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COFFEE ritual & magic candle

COFFEE ritual & magic candle MAGICAL TOOLS
COFFEE ritual & magic candle
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COFFEE is a well-known ritual plant used in various magic of protection, removal of the curse, removal of chiding and prosperity. Drinking coffee itself increases the protection of a person's Aura, and its essence is used to protect the home Aura.

Coffee candles can be used in many different ways to protect yourself, your family and your home:

- Coffee candle is used to remove negative energy and clean home energy.
- Burning coffee candle increases the protective energy of the home. This candle can be kept among the protective crystals to enhance their work.

- Burning the coffee candle at home helps family members or guests be more tolerant of each other. The coffee candle helps to resolve disagreements and it is recommended to light it as soon as you can see that an argument is coming into the house.

- Used to boost and protect magic. Can be burned alongside pre-made magic to amplify it.

- Burning a coffee candle among love crystals helps bring the people in this room closer together.

- Used to amplify prosperity rituals and it can burn in the same room where the ritual is being done.

- Use in various rituals where the importance of coffee is mentioned.

"Ritual of releasing work or business misfortune"

With a coffee candle, you can perform a ritual that will help you free yourself from work or business misfortune. This ritual is performed in the first quarter of the Moon. You will need one coffee candle, a knife, your own picture, matches.

Do the ritual like this: during the first quarter of the moon, find a suitable place to do the ritual in the Northern quarter of your home, where you can leave the ritual candle in place for a week or two. North symbolizes work and business success, and it is best to perform this ritual in this place. When you have found the place, place the candle on a heat-resistant base, draw Ansuzi rune on it with a ritual knife and place your photo under the candle. Now take the matches and light the candle. When lighting a candle, say: "Let the work misfortune disappear!" exactly three times in a row.

When the candle is lit, the ritual begins to work and the candle must be burned to the end until the rune can no longer be identified from the candle. The candle must be burned daily until rune burns out. When the candle has done its job, take the picture from under the candle, put it back in the album. The ritual has been done and relief has been sent for work misfortune.

"Waning crescent ritual of confidence, strength, power, courage and will"

During the waning crescent, burn a coffee candle and put a message in it, i.e code it with your wish so that it will help you to become more capable, physically stronger, more confident, more determined and bolder. During the waning crescent, place the coffee candle in your home in a place of your choice where it can burn to the end. When lighting a candle, say a wish in your head or say it out loud: "Courage, confidence and will will come to my soul". When the candle is lit and the wish is accompanied, then the candle is coded and it will work for your well-being. The coffee candle must be burned every day, and every time you light it, you have to say that wish to yourself again. This should be done until the candle is almost completely burned. You only have to burn the candle during the waning crescent, i.e. until the arrival of the New Moon, if after there is still some candle to be burned, you can skip days, but you still have to burn it completely and always express your wish to get an answer to your wish. This kind of candle ritual will help you become stronger, and after performing the ritual, you will feel how you have changed!

Burn time Small candle ca 40h, medium candle ca 60h
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