this crystal or keeping it in the bedroom will help define dreams. Prasiolite opens your senses, helping you to understand life more deeply, read signs, and define them.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a water elixir from tumbled crystal or massage with this crystal’s massage crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Prasiolite is a healer that has the ability to reverse the symptoms in your body. Prasiolite is one of the universal healers that is good for healing the whole body. Prasiolite has the power to direct healing to the problematic place, activating the body to heal itself.

- Prasiolite is a heart chakra healer with the ability to help people with heart-related illnesses.

- Prasiolite heals the stomach, helping to get rid of constant abdominal and stomach pains. Suitable for a person whose stomach is very acidic and sensitive to various foods.


Prasiolite is a crystal of prosperity, wealth and money luck for PISCES. It is useful for Pisces to keep this crystal at home in the south-eastern quarter or in the middle of prosperity crystals. Prasiolite is suitable as a crystal for the success of Pisces, helping to bring good opportunities and cash flow through work. It is useful to wear Prasiolite as a piece of jewellery while working or to keep it in the crystal workspace.  

Charge only those crystals that are in direct contact with your body on geodes.

You can charge Prasiolite on a Muscovite geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Coconut incense or Pine essential oil.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.

Size ca 1,5*1*0,4 cm, full length 2,8 cm.
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