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PINK OPAL and PERIDOT pendant with leaves (silver 925)

PINK OPAL and PERIDOT pendant with leaves (silver 925) JEWELLERY
PINK OPAL and PERIDOT pendant with leaves (silver 925)
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  • Model: ROOSA OPAAL ja PERIDOOT ripats lehtedega (hõbe 925)

PINK OPAL is one of the types of Opal that carries with it most of the energy that is useful for love. Pink Opal consists of Opal, Palygorskite and Chalcedony. Opal itself is a multi-million-year-old crystal formed by the combination of silica and water, which later became Opal. Pink Opal mainly comes from Peru and Australia. These are the two countries where our Opals also come from. Pink Opal is a crystal that carries with it the strong energies of Opal and, in addition, its own energy of love, which makes this crystal a very fast and effective healer of the soul.

Pink Opal has a very fragile composition due to its water content and should not be charged by the Sun. The sun bleaches the Pink Opal and can make it even more fragile.

PERIDOT was discovered a very long time ago from Egypt on an island called Zabargad. Now, Peridot has also been found in BrazilMexico and also Spain. Peridot is a bright green crystal that is quite valuable. The larger one piece of Peridot, the more expensive it is. Peridot is about opening up prosperity and a better understanding of one's life.

Before introducing Peridot, I would like to say about this crystal that Peridot has been highly valued by rulers and spiritual people since its discovery. According to old beliefs and traditions, Peridot only works with those who are spiritually-minded. So Peridot will dim, disappear, or something will happen if that crystal doesn't embrace you. Peridot, however, attracts those people who have begun to find their right path and allow the energies to control themselves without hindering themselves in this world.

You can read more about Peridot HERE.

PINK OPAL and PERIDOT activate the Thyme Chakra existing inside the Heart Chakra. It is the higher Heart Chakra, the opening of which helps to feel deep love in life, to meet a soulmate and to establish a good connection and relationship with him. This chakra helps to love unconditionally and improves the luck of love.

Wearing PINK OPAL above the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra brings along the following:

- Pink Opal is a spectacular love crystal that fulfils dreams in the heart. The Pink Opal is strongly connected to the Heart Chakra, it stimulates its work, opens it and increases the feeling of love at every level. It could be even said that Pink Opal is one of the most universal love crystals alongside Rose Quartz however, it works more effectively to create, maintain, and deepen romantic ties. Pink Opal gives you the opportunity to fulfil dreams related to relationships. The perfect crystal to keep in your life so that love can find you in this life.

- Pink Opal protects what is precious to you and where your heart is always. Pink Opal protects your feelings, your emotions, home, family, relationship and love. No matter what you love, this crystal will protect you. It is a crystal connected to the Heart Chakra.

- Pink Opal is a crystal that is useful to carry with you, as this beautiful crystal has the ability to free you from old chains and self-imposed restrictions. It frees you from chains and bonds that are harmful to you.

- Wear Pink Opal with Red Tiger’s Eye, if you want to free someone from your past. The power of these two crystals helps free you from thinking about old love. Helping you move on with your life and leave a person in your past who doesn't really deserve you anymore.

- Pink Opal will help the NEW LOVE come into your life, helping to heal your energy and teaching you to receive love. This crystal is good to wear for those who want to find a partner. If you already have a companion, it will heal your old love wounds.

- For young girls, I recommend wearing the Pink Opal, it helps to learn to love and value yourself. When a young girl is in a phase where she is not happy with herself, she starts to cause emotional problems for herself. Pink Opal teaches you to love yourself, see beauty in yourself and change yourself so that it does not involve stress.

- A crystal that teaches you how to balance yourself. The Pink Opal helps you find peace and is extremely useful at the moment when you feel that you would like to escape from your own life. The need to escape indicates that there is an imbalance in your soul. Pink Opal helps to combat this problem.

- Pink Opal teaches you to be better against other people by helping to increase family love by teaching you to share love without receiving it. Pink Opal is very useful for a new mother who needs to learn to be a mother. 

- Helps to release those relationships that may be friendships but are very toxic to you. Pink Opal cleanses the people around you of those who poison you.  


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a water-elixir from tumbled crystal or massage with this crystals massage crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Pink Opal is used to heal the heart. It is a useful crystal when you have problems with your heart rhythm, heart failure, high blood pressure or heart nerve hypersensitivity.

- Pink Opal is a healing crystal for the lungs. In this case, it would be better to wear the Pink Opal around the neck as a talisman so that it hangs directly above the Heart Chakra.


Pink Opal is a healing crystal of the Heart Chakra that has the ability to heal wounds that you have created for yourself. Pink Opal helps to get rid of self-blame and restores your self-confidence. Teaches you to love and value yourself.


Among zodiac sign, it affects all hypersensitive zodiac signs equally. Directly, the Pink Opal is not a crystal of one zodiac, but most of all it provides emotional relief and happiness of love for SCORPIOSLIBRA, CANCERS and PISCES. The Pink Opal is a crystal of love luck common to all the representatives of this water element. Pink Opal brings love and mutual understanding to a relationship where one of these zodiac signs is. The Pink Opal is especially useful for those where both representatives of the water element are in a relationship. For example, if there are in a relationship Pisces and Cancer or Scorpio and Scorpio. If your loved one is one of these representatives of the water element, be sure to keep one or even several Pink Opals in your home. It is useful to keep this crystal with other love crystals, in front of the picture of yourself and your partner, or in the bedroom. Pink Opal helps to reduce discrepancies, make the relationship more understanding, balanced, passionate and profound. Just like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces want it. Read more from the article HERE.


According to numerology, the Pink Opal is a crystal of love luck, finding love and relationship improver for those who are born with a life path number 2.

I recommend charing Pink Opal on an Apophyllite geode and Desert Rose geode and cleanse it from time to time with Orchid incense or Ylang Ylang essential oil.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals 

Size Pendant full length ca 3,7*1,6*0,6 cm. Pink Opal ca 1,6*1,2*0,5 cm. Peridot ca 0,9*0,7*0,4 cm. This product does not contain a band or silver chain.
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