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Candles are ritual and magic items. Candles are easy to use, they are each covered with their special power and they give you the opportunity to bring different energies into your life. The nature of the candles is very magical, every flame of the candle cleans the energy around it and candles made from different oils have their unique strength. Make sure to read about different candles to understand their useful features and also about which candle could be helpful to you.

Using a candle is one of the easiest way to make a magic and most rituals/magic are associated with candles. Therefore, you can often find in the various magical rituals that you need a candle to make it.

Candles help your thoughts, messages and different magical activities to come true. If you burn the candle in order to get the energy of the candle, then please do not ever blow out the candle. Always push the burning tip into the wax or put the flame out with a candle extinguisher, so that the magic and its power would not be cancelled. Blowing out the candles cancels its energy that the candle had to give. Candles should always be lit with a match so that their power would be as powerful as possible. 

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